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Based nr. birmingham - genuine n turn up for a good lads scrap, indoors or out - wanna fight ?



  1. United Kingdom, Wolverhampton
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 206 lbs (93 kg)

Gear: speedos, shorts, jeans

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Ruthless is recommended by birmingham uk fighter

chatted a few times and then short notice agreed a meet - we was scrapping an hour later! real good guy, sane, fit, strong, exactly as described... was just a quick first tussle but def hoping to go again sometime soon - gonna be a good scrap!
def recommended!



birmingham uk fighter is recommended by Squashlad

24/03/2018: Hotel room matches are always a bit frustrating, and when you're tackling a tall, very strong guy who, like you, wants to get really stuck in, that's particularly the case, so we both knew within a few minutes of locking up that a rematch at a more appropriate venue would need to be arranged. That said, we made the best of what was available, and it was a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning. The match was no bother at all to arrange, and birmingham uk fighter came as billed: a safe, sane, pleasant and intelligent guy who was interesting to chat to before the grappling began—and then a real handful. He didn't seem handicapped by his night on the tiles that he'd not that long since got back in from and his strength was very evident, getting me locked up nicely in lots of punishing holds. Subs went both ways and we had a good sweaty battle, concluded only but all too soon by his need to check out of the room. Hopefully therefore we can resume shortly somewhere more matted and spacious! Highly recommended.



Squashlad is recommended by birmingham uk fighter

Met this guy today, not an ideal venue, but we had a good grapple... Strong, good technique, pleasant fella and a good match all round ;-)
Def be up for another grapple sometime so hope we get the chance!



birmingham uk fighter is recommended by Blackuk

Nice friendly, sociable guy. Dont be fooled by the pic, this dude has big strong legs! This was a long, hard, sweaty match up. A hard but thoroughly enjoyable match and we were both probably exhausted at the end of it. Look forward to a rematch. Highly recommend him.



Blackuk is recommended by birmingham uk fighter

This is a great guy, awesome strong n really up for some ruff n tumble! Great match n a really nice guy too - def worth a challenge - meet again soon man!



birmingham uk fighter is recommended by toetotoe

Met a few times now, but not for awhile since today. Really tough match as always. Still has the edge on me but defiantly had a good wrestle. Nice guy on and off the mat and great host. Recommend him to anyone. Hopefully meet again soon mate and not in a years time lol



toetotoe is recommended by birmingham uk fighter

Not met up for ages - but worth it.
Good guy, good match - def not so long next time mate!



birmingham uk fighter is recommended by Celticmuscle

Great genuine guy to meet for a match. Safe and sane. Very strong and determined, but a true gentleman in the best sense of that word. Great company off the mats too. Would gladly recommend!!



Celticmuscle is recommended by birmingham uk fighter

Great fella - really enjoyed the match - would recommend but beware he's tuff n strong! Still made it really good fun tho - real nice guy.