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Laidback Swedish guy living in Berlin, Germany.
Intermediate mma fighter / submission wrestler / thaiboxer. Beginner boxer.

Into sane but rough sub wrestling, sub fighting and muay thai/boxing. Not into cyber or pro.

Happy to introduce beginners as well as taking on more experienced guys.

Friendly, social, laidback guy here ( off the mats that is ;)
Also into private/outdoors! What are we waiting for?
It all starts with a decent conversation.

Yeah, one more thing:
One way in.
Three ways out.
Tap, snap, or nap.

                          I'm the guy in black shorts. Did I mention I love chokes? ;)



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach, Looking to coach, Competing (tournaments)
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship
Fetishes: Boxing gear, CBT


  1. Germany, Berlin
    Very frequently - home
  2. Sweden, Stockholm
    Very frequently - work.
  3. United Kingdom, London
    Occasionally - work.
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host.


Age: 46-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Swedish

Gear: Fight shorts, mouthpiece, cup

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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boine (82 gold) 4/24/2015 8:14 PM

Some more feedback

Upon restarting phone, app notification shows several unread messages, that has already been read. ) SHows 4 unread, while there are only two unread in inbox).

Notification symbol on phone is a bell, similar to the alarm symbol. Should probably be better with a glove or similar .)

Keep up the good work!


boine (82 gold) 4/18/2015 2:24 PM

First feedback on Android App, running KitKat 5 rooted on Samsung S4 mini.

- When entering wrong login details there is no proper feedback, just a generic error message.

- When answering messages, clicking the profile shows a very basic layout "Basic data". Could do with a bit more structure.
Profile picture is very pixelated, and clicking it does nothing ( guess it should pop up pic/album in full resolution).

- A suggestion ( I know its an early alpha release ), is to somehow use gps coordinates from phone to show nearby fighters !?

And as already reported above:
- Meetfighters logotype is too big for screen when starting app.
- Menu bar reads LEFT instead of MENU.


boine (82 gold) 11/24/2010 5:21 PM

Well, the rear naked I got a win with in my first fight will be with me until I die. Firmly tattooed on left shoulder. Love it....


boine (82 gold) 11/23/2010 7:22 PM

There is a third variant on the triangle.

Guy that is getting choked out is able to defend, and pulls trapped arm out. Head is still trapped. I end up in this position frequently.

The guy who applies the triangle then uses his arm and grabs his own leg behind opponents neck, and applies a very uncomfy thight choke with arm and one leg. Other leg can even let go, but choke gets thighter if that legs stays in.

By the way, my favourite is the rear naked choke. Once applied no way out :) Thats submission wrestling to me! Besides, I was lucky enough to win my first "official" fight with that hold! Makes it my Number one!


boine (82 gold) 11/23/2010 7:14 PM

Hey guys! Ive been doing boxing on and off together with other styles ( mma / thaiboxing / jujutsu ) for the last 8 years. I understand time is an issue, but my best advice is to get into a club somehow!

Its one thing standing at home doing bagwork, and a different thing steping into a ring with an opponent ( regardless of experience level! )

In a club, you get advice from people who KNOWS it. A bag at home and youtube videos can never replace that, they are just good supplements....

Also, by boxing/sparring other guys you get experience that is impossible to get alone, or learning by "looking".

So, in short, get your ass down a boxing club! You won´t regret it!

Or join a MMA gym, plenty of people with experience that would be happy to teach you basic boxing skills, on top of all the other goodies like grappling and fighting...


boine (82 gold) 10/28/2010 5:26 PM

Hey guys!

Reading your conversation with big interest: Decided I want to join in... Simply to share my point of view!

Its quite easy. Real sane safe guys without too much "dirt" in their closet should easily be able to give out a contact phone number. My warning bell goes off big time if its kept "secret", for any reason they come up with.

Even they might be a Greek god with 2,000 years of wrestling experience, I rather meet friendly easygoing guys that doesn´t live in several worlds at the same time. To me that's called Schizophrenia.

