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Experienced wrestler looking for other in-shape guys. Willing to wrestle erotic.



  1. USA - Utah, North Ogden
    (I'm here from 10/15/2018)
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Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Orlandoscissors is recommended by avidwrslr

What a great opportunity to meet this tall, athletic, handsome wrestler. We went for multiple submissions and I glad for my short stature to keep me away from his scissors (although I was not always successful). If anyone want a great workout...he is the guy!



avidwrslr is recommended by doyouevenwrestle

Met with the avid wrestler today on his passing by Fl. we were scheduled to wrestle Sunday and decided to bump up our match.
I had been wanting a slower old school holds kind of match and that's exactly what I got today.
This guy certainly makes his nickname justice.
Fun filled give and take match, enjoyed using old school holds like bear hugs, grapevines and head locks even threw in a good stare down and tests of strength to add to the experience and to finish we shared a couple of beers
What a way to kick off the weekend! Cheers!



doyouevenwrestle is recommended by avidwrslr

I had planned on wrestling on Sunday. So glad we changed it to Saturday night. His pic does not do him justice. He is in great shape and it doesn't hurt that he is handsome. We stared down, locked up and went at it! Exchanged several holds, took a break and went at it again. He is new to the wrestling scene but you would be crazy not to wrestle him.



avidwrslr is recommended by RojoLion

A solid wrestler and an overall great guy. He's very technically proficient in his wrestling style, it was obvious to me that he'd spent time training and was very skilled. Skilled enough afraid to mix it up with other skill levels, styles and boundaries.
Definite recommendation to anyone wanting a great match



RojoLion is recommended by avidwrslr

It has been several years since we wrestled but I remember the match. Bigger guy than me but good give and take matches. Strong guy especially his legs. When i get out his direction, hope to wrestle him again.



avidwrslr is recommended by freewrestler

Awesome guy made me feel comfortable from the beginning was right on time awesome body and very skilled and experienced nice pecs too
Can’t wait for our next match



freewrestler is recommended by avidwrslr

Really enjoyed my match with this big guy. Strong, muscled, skilled but respectful. I am looking forward to wrestling him again this fall.



avidwrslr is recommended by SeattleFight

It's Coach vs Coach when this stud and I wrestle freestyle. Lots of sweaty hard back and forth action that is also loads of fun. After we're going at it for a while some of the rules tend to be forgotten. Highly recommend locking up with this tough guy whenever you can. Looking forward to our next fight to see who's Head Coach.



SeattleFight is recommended by avidwrslr

Had a real freestyle match with this guy. Strong, aggressive and easy on the eyes. I had to pull out all the stops to get points and pins. Want to roll with him again big time. Do not pass up a chance to wrestle him.



avidwrslr is recommended by SeattleWrestler3

Outstanding freestyle wrestler–trained, skilled, strong and loads of stamina. We have wrestled several times and it is always a great time.



SeattleWrestler3 is recommended by avidwrslr

I have wrestled Seattlewrestler3 on several occasions over the years. He consistently wrestles to the max! His aggressive style always gives me a good challenge and workout. He is strong and skilled and I look forward to future matches with him.



avidwrslr is recommended by privateguy55

Nice to catch back up after a few years.
We met and wrestled when I was still pretty new at this as an adult, and man the match helped get me hooked. I had a great time with this strong and skilled wrestler .He taught me some things about submission as that is not my strength...
Can’t wait until we find a way to connect again!



privateguy55 is recommended by avidwrslr

Enjoyed the match very much. Privateguy55 was skilled and strong and a pleasure to roll with. Nice to find someone who can wrestle both freestyle and submission.



Likestowrestle is recommended by avidwrslr

Likestowrestle was a tough match. He is strong and skilled in freestyle and I was unable to get any pins. He comes across as quiet guy but once you lock up, don't expect him to go easy. If you are looking for "real" competition, you need to wrestle this guy.



avidwrslr is recommended by superltweight

Avidwrslr is everything you want in a wrestler. Skilled? Check. Strong? Check. Safe? Check. Looks good in a singlet? Check.

On top of that, he’s kind, considerate, and an all around great guy. He’s taught me plenty in our numerous encounters and I always look forward to meeting up with him when he comes through town.



superltweight is recommended by avidwrslr

Don't let this guy's lean frame deceive you. He likes to take control, is a quick study and enjoys a good back and forth match. He was great to roll with. He is intelligent and a good conversationalist. Can't wait to wrestle him again.



avidwrslr is recommended by spladleguy

Avid is the real deal. We met at the DC Wrestling Club early in the new Millenium and I've wanted a rematch since. Our matches were phenomenal and gave a new meaning to the phrase, "Iron sharpens iron." He is very skilled at freestyle and folkstyle, but can tone it down and is adept at "reading the situation" when the pace slows. One of the best on this site and look forward to the day when we can lock up again and have an encore!



spladleguy is recommended by avidwrslr

Spadleguy is the real deal! Although it was a while back, I still remember that he was strong and aggressive. He anticipates your every move and initiates good technique. It's nice to find someone who knows his way around the mat, particularly freestyle. I hope to wrestle him in the future as our paths cross.



avidwrslr is recommended by michaelwood

Great guy, Had the mats out and ready....we were both more than ready to lock up and go man to man....charlie is strong, has technique and in great shape...felt damn good on the mats...look forward to locking up again soon....



michaelwood is recommended by avidwrslr

Michael is an incredibly strong, solid and skilled wrestler. And it doesn't hurt that he is easy on the eyes ;). He dominated much of our time on the mat but was willing to let me work some holds. When I get back to AZ, I plan to roll with him again.



singletwrestler89 is recommended by avidwrslr

singletwrestler89 is an incredible wrestler. Strong, skilled, and personable. He knows his freestyle and submission moves and will give anyone a real workout. Don't pass up an opportunity to roll with this great man.



avidwrslr is recommended by DenverWrestler

I met this very fit, hard-bodied guy several years ago in DC, and I had such a good time that I coaxed him to Denver for a rematch. He's a good guy, puts up a tough fight (even against a bigger guy), and off the mats is personable and outgoing. I hope to get a third match with him soon!



DenverWrestler is recommended by avidwrslr

Allen is an incredible wrestler and athlete. I wrestled him years ago in DC and more recently in Denver. He is strong, accomplished, and handsome. He patiently waits for an opportunity to force a submission. He was great to wrestle and I'm hoping to roll with him again.