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love being a jobber and want to be dominated by a heel
favourite kind of matches are heel/jobber, cop/thief, dad/son etc and favourite holds are bearhugs, bodyscissors, pins and lifts

not gay but do find wrestling real erotic but depending on the person see how it goes

not interested wrestling similar/younger ages to mine



  1. United Kingdom, Blackburn
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Age: 24-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 129 lbs (59 kg)

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FullnelsonUK mat_747 RugbyBoy Zepheshow


bburn95 is recommended by FullnelsonUK

Love wrestling this jobber son of mine. He takes what I dish out and keeps coming back for more. Really nice lad with it.



FullnelsonUK is recommended by bburn95

Been wrestling pops for over a year now and every meet seems to be getting better and better. He has shown me what holds truely feel like and knows how to execute them well and safe!
A very kind person considering he is a heel haha... highly recommended!



bburn95 is recommended by RugbyBoy

He is an awesome little jobber! Definitely took some pain from me! Friendly and a good sense of humour. He's got some strong legs and knows how to squeeze, felt cool around my 32" thigh :P

It was an awesome session, I applied some nice painful holds, picked him up and did some squats, used his weight to do some push ups, flexed and showed him what a bicep looks like haha!

Highly recommended, top lad and thanks for hosting bro! Anytime you want some pain give me a shout ;)



RugbyBoy is recommended by bburn95

Met this huge unit of a lad at mine, was kind of a last minute meet but wow what an amazing session we had!
Rugbyboy is not only a very very strong individual, he is also very kind and open to chat giving me insight on different holds and grapples and how to use them.
Around 2 hours of pain, holds and lifts went very quick in which rugbyboy crushed me easily ( i couldnt even budge the bugger)... overall it was a real good session and will definitely recommed him to anyone on site... thats if you want him to give you a one sided beating with his huge muscles 😂😂



bburn95 is recommended by Zepheshow

Adam was excellent in keeping in touch and a match was arranged in Preston. Had a great session of lift and carry wrestling. Adam proved to be a great jobber. Took a lot of lifting, slamming and submission holds without submitting, although I did discover his weakness! As the session went on he grew in confidence and used his powerful footballers legs to good effect. He then defied his huge size and weight disadvantage by lifting me and parading me around -surprising himself in the process! A fantastic fun night with a thoroughly nice and sporty guy. Hope for Round 2 soon!



Zepheshow is recommended by bburn95

Met John tonight at Preston and even before we met, from the chats i sensed a really good vibe around him which proved to be true as he is a nice lovely bloke who knows how to use and utilise many holds,pins and lifts in which I enjoyed throughout.

Really great guy can't recommend enough and can't wait for round 2!!!



mat 747 is recommended by bburn95

My first ever wrestle!
I was a bundle of nerves but mat_747 helped me settle in easily by being a great host and is also a great person (paid for my taxi fare even when he didn't need to)

Overall i had a really good time and hopefully can meet him again!