My impression of this issue seems to fit very well with Sturdy´s!

Just my own personal opinion amongst others...

/ Peter


boine (82 gold) 9/25/2010 7:22 PM

Knepads, cheapest Neoprene ones (without "hole in the middle") you can find at Sports Direct stores.

Square Cuts. go for the "Rolls Royce"... Original SPRAWLER in yellow and black ;) U will find them at online mma stores, usually in the US.


boine (82 gold) 6/10/2010 3:36 PM

Hey guys! I read through the discussion on this and just wanted to share my thoughts!

First of all, it would be interesting to hear a few examples of what "Rules of Ethics" you are aiming for. I believe that a few basic Ethics could be a good idea, but Im not so sure about a "tickbox agreement" on them...

Why? Well, this site is brilliant when it comes to real guys up to meet likeminded. But there will always be a part of the community that have other interests than meeting in real life. Call them Spammers, Wankers, or just "Closet-guys"... Will this Ethics agreement make a difference? If so, what? Would it be easier to see who are real, and who are not?

I personally don´t think so. The system with reccomendations and past opponents speaks for itself. For example, if a profile lacks a picture, and without reccomendations, my warningbell rings. I really don´t see the need for aother way to tell this.

Why not instead do a system with, say, some sort of box for "Real, safe and sane guy for real meets"!? If a guy wrestled two guys, and they both think the guy is reliable, they mark him as that, and it shows on his profile.

A code of Ethics could well be displayed on the site, but Im not sure a tickbox for it is the right way to go...

/ P



boine is recommended by grecoroman

Very relaxed and easy going nice guy ! Hope we ll put the gear on soon again ...



grecoroman is recommended by boine

Had a nice meet with this sexy man!
Gear-freak, just like myself...
Czech Republic - Sweden 1 - 0 ;)



boine is recommended by ShockR

A highly skilled (and sane) fighter, highly recommended



boine is recommended by BRIT PRO HEEL

This extremely experienced guy came to join in the Sportsbolt event 3 rd September,2017, he is amazingly strong ,and I have said very skilled and a great guy to wrestle , for those skilled in his chosen sport you will enjoy wrestling this athlete HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 11/10 first class



boine is recommended by small gladiator

I did some wrestling with boine on Sunday. He is a extremely skilled and faster fighter with very quick fighting techniques. Off the mats he was friendly and approachable. I do hope I get the chance to wrestle and training with him again.



boine is recommended by Smallbutstrong1981

This man is the REAL DEAL!

He is strong and skilled and it was very hard for me to fight him. I learned a lot too the hard way ;-D. All safe and sane and a great guy off the matts too. I hope we can have lots more fights. Don't miss a chance to meet him.



Smallbutstrong1981 is recommended by boine

This guy rocks!
Sexy, skilled, tons of stamina, a lot of gear, great mats.
Profile is very accurate, small BUT STRONG!
Total animal on the mats, truly a real fighter!
Happy for a rematch any day buddy! THANKS :)



Fate is recommended by boine

Fit horny wrestler! Knows the moves and got the balls! Meet him!:)



boine is recommended by ImtiazAli

I've always been fond of boine since I've been on here. Once I plucked up the courage, he was easy to chat to and turned up as agreed.

We met on Tuesday 7th of March 2017 at John Cotterill's place. Nice, easy-going guy. On the mats, many years of experience and explosive strength showed. Very powerful punches too, hurt like hell, but bought out my sadist side too. The hours passed by gratefully. Welcome back here anytime. Safe and sane, and typically the guy you would meet at the wrestling gym - awesome!

(Perhaps some stand-up too, next time.)



ImtiazAli is recommended by boine

Fit experienced submission wrestler!
All safe sane and aggressive!
Just my cup of tea :) Big thanks!

Anytime again! Though then with some standup sadism too ;)



boine is recommended by Wrestlertop

Very professional and very strong. To beat him you must be very very very professional. So every guy is a beginner to him.

