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I need a room to rent, weekdays only! Banbury area. I’m house trained. Let’s talk!

I’m not very experienced, but willing to learn; play wrestle. Definitely a jobber!



  1. United Kingdom, Connahs Quay
    (I'm here from 5/12/2018)
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers


Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 182 lbs (83 kg)

Gear: Singlet, shorts. Open to ideas

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dadwrestle MEGRAPPLE The Enigma Warkscub



barcoded is recommended by Warkscub

Had a great meeting with Barcoded. He's a great guy to wrestle with. Strong, fast and makes you work for every hold. He's only going to get better with matches under his belt and more experience. We had a fun grapple, lots of back and forth action. I think I only got one sub from him and that was only because I found a ticklish spot lol.
He's a genuinely nice, friendly guy, lots of fun and can't wait for a rematch.
Definitely recommended for a hot, fun wrestle!!



Warkscub is recommended by barcoded

Neil is a great guy! Expect a warm welcome and a bear like stature. Grrrrr! Matted out his whole living room and gave lots of room for wrestling. Lots of gear to share and a really positive approach. A great evening. So take note!



barcoded is recommended by dadwrestle

After a while chatting we managed to fix a last minute meet up! It involved him driving quite some way, but he arrived spot on time ready to wrestle. True commitment! We had a good two hours wrestling with this worthy tough jobber taking his punishment and coming back for more time after time. A great way to spend an evening. Safe, sane and imaginative. I look forward to getting into the gear again for Round 2! GOLD STAR Recommended!



dadwrestle is recommended by barcoded

A short notice message enabled a meeting! DW checked I was OK and kept pushing me and testing me out then pushed more. He is a hard man, with lots more to give and so Obviously very skilled and tactical. He’s lots of fun, thoughtful and I’m taking note of under arm tackle.



barcoded is recommended by The Enigma

Two hours with this feisty wrestler. All the contest was down on the mats, lots of head twisting, forearm uppercutting and jabs to the torso, milked him in his singlet then milked him again in a reverse folding press and cock suck hold. Massive tasty wrestler hardon too. Great session.



The Enigma is recommended by barcoded

No hesitation in recommending The Enigma; 100%.

The Enigma was kind enough to work at my level and yet he pushed my skills, which was fun. Also he was generous and allowed me to pin him and mix the dynamics. Surprise - I lost the wager, and he cashed in the agreed forfeit.

He has such a fit body and is so strong! He could hold with one hand and immobilise totally - such skill and then dish out a different attack with the other. I was exhausted, and he gave me encouragement, said the right words and we carried on.

Do not miss!



barcoded is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Had a great 'Travelodge tussle' with Barcoded earlier this evening. I'll put him down as one of the gentlemen wrestlers. He's decent, respectful and a good wrestler. He's definitely not a Jobber as he can certainly hold his own during the match. If he's ever in your area or challenge you for a wrestle, grab the opportunity with both hands as I can guarantee yourll have a great wrestle with this new boy on the block.



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by barcoded

Had an enjoyable evening with MEGRAPPLE! Watch out for his humour and fixed asset (bum). He was kind enough to share his time and wisdom with me and I learnt a lot. He played me and read me well and operated at a suitable level giving me the opportunity to play him. Well try, at least. Wearing the bruises with pride.

Do not hesitate to accept a wrestle from this generous man