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Age 52
Height 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight 183 lbs (83 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear Singlet, shorts, jocks, rip and strip, naked, leather. Open to ideas
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Last update 2/16/2020



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  1. United Kingdom, Somerset West and Taunton
    (I'm here from 8/12/2018)

I am willing to travel 100 kilometers

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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Online chatting, Phone chatting, Looking for coach

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Photo swapping, I'm a jobber, Stakes

Fetishes: Don't want sex, Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Leather, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Cock fighting, CBT, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Huge thank you to the guys who have helped me get this far!

It’s a bit clearer now; I’m a jobber.

Open minded and happy to discuss things through.


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barcoded is recommended by Manc Man

Was newish to the game when we met but he got stuck in and wrestled without fear and you've got to admire a fella for that. He's getting so battered in the rematch however.



Manc Man is recommended by barcoded

This man treated me with respect, we talked about my limitations and lack of experience. After a great match; He gave me the confidence to fight others and gain some basic skills. Do not let the opportunity to slip by, if offered. How many have their own mat room and offer hospitality?

We are booked in for a rematch, hehe… I’m pretending I have new skills.



barcoded is recommended by Desterfight

Ive met this guy a number of times over the last year. Hes always a lot of fun.. Really pleased to say up until lock down he was doing some great work here lifting my weights, working out and he was making some real progress. As a wrestler he is getting better and better. In side every jobber theres a heel trying to get out and I really enjoy pushing him to attack me harder and harder each time we meet. Hes a totally decent guy and Ill re-match him anytime when hes in the area. !! Well worth it.. A great guy who once hes exhausted, you can really work over ;-))



Desterfight is recommended by barcoded

If you get past all of the many many Facebook fans and get the slightest hint of a meet, grab it with both hands.

This man is very generous in offering his time, training and knowledge. A true legend. I even won a match once, nah, I didn’t but when I do....

It’s an awesome set up, weights and fitness space then wrestling. Test of strength.

Our latest match was as great as ever, apparently I’m gaining skill. Who can I blame for that? Indeed attribute....

Thanks mister, I owe you



Belly spalshes Dom is recommended by barcoded

Do not hesitate to meet Belly_splashes_Dom, if you get the opportunity!

I owe him many thanks for introducing me to splash wrestling. We took a little time to communicate and BsM made sure I understood the concept and was happy. Happy; 100%!

Safe, sane and a very generous host. And an amazing experience. We’ll be friends for years to come.



barcoded is recommended by Bear Combat Warrior

An absolutely awesome guy, who after a lot of banter and phone calls, I was finally able to meet when I drove down to Maidstone to see him.

We had already got into character when we met in the hotel car park, dressed in gear we had agreed, had a drink and then we moved to the room I’d booked.

Neil was incredibly generous by helping me try out my dominant skills, for which I really appreciated his patience.

He did get the better of me in the end, which I was very happy about.

We had a good amount of role play and flipped and switched several times.

I may have been a fair few stone heavier, but he was very much able to put up a very good fight.

I very much look forward to meeting up with Neil again in the future and putting what I’ve learnt from him into practise.

Thank you Neil, for a great meet up!



Bear Combat Warrior is recommended by barcoded

A lot of fun was had in the pre-match preparation with a build up of trash talk. Fullwellfighter had some ideas he wanted to try with regard to the gear we should wear and I was happy to oblige. We did a rip and strip, which was well worth the prep and was very satisfying.

He’s a big man so it took his co-operation, my tiny bit of wrestling knowledge and a lot of luck and I was able to claim a pin and then a win. That alone is enough to demand a re-match! He does some great, impossible pins and is up for strength endurance testing.

If your paths are likely to cross with Fullwellfighter, then do some planning, communicate what you want to achieve and you will have a great match.

Nice chap off the mats and was kind enough to drive across and meet me In Maidstone.



barcoded is recommended by jamstu

True gent and great guy to wrestle and work over.. claims no skill but with him, he is a novice with guts and determination to do what he can..



jamstu is recommended by barcoded

It’s laughable!

How could I think that i’d be able to make a move with this hulk? Two arms and a knee were thrown away in a moment from holding his arm!



barcoded is recommended by Billboi

Really friendly fun guy to wrestle, would definitely look forward to meeting him again and enjoying another session with him.



Billboi is recommended by barcoded

Warm and friendly guy, have no hesitation in recommending for a round or two. Look forward to next time.



barcoded is recommended by Sam London

Nice guy, polite friendly and relaxed on and off the mats. We had a great time on our first meet at Barnet, safe and sane. Shame he couldn't stay for a pint, next time !



Sam London is recommended by barcoded

Sam is an interesting character and offers a warm welcome. He’s fun, safe and sane. Don’t miss the opportunity. No way am I paying London beer prices, but yet I owe him a beer.... (joke)



mikeswuk is recommended by barcoded

Watch out for Mikeswuk! Our paths crossed at Barnet mat room. He was kind enough to take pity and offer me around.

And what a fun round it was, he has a rather unique style, it’s rather like slow motion. Taking his time to make deliberate moves, assertive and precise. I had a good lesson!



barcoded is recommended by Warkscub

Had a great meeting with Barcoded. He's a great guy to wrestle with. Strong, fast and makes you work for every hold. He's only going to get better with matches under his belt and more experience. We had a fun grapple, lots of back and forth action. I think I only got one sub from him and that was only because I found a ticklish spot lol.
He's a genuinely nice, friendly guy, lots of fun and can't wait for a rematch.
Definitely recommended for a hot, fun wrestle!!



Warkscub is recommended by barcoded

Neil is a great guy! Expect a warm welcome and a bear like stature. Grrrrr! Matted out his whole living room and gave lots of room for wrestling. Lots of gear to share and a really positive approach. A great evening. So take note!



barcoded is recommended by dadwrestle

After a while chatting we managed to fix a last minute meet up! It involved him driving quite some way, but he arrived spot on time ready to wrestle. True commitment! We had a good two hours wrestling with this worthy tough jobber taking his punishment and coming back for more time after time. A great way to spend an evening. Safe, sane and imaginative. I look forward to getting into the gear again for Round 2! GOLD STAR Recommended!



dadwrestle is recommended by barcoded

A short notice message enabled a meeting! DW checked I was OK and kept pushing me and testing me out then pushed more. He is a hard man, with lots more to give and so Obviously very skilled and tactical. He’s lots of fun, thoughtful and I’m taking note of under arm tackle.



barcoded is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Had a great 'Travelodge tussle' with Barcoded earlier this evening. I'll put him down as one of the gentlemen wrestlers. He's decent, respectful and a good wrestler. He's definitely not a Jobber as he can certainly hold his own during the match. If he's ever in your area or challenge you for a wrestle, grab the opportunity with both hands as I can guarantee yourll have a great wrestle with this new boy on the block.



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by barcoded

Had an enjoyable evening with MEGRAPPLE! Watch out for his humour and fixed asset (bum). He was kind enough to share his time and wisdom with me and I learnt a lot. He played me and read me well and operated at a suitable level giving me the opportunity to play him. Well try, at least. Wearing the bruises with pride.

Do not hesitate to accept a wrestle from this generous man