If you are super strong and a professional wrestler for 10 years I recommend you to hAve a little chance to win)))

Great guy outside mats and good coach not only in wrestling ;)



Wrestlertop is recommended by boine

Beginner submission wrestler, we had a fun roll!
Agressive and eager to learn :) All good!



boine is recommended by sparkytbg

Boine is a very tough opponent. He knows his moves and how to stop you from doing yours.



sparkytbg is recommended by boine

Had a nice laidback roll with this guy.
Unfortunately not enough space for too much magic rolling, but guy knows the game! Meet him! :)



ROUGHTOUCH is recommended by boine

Peter is a real fighter, knows the game well, and get the same kicks from fighting as I do!
Real sane guy worth a meet.



boine is recommended by tnorfmod

I cant imagine someone more reliable. As friendly as he is tough while fighting



tnorfmod is recommended by boine

Real fighter looking for the real thing!



boine is recommended by teemu

Met him twice, felt his strong chokes. Thus enjoyed. Skilled and strong opponent, nice bud.



teemu is recommended by boine

Nice rematch after several years!
Guy has learned a few tricks, not a beginner any more!
Laidback great guy off the mats too. Meet him.



boine is recommended by Lutteur-PA

Really happy about this tough match with this skilled fighter who made me always being on my guard. I have succeeded in avoiding his chokes!! ; -)
Waiting for your mat room to plan another fight.



Lutteur-PA is recommended by boine

Real sane safe submission wrestler that knows what he is doing!
Damn, Im submitted! :)



BrutalWrestler is recommended by boine

The real deal :)



boine is recommended by cph boxer

A very nice guy outside the ring - inside he knows his stuff very well. Don't hesitate to get a fight with him!



cph boxer is recommended by boine

Real nice sane guy that knows how to use a pair of boxing gloves!
Watch out for his right, it stings...
Great fun, anytime again mate :)



boine is recommended by ATONMAN

20150207 - GREAT GREAT GREAT! Intense, strong and competitive. Two MAnimals on the mat in a sweaty and tough fight. WOW!
Boine is a must. I look forward for the next challenge.



ATONMAN is recommended by boine

Molto bene!

Fantastic guy who gave me some great rounds on and off the mats!
Anytime again mate!
Thank you!



boine is recommended by hairybrussels

Boine was clearly the boss during our meet, but he was kind enough to let me try to block him several time, and to teach me a few tricks. I enjoyed every minute of our meet even if i lost much more sweat than he did. A fantastic person on and off the mat. He is the steel man :-) looking forward a re-match soon!



hairybrussels is recommended by boine

Great wrestle!
Fit hot beginner, social, and great fun both on and off the mats!
With balls of steel. Ish :)
Meet him!



boine is recommended by THEIRONMAN

I met this great wrestler today in Milano. He is skilled in wrestling,strong,sexy and very very kind. We have a good time togheter. He destroied competly me but i enjoied myself. He is a great mma wrestler. Good arms and good legs. He is fantastic not only on the matts but also off.
He is absolutely extra super recommened. Now i have a very very very nice and good friend.
Wrestler take the flight and go to Berlin to meet him.



THEIRONMAN is recommended by boine

After chatting online for years we finally met!
Great fit wrestler! WOOF!
Meet him!
And submit him, if you get through his defence.... :)



boine is recommended by GermanFighterMMA

Peter is the strongest mate I fought!!!! He is really strong and very well skilled in boxing, grappling, BJJ and MMA! We know us a long time and we trust us as friends. So we had fights in different levels from
mild to wild, submission fights and KO fights. All fights safe sane but with the attitude to win!
Don't hesitate to contact and fight him and have fun and a lot of pains😀
He is really friendly off the mats but a powerful "fightmaschine" on the mat!
1000% recommended!!!!!



