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  1. USA - New York, New York City
    (I'm here from 2/24/2020)
    Chelsea, Manhattan.NYC
  2. USA - New York, New York City
    (I'm here from 9/03/2019)
    Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. NYC

I am willing to travel 300 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


68-year-old Male / 5'5" (165 cm) / 154 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Greek

Gear: Anything sleek,trunks speedos, pro boots, thongs & if vibes are there nude & gladiator gear----E


🏛Hi MeetFigjters, thanks for visiting my page. Well since a youngster I've always been attracted to wrestling and other Combat Sports it was a good Vice for to blow off extra steam with Aunt exhausting fight of any style of wrestling...But sadly in the late 80'ss there too much happening with close friends and acquaintances suc-cumbing to AIDS that I had to refocus my spare time.. Along with caring for family members and its responsibilities.. plus years years of community involvement in health care, AIDS,homlessness, human rights etc in our vase community that l feel needed my involvement..But getting too involved had wear me out, mentally emotionally, some physically and draining financially at times. And some years away from me. I don't regret it but I have should have had and more balanced life for myself and the community,family and friends.
🏛 Well here's how I started with my wrestling fight interests Well as a kid I have always been fascinated watching with dad the pro wrestling shows on old rabbit ears TV..All though I didn't understand the distant psychosexual bond l got watchin these shows with Dad & sometimes with mom and my sister. I would always get a giggle watching dad.s enthusiasm while getting involved, making comments about the nasty heels working over some young hot sweaty naive jobbers in the ring. Sadly Dad rarely mentioned joining a local wrestle club in & going around the city of Lynn, Mass. where my late folks we're both born some 90+years ago. At the age of 9 mom and her family went to the land of olives Kalamata, Greece during the Depression. But there they faced and survived the onslaughts of World War II first on Oct.28th 1940 with midnight sneak attacks by the little cocky Benito Mussolini they were kicked out Greece and most of Albania weeks later.But the Nazis came in to finish occupation which lasted 6 years. The most horrible battles came during the Greek Civil War ('45 -'49) between the Communists and the royalists. Mom and, her folks & sisters lives were probably saved when the US state department in 1947 gathered up the US citizens up and ship them back to Massachusetts...Mom still had nightmares for a good 20 years since then . Dad he got drafted at age 35, served in France and Germany by before that was stationed in London during Blitzkrieg bombings and suffered a a heart attack. He was almost a goner..But he came back partly disabled and brought back with him back his bayonet from his rifle which I have..And looking at it l could imagine this sleek bronze sword entering and finishing off some young Nazi in a real life/death struggle on the fields.. like so many fathers what and died throughout time. Well Mom and Dad first met back in Lynn in 1949. Got married by the same cleric who baptized some 30 years before..Now talking about a no advancement job well this is a good example.. Now shooting up to late 50s and 60s.we all gathered around the old 17 inch portable ( at 40 lbs) Admiral TV at times watching what was called then professional wrestling.. watching mostly heels work over some cocky or naive young jobber..A manyt times toying them making them look so sexy and helpless over hanging them upside down on the turnbuckle or tangling them up on the ropes and booting them. Watching all that beating of the jobbers, I would a real stiff woody getting aroused how wrecked they looked . I wanted to grab my stiff handle nice a tight but wouldn't dare while watching with the folks there. Dad point out some eye catching holds and point out how real or how phoney they were. And as I got older when they work watching wrestling I would remember wasting an hour or two just waiting for some young buck get jobbed, juiced & toyed by a heel. Dad was about my height of 5' 6" but man he was more beefier at about 180 with a good set of biceps he liked flexing in front of mom and us. Sadly he never gave me the incentive to develop to develop my arms..I don't know why dad did encourage me. I felt too shy to get into bodybuilding. Being closeted didn't help much then.Mom would always push me to study and Dad wouldn't push his wishes on me maybe sort it wasn't my thing to try my hand with weights until after I moved out of my family's house at the age of 25.. I remember getting my first 110 lb weight set take it it on the subway in a car Iams getting out of the subway and having the wheels collapse on me drinking at home the rest of the way flat ho ho .Well back home another thing I recall a number of times around the age of 10. I would hear dad quitely walking to the bathroom while we were all sleeping. I would pick out my bedroom door and see with nothing on but his tank top, couldn't help but notice how nice and round his butt was and how muscular legs were all in proportion he was for a short guy. Wow I didn't know how to process why l was starring so long then.. Simple naive and innocent timandfor me growing up.
Well after college saved 3000 l made my move out in 1976 to claim "my own" Independence.. In February l found a 300 sq ft, run down cheap l call home in an 165 year old tenement in the Chelsea section in Manhattan.. It had two garbage cans filled with clothes still collecting rainwater by the time I signed the lease.. but it's home for me and a new learning experience dealing with the human race.. We rarely had heat and hot water it only came twice a week so the drunk super shoveled coal every 6 days take a shower and everybody else at the same time wow this is luxury living. Auh Paradise found.😘.The beginning of a Spartan lifestyle.. 3 months later I lost my job Then the next month got on rent strike with other tenants due to the inability of Apartments..Housing laws for tenants then were a sham under mayor Koch cuz he was well paid off by Developers to have old buildings condemned and these bastards pick them up for pennies on a dollar to create luxury housing.