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Fit wrestler seeks same for sweaty, hard-fought fun. Happily partnered, here for NSA aggressive times. Please be in excellent shape and enjoy a good fight. Your visible abs bring out the competitor in me.



  1. USA - California, Oakland
  2. USA - California, San Francisco
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Squarecuts, speedos, jeans, shirtless

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baywrestler is recommended by Athleticasian

I was lucky to meet this muscular stud months after he messaged me on the first day that I became an MF member. I had an enjoyable, hot, sweaty and tough fight with him. Off the mats, baywrestler is a real gentleman. I am eager for delivering and receiving more punishments.



Athleticasian is recommended by baywrestler

Had a great fight with this guy. We exchanged sweaty submissions and it was hard-fought and back-and-forth to the end. Man, is he a trash talker!! Lots of fun and a great workout.



baywrestler is recommended by azknockout

This guy was a ton of fun to wrestle. He is competitive, strong, and knows his moves so it made for a great fun match and workout. He was also the perfect host and really easy to chat with! Take him on, you won’t regret it.



azknockout is recommended by baywrestler

Previous reviews are on the money. This kid is strong, tenacious, and knows his way around the mats. I got a couple taps on him, but he definitely won the evening. Great workout, super easy to hang with and chat, definitely a legit competitor and a quality individual.



baywrestler is recommended by scrasher

I was given one of the most brutal gp experiences by this extremely attractive man. I know his photos on here are super hot already, but meeting him in person took it to another level. He's super friendly and understanding of my quirks too.



scrasher is recommended by baywrestler

This kid has a great body and man does he like having his abs abused. Be prepared to work up a sweat trying to break them. A very enjoyable afternoon.



baywrestler is recommended by Matman150

Had a great time with this super-fit wrestler during a recent trip to SF. Baywrestler is strong and skilled and is a lot of fun on the mat. He is also in great shape and looks amazing! Don't pass up the opportunity to wrestle him if you get to the Bay area. He is an awesome guy and I highly recommend him!



Matman150 is recommended by baywrestler

Fun match, not too frenetic. We systematically tested each other’s strategies and each found the occasional opportunity to cinch a submission. Great working up a sweat with this skilled, strong fighter. Easy to plan with, reliable, and a positive experience entirely. Recommended!



baywrestler is recommended by anakin

A perfect host with a lean ripped body! Had a lot of fun wrestling this guy and give his abs a tough workout ;) highly recommended!



anakin is recommended by baywrestler

Totally lived up to his reputation from other recommendations. Tough, strong, relentless. And man can he take some punches. Sign me up for more



judokasf is recommended by baywrestler

Ass kicked thoroughly (mine!), but a great experience. Strong AF, intelligent, skilled, great personality... and not afraid to go for it. My ego was salvaged by the one submission I got on this excellent fighter. But sign me up for a rematch anytime. Highly recommended.



baywrestler is recommended by testofstrength

Baywrestler is a great guy and a generous host. He made sure that I was able to navigate the city as easy as possible for our meet up. On the mats he's competitive and "flexible where it counts", as he puts it. I was lucky enough to get a massage after the match. Great guy!



testofstrength is recommended by baywrestler

testofstrength is a tough competitor and put me through my paces on the mats. Submissions on both sides, and a great workout. Easy to relate to, good communicator, punctual... and hot. Glad he made a point to wrestle me while in the Bay Area!



baywrestler is recommended by lestat mza

He is a very handsome and kind man, with a beatifull body. Whas a nice meeting, is always good tonfind peopel un this plays Ho really like to train.



lestat mza is recommended by baywrestler

A great fighter and a generous teacher. Skilled, strong, and in amazing shape. Don't miss the chance to take this guy on. I'd rematch in a heartbeat... preferably after I've got a few BJJ classes under my belt! Real quality goods.



baywrestler is recommended by Wrestling Angel

Great meeting this fighter after a decade. He is an amazing host with perfect setup. In great shape and a generous 7 star host. Would love a rematch next time in Frisco area. After golden bridge and exploratorium he is the hottest touristic attraction in the Bay Area. Should have brought my camera!!!



Wrestling Angel is recommended by baywrestler

Skilled, smart, hot as hell, and a great workout partner. Catch this quality grappler if he's traveling near you. Can't believe it took us ten years (!) to get a rematch in, but it was worth it. The real deal



baywrestler is recommended by Ghjghj

True to his pictures, he is very fit and probably the most in shape guy I've wrestled. Very strong upper body and stamina to go along with. I was on defense most of the time because of how aggressive he fights.



Ghjghj is recommended by baywrestler

A great kid and a serious competitor. I wasn't expecting so much skill!
I was way too confident in my weight advantage and he surprised me with a submission in the first minute. Hot!
I made him work for the others after that, and got one of my own (I'll admit to some pride at escaping a triangle at one point).
This was an intense workout and a real challenge from start to finish. Don't miss the chance to tangle with this strong, great-looking, skilled combatant!