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  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
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47-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 200 lbs (91 kg)


I'm 5'10 and 200 lbs. I've always loved women's wrestling and catfighting and have an interest in male wrestling as well. I'm into semi competitive submission wrestling all safe and sane. Novice level experience and not looking to hurt anyone or be hurt. Just in it for fun and don't get hung up on winning or losing. Just looking for a fun time rolling :)



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banone4fun is recommended by MSwrestling

This was one of the best matches I've had!!! Highly recommended! Great guy on and off the mats and we instantly knew we wanted to head up to the hotel room and get at each other. The wrestling was intense and tough!! Between rounds we just talked and relaxed. He is a tough opponent, strong and gets after you!! I couldn't recommend him as high as possible. We will be getting together soon!!!!



MSwrestling is recommended by banone4fun

Had a really fun match! He’s a good guy and pretty strong. We’ve been wanting a rematch for a while and I know it’s going to be a good fight once we lock up again. Fun, tough guy that I definitely recommend!



banone4fun is recommended by Edward Nelson

So I finally got to meet banone4fun after talking for a little bit on line we set something up and I highly recommend this tough guy! We had a lot in common and he knows how to wrestle. Very strong, Very knowledgeable about wrestling. Can't wait to meet this guy again!!!



Edward Nelson is recommended by banone4fun

Had a great match! Highly recommended! He is a really cool nice guy on and off the mats. We had as much fun talking as we did wrestling. Don't underestimate him though because he is a tough opponent and very quick! I couldn't recommend him enough and we'll definitely be tangling in the future!



banone4fun is recommended by HuskywrestlerLA

Had a really great match with banone4fun! He's pretty strong and we definitely worked up a good sweat! Looking forward to wrestling him again in the future!



HuskywrestlerLA is recommended by banone4fun

Awesome guy! Big and strong and definitely a tough challenge! Really easy going and fun to talk with in between bouts of him pinning me down lol. We'll definitely lock up again!



banone4fun is recommended by Jimmy Elijah

My expectations were greatly surpassed after locking horns with this brute.

Easily one of the greatest wrestlers around, guys. Had a sweaty catfight on the mats trading hot tight & rough holds (sparing no dirty tactics).

The biggest struggle between us brutes was us going back and forth deciding whether to rassle or talk.

Honestly, had as much fun wrestling as we did chatting.

Truly looking forward to many more rough bouts with this stud.

-J. Elijah



Jimmy Elijah is recommended by banone4fun

Had a great time wrestling! Very friendly, big, strong guy and very hot to roll around with. I had a great time talking with him as much as I did wrestling with him. I'd definitely love to take him on again!



banone4fun is recommended by Redmond40

Love breaking in new guys. Dude was strong with good stamina. He was a little tentative at first but I was gentle...Not! Must have pushed the right buttons since he is totally into wrestling now. Very much looking forward to a rematch!



Redmond40 is recommended by banone4fun

Red was my very first opponent I had from this site. He was a great guy and a saint for tolerating my nervousness and inexperience lol. He is a really nice guy and was very accomodating to a newbie who was clearly in over his head. Looking forward to tangling in a rematch one day :)



SeanMCP is recommended by banone4fun

Great guy that is very friendly and easy going! We've wrestled a few times and it's always a good time. He is strong and tough! Believe me I know :) Highly recommended if you're looking for a nice guy that is tough on the mats!