😥 since then I became a housing activist.. Around the same time the newly formed- "The New York Wrestling Club got started with members from across country. With a newsletter oh I think about 200 names were mailed out every few months way before the internet. I learned freestyle submission Ruff Housing some Pro where I got a pair of black leather pro boots. And then got a couple of pairs of boxing 12 oz. gloves and did some sparring and also got into some gladiator role play with some of the members. It was both wrestling watching those old Steve Reeves and gladiator movies I've got my blood and endorphins in high gear. Movies like Last Days of Pompeii, The Sign of the cross, Demetrius and the Gladiators Spartacus, Barabbas etc. And not to forget those Italian made movies from the 50s and 60s with fellow Greek Dan Vadis... Man all that was soft porn for us. Watching all these tan sweaty fighters in their leather and metal armor swords and shields clashing with the scantily clad retiarius with his net and trident in the arena to a fight til the losers get dragged out of the cage I mean Arena.. well those are the marvels of Hollywood recreating history.. well now we got virtual reality 👎 and computer animated Gladiator fights 👎 just doesn't do it for me like the old movies. Since my first role playing battles when the New York group started I've been making some cool gladiator gear.. Back to the wrestling.Well around 1980 l also joined called ISWEATS 💪💪 where we trained in collegate, freestyle, competitive styles of wrestling.under the coach the late Mike Stine.. But after 6 or 8 months of training he suddenly passed away after cutting his hand on one of the broken porcelain sinks at a SOHO gym we were at. his boyfriend said the infection ran up his arm in a matter of days it was too late then.. We'll all miss him and remember he striking physique and his commitment to training us. Well during those times some guys wrestled at the Y in the Upper West Side I was too shy to wrestle in public..But l had great times wrestling in my little apartment like many of us did and there's, getting into submission competitive promission, pro, horsing around, some until we're both exhausted or in some cases and became so damn erotic we just had to just drain ourselves in exhaustion . Unfortunately there were no ring to my knowledge in New York available for any pro style. But we made good use of our apartments where we also got into plenty of abs punching. I posted a clip of me abs punching myself .Well then and now we get to all sorts of nelson's, scissors, crabs, and camel clutches etc..Along with nipple and navel play/ all during our fights. So I'm still in pretty good shape.lm just finding it harder to meet wrestlers especially here in New York only younger guys are wrestling younger guys. So much ageism since I joined this site. Oh well we're both missing out.. Besides having a few matches so far I also enjoy going to some of these live local pro wrestling events in Brooklyn & all over the Metro region..At these small events there barely getting 150 people about $20 a pop watching these heels working over these usually hunky jobbers. So if there anyone's interested in going to see 3 hours of sweat drenching combat excitement let me know.. Once there I'm sure you'll get your adrenaline pumping watching these guys parading outside of the Ring before the match and then the ring either victoriously or seeing the losers limping their way back to the lockers all beaten-up looking. If that's not a turn on you need speak and explain why not to a psychiatris. Then you might get he'd get turned on enough to go to the matches himself. So let's show some support and get some eye candy at the same time. (disclaimer: this is not in any way an endorsement of the above event or service and not it's not meant to cure, excite or control any disease ailment, symptom or fetish you may have.... so on and so forth). Lol.hummm? Am I near the end of my profile? Got come on George hurry up oh that's me, dam too much to say I shouldn't say it all here..l very much want to wrestle & fight with guys close to my size & weight pretty much an even fight. Wrestling is also a visual thing right? Seeing 2 athletic bodies battle it out is really hot to watch and getting involved with. Please respect your bodies and stay in the best possible shape your body will thank you later. I'm about 5'5" now at 144 lb and a waist 30", 13 inch arms, 39 in chest, 16 in calves and quads 22'.. so I think I'm in pretty good shape.. I'm game for whatever style my opponent chooses beforehand or just find out when we're on the mats.
Well it is chemistry or vibes we develop if we get into erotic fighting, Wrestling is the prime directive here. There are a lot of great guys out there and then there's plenty of great guys out there. And then there a lot mostly picky New York wrestlers who wouldn't even be respectful enough to respond with polite no thank you instead of just blocking me. Well that's New Yorkers for you. Well it's both our losses. I like some boxing sparring but no hit to the face. So basically my enjoyment it's wrestling , gladiator fights then some MMA boxing to a less competitive mode.. By the way with mentioning the gladiator role playing in my profile and the photos I put up I've received a nice amount of messages from well over 4 dozen guys who also like watching and hopefully wanting to do some gladiator fighting themselves . Also in the photos are. And some of my photos show some of my hand made gear armor and weapons. Which includes a couple of my tridents.. a leather segmenta manica worn on the left arm & shoulder like the retiarius wore ..Plus various leather and cloth loincloths. ..So if anyone is curious enough let's gear on and find out what it's all about.. Well getting back to wrestling I'd like to wrestle with guys close to around 30 lbs of my body weight and my height and body size so it be easier for for us to throw each around. but it's not a definite rule but I prefer it cuz. So not to get too exhausted anyway I.m still staying in pretty good shape with regular exercise and staying flexible as a building contractor also.. I've set up mats in a room. Hopefully I can let others wrestle there just give me a heads up first. s Thanks for checking out my profile. And good luck in your search the wrestling, boxing and other combat experiences you'll ever have with this great MeetFighters site. All the best to you guys and gals.. George



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Going to matches, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, Relationship, Modeling, Photo swapping, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Leather, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting

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bayridgefighter is recommended by grapplingguy

I am applauding this tough guy who took me in wrestling battle. I felt very well his hard muscles when he did technical wrestling movements and constantly pushed to take control with proper seasoning with aggression. I just wish he would be a little bit bigger. I enjoyed very much our wrestling session with bayridgefighter and I will definitely do it again next time i am in area. In addition, he is good host, reliable person and he offers pretty decent wrestling space with mats that is not often can be found in NYC area.
For those who can not take a trip from Manhattan to Brooklyn because "too much traffic", I can say that excuses only highlight the luck of commitment to real wrestling match. We did it from Lincoln Tunnel/NJ side pretty easy during Friday night traffic + just before that I had red-eye cross country trip. If you want wrestle - you will find way how to make it happen. Bayridgefighter, definitely a guy who will!



grapplingguy is recommended by bayridgefighter

Let me warn you this guy is a serious Grappler..don't attempt to wrestle him with a half-baked workout beforehand.
On November 17th l met Nick this very handsome man thanks to the suggestion from Frank aka SISuperman who originally asked me if they can use my 10 by 11 foot mats at my house in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and invite 15-20 guys to wrestle round-robin style with Nick. I at first was hesitant later said fine let's go for it..We worked for 5 days to invite guys to come over on the 17th..Sad for them for not coming and missing out on a great opportunity to with this very skilled fighter. At first I was intimidated by his well proportioned size of 6-1 and I'm being 5'6"..But when we strip down, me in our speedos and he in compression shorts.. Then seeing his fantastic well developed abs, I said I'm not going to be intimidated is handsome smile and confident attitude..l said to myself I want to hit the mats with hot man. We wrestled for approximately two hours that ended up i a few submissions. Nick brought with him a banquet and he was prepared to dish it out luckily or sadly I was the only recipient of his generous servings of his punishment. Yes a full banquet he brought of various combat skills from from Judo, karate, bjj, lite MMA fighting to accentuate his well practiced submission holds on me.. and with those forearm held tight against my Adam's apple I was afraid of losing my wind so tap out five or six times.. Along with Judo Style hip flip overs of me. Luckily I didn't feel any pain after dropping me in those flips crashing on my one inch thick mats.. "Like a sack of potatoes? Sean? I'll remember that bro.Grrrrrrrrrr, I'm going to tear off your loincloth and whip your ass!!!.. in all respects and love for Nick l really every minute fighting him. Even if they're calling it a night I recouped and said let's go at it again for a little more action on the mat and we did

thank you Nick for your patience.. Anybody who think you can handle this fighter will get more than you bargained for. For he's quick, alert and combines many different fighting skills you'll have to watch for them scissors and Nelson period for me I could only handle either his legs or his arms but not at the same time. I felt like he was an octopus all over me. In so many words Nick said "I gave him a good run" or in this case a good fight for his money considering my size..Auh only thing I miss out on was getting to his abs with my fists 👊 and feeling that resistance. I wish he would have tried my abs👊
.auh.... I need more firming up. Oh he also said If I was only closer to his size and weight and in proportionate strength.. I would probably have been just as powerful resilient a fighter as he
And would have given him some good competition. I asked him if he'll come back, he said we'll definitely wrestle again. I told him" you'll be back but I'll be stronger " It was a great experience getting down with this super friendly and considerate fellow Grappler.. so the next time Nick rumbles into your town don't turn them down! . so don't miss out meeting this fine humane but vigorous fighter.. again thank you Frank for helping to set this up and thank you Nick for hitting the match with me all the best to you


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bayridgefighter 5/16/2019

Enjoying this wrestler's company a little too much

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Chatting with Just Neph at the last Warriors of Wrestling matches 5/2019 Brooklyn

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My 1st video clip

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