GermanFighterMMA is recommended by boine

Real, sane, fun, hard fighter!
Always good fun to glove up!
I know Knut personally singe many years, great guy to fight with!
As eager as I am, make sure you knock him out too ;)



boine is recommended by passive-aggressive

"Boine " is an amazingly hot guy , and very sweet because he picked me up from my hotel to drive me to a cool place where we could fight (and play…) . But don’t be fooled by this sweet behavior! He has a live-long experience in fight sports, and did some fights as a professional mma-fighter. It was real fun and a great (learning) experience to fight with him, i definitely hope for a revenge.
Boine = 5 stars on a scale of 5! ;-))))



passive-aggressive is recommended by boine

Very hot guy, all sane and real!
Had a great wrestle and some boxing!
Anytime again mate!



boine is recommended by adidaswrestling

Day one Round 1: Great fighter,awesome guy. Day two Round 2:Non stop action. Really good day. Day three Round 3:Great action. I can't wait till we meet again. He's a skilled fighter. Don't miss a chance to take him on.



adidaswrestling is recommended by boine

The wait is over, we finally hit the mats together!
Though boy, those years waiting was worth it!
Great relaxed skilled handsome guy. You get it? Meet him!

Round one - Fun competetive fighting and wrestling. Hot!
Round two - I need a private gogo-dancer thats learning how to box! Any takers? ;)
Round three - Sir, I give Sir. Damn. ;)



boine is recommended by bigandbad

We had a great outdoor fight in the Brandenburg desert. Great tough fighter and a very relaxed and friendly person. He is much more skilled than me and it was very nice of him to share his knowledge with me.



bigandbad is recommended by boine

Real. Big. Sane. Skilled. Hot. MEET! :)



boine is recommended by grappleruk

Great guy, who is fun both off and on the mat. Safe and fun to wrestle with, and always smiling! Met at the Berlin wrestling camp and rolled briefly. Hope I can find an opportunity to meet again!



grappleruk is recommended by boine

Submitted! Hot guy that knows what he is doing! I want more ;) Meet him!



mikeswuk is recommended by boine

No-nonsense submission grappling!
Good fun, and more real, sane, fit and reliable than many 30-year old on this site.



boine is recommended by ozboxer

Hot hard tough fighter, skilled and ready for a hard fight.
Also a great guy, a pleasure to meet.



ozboxer is recommended by boine

Real. Rough. Skilled. Simply awesome...



boine is recommended by munichsubfight

Boine is strong and skillful, I had to tap about ten times as often as I could made him tap.
When I met him for grappling we had only very limited space. The fights would sure have been different with more space available, however the outcome wouldn´t have changed.
Looking forward for a rematch!
Oh, and off the mats he´s nice to hang out with.
Definitely worth meeting!



boine is recommended by sharkffm

He is just a perfect MMA-fighter. Very strong, skilled and just mad about fighting. On the other hand, boine is a real gentleman, very likable and 100% reliable. It's been a perfect fight, everytime again!



sharkffm is recommended by boine

Met this guy for a (limited space) hotel room fight. Great personality, hot body ;)
Beginner in submission wrestling, but there is deffo a fighter within!!! Had an awesome evening, anytime again :)



boine is recommended by WrestlingSWE

Wrestled this guy a couple of times and always have an awesome time. Showed me a great club in Berlin and he's just a nice guy to hang out with. Gave me some some serious pain on the mat and thought me some moves (and i got some submissions too) you have to wrestle this guy!!



WrestlingSWE is recommended by boine

Real sane safe beginner on the mats!
Eager and aggressive!
Was a bad move to tell him I'm into punching ;)
All good!



boine is recommended by NYleanmuscle

Skilled, tough and sane grappler/fighter. Will wrestle you at any level...sane and a good guy too.



NYleanmuscle is recommended by boine

Safe sane fit guy into sub wrestling!
All good!



boine is recommended by MCRLON30UK

Tough. Experienced. Fun. Keep up the good work.



boine is recommended by tigered

Great guