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Age 44
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 146 lbs (66 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
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Gear speedos, trunks or singlet - no real preference!
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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Online chatting, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling

Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, I'm a jobber

Fetishes: Spandex, Wrestling gear, Muscle worship

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Double jabbed plus a booster - fingers crossed I can do a little travelling around the UK be nice to meet some new opponents in 2022 to make up for the lack of wrestling the past 2 years!

Slim, fit(ish) lightweight here who loves the body contact of a wrestling contest - mostly into give n take (which can get competitive still) bouts but not adverse to trying something new now and again! Much prefer submissions to pins and love any form of leg lock, boston, camels etc rather than sleepers/chokes to finish off an opponent!

Totally respect all limits - i would never do something to someone in a bout that i wouldn't want done to myself. I may not be the best most technical wrestler on the site but i enjoy it and try my best which is all you can ask of anyone.

I can host from time to time but as things (hosting wise) can change quickly but will always let you know but realistically its easier for me to come to you


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Had a great evening battling with Marcus - a gent of a host and a great wrestle. Strong and determined we had a great time on the mat - granted he came out on top but that is beside the point.
HIghly recommend meeting up with him if you get the chance.



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by FitGlasgowguy

I had a great match with Ayrshirewrestle this afternoon. He is a tough lightweight wrestler with a good range of moves. I think my extra 20kg over him may have given me the edge! Friendly and strong, he is a pleasure to meet and chat with before and afterward our match. Highly recommended for those looking for an enthusiastic lightweight wrestler.



FitGlasgowguy is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

Had a great afternoon on FitGlasgowguy's mats - gracious host and very strong tough wrestler - as he said his weight advantage swinged things in his favour but thoroughly enjoyed exchanging holds with him. Highly recommend meeting up with him



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by fracono

After months of chatting, finally managed to meet with looney in Glasgow and it was a great match! We managed to get a few taps out of each other. He managed to lock on some really effective holds, but was also very resilient when he was in mine. A pleasure to talk to afterwards, as well. He has my highest recommendations!



fracono is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

Met with with F and can only repeat what has already been said. A very strong tough opponent who knows how to keep control of an opponent. We both got subs off each other through the meet and i will say he has one strong grip when he gets you in a headlock!
Great to chat with off the mat as well!

Met up with F again on the spur of the moment - this meet was even more competitive than the first as neither of us wanted to lose that first submission. Forgot also how flexible he was while putting holds on him. His boston crab though is one of his best holds when he uses it - he knows how to lock it on for a quick submission!



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by Scots KO

Met up again recently with Ayrshire Wrestle after a long gap, was a good match, He still needs to try and beat me and get me in a tapout hold,



Scots KO is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

Met Scots_KO a while ago but he is a strong opponent who knows his stuff. In saying that he will respect limits and although tough on the mat he is a friendly guy off the mats. Can't wait to get that rematch and recommend him to anyone who wants a good hard match



A very scrappy lightweight guy who was a lot of fun to wrestle. He is very reliable – even moved his work shift to accommodate my schedule, and then traveled some distance to meet me and arrived as scheduled. He knows some classic BJJ moves and is much tougher than I would expect from his light weight. We did some sweaty submission in a fairly small space but managed to have quite a good time. I certainly recommend him and would definitely wrestle him again.



After what was nearly a false start (my side with work shifts!) was able to meet with DenverWrestler and have a good wrestle with him in a limited space - but we made it work - very respectful with limits and off the mats was a great guy to talk to.



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by FrozenKaos

Had a fun time with ayrshirewrestle, we scored submissions from each other during the one and half hour match. Friendly guy off the mat. Recommend. 😉



FrozenKaos is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

FK travelled up for a match and when we got together it was a great to and fro grappple. Both of us scoring submissions from each other despite neither wanting to admit defeat. As many have said if he gets you in a sleeper hold you have no option but to tap out! We shared some holds with each other - absolutely great guy both on and off the mats highly recommend



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by readyforit

After months of exchanging messages I finally met looney45. Instincts told me he’d be a great, fun and horny guy to wrestle and It proved to be right. Looney quickly worked out my favourite moves and applied them back to me. He even managed to get the last sub of the bout. Meeting him wa a real pleasure on all levels. Can’t wait to have another match with him.



readyforit is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

We've been chatting for months and finally got a chance to wrestle with readyforit - a modest unassuming fella who once he gets in his speedos becomes a devil of wrestler - lots of trash talk during holds and we finished honours even - cannot recommend him enough



We had a great wrestling time despite our (very) reduced space

Looney45 is a strong opponent who is uneasy to dominate, he is resourseful

Very friendly and interesting discussions after the match. Do not miss him



Had a great wrestle with French_wrestler - due to space limitations it was more give n take than anything else. He is a strong opponent who knows how to keep his opponent immobilised. Very powerful legs - watch for his scissors
Off the mat we had some great conversation, and he is a gentlemen - highly recommend him



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by ScotLaird1

Wrestled Alan after a slight hiatus, to find Alan, just as good company, but fitter, feistier and more skilled than in our previous meets. Had a good grappling session with him, followed by some dual practice, where I enjoyed a spot as jobber. Alan confidently put me in several holds.
Would definitely recommend Alan, particularly for lighter weight wrestlers looking for a spirited and sporting bout.
Update 3/10/17 Have wrestled A more often this year. Great to have a friendly spirited wrestler within easy commuting distance. A is a spirited and plucky mat opponent as well as being a genuine nice guy. He is in good form right now and had me tapping a couple of times. Definitely worth getting to grips with...



ScotLaird1 is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

Met ScotLaird1 after wrestling him years ago and losing touch a very nice guy and very skilled on the mats even allowing me to try out some holds on him, great host and very competitive fighter - highly recommend to anyone looking for a competitive bout
Update 3/10
Met Rob many times since the last recommendation and each bout is always a good workout and fun. Always end up learning something from him each time we wrestle and now at the stage of getting him to tap out a couple of times - although he still gets his revenge :)
Get together with Rob when we can for a wrestle and throughly enjoy our meets - we both get agressive but still stay within limits and each time we meet he shows something new. Word of warning he has perfected arm locks and knows more than i ever thought was possible!



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by ovid17

Couldn't have asked for a finer opponent. He provided great action on the mat. Although I got him in a succession of pins he proved feisty and resilient. Great chat off the mat too. Highly recommended and I hope to rematch him soon.



ovid17 is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

Met Ovid and had a great match with him. He is stronger than he may give himself credit for and a really amiable man to chat to. Here's to our next meet



fitman321 is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

Arranged a match with this heel and although it was more a gentle roll around due to the weight different he showed that his reputation was deserved. Very strong legs for scissors and such an accommodating host.



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by wrestlingstar

Well i have to start with thanks alan for coming down to London to wrestle me.alan was a fantastic guy to spend alot of time with and we had a super pro wrestling challenge at our hotel for the night.he looks very hot in his wrestling trunks.very strong holds he can put on.enjoyed his company very much and a great scotsman.i am looking forward to the next time he comes down.he was very kind to make the long trip for just one night.thanks alan.



wrestlingstar is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

After a chatting for a while wrestlingstar invited me down for the weekend. He is great company and loves his WoS wrestling. We had a great time wrestling on the Saturday and he knows some good holds. So glad I made the trip down



This guy is great to wrestle!, plenty of good give n take action. A great guy on/off the mats & great to explore wrestling holds with. Competitive & enjoyable wrestling which is developing each time we wrestle!. Looking forward to match no 3.



After several call offs (both sides) managed to meet this strong tough guy for a give n take wrestle. Amazing company off the mats and great to wrestle, has some amazing scissor holds at his disposal but also let me try out holds on him as well! Looking forward to round 2!

Rounds 2 and 3 were just as much fun, a great guy to have a give n take wrestle with and he is helping me bring out a little more agression when I wrestle which is always good!



scotpal is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

Met up with Lewis again after a long time. He is such a great host and easy to talk to before and after a great wrestle. Hopefully we wont leave it as long before meeting up again!



Toughwrestler is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

After speaking to Yann for a long time, finally able to meet up with him. His reputation on here is well deserved not only is he a strong experienced wrestler but he adapted to my lower level easily. Very friendly to talk to and great company afterwards.



Jase28 is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

Met this tough opponent a couple of years ago, great safe and sane wrestler and knows how to get a guy to submit - which i did multiple times! Great company and i would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good fight!



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by Maximus

Been chatting to Alan for a long time and finally got to meet him last night I was supposed to meet today Saturday but was let down at last minute so Alan was good enough to come over last night (Cheers). We met at my hotel and as much as Alan tried just found me a bit strong but put up a good effort. Was really good to meet up & went for a couple of drinks after the match and had a pleasant evening. If your in Glasgow and similar stats give him a go. Cheers Alan



Maximus is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

Finally was able to meet Mike after a long time chatting. He is aa very strong opponent - too strong for me but he gave me plenty of hints and tips for future bouts. If you want a good strong opponent do not hesitate to get in touch with him. He is a lovely man off and on the mats I highly recommend him to anyone!



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by tupsi

Great guy and fun to wrestle. If you fancy a roll-around with a light-wight looney45 is your man. He keeps going and is a great host too.



tupsi is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

I would highly recommend tupsi to anyone - really nice guy and good fun to wrestle. Very fit and very flexible! If you get the chance to meet up with him do it - you will not be disappointed.



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by polo62

Looney45 is a great guy. We had lots of online chats and recently met up. Fun guy to chat to both online and in person and fun to wrestle. Looking forward to another longer meeting in the not too distant future



polo62 is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

polo62 is a is lovely guy - good fun to wrestle and although our meet was short it was very enjoyable - if you get the chance to meet him do it you wont regret it!



claymore is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

Met David a few times in 2012 - always turns up and always fun to wrestle. He is stronger than he looks and really wrestles to win despite our bouts being 'just for fun' A treat to wrestle and a really nice guy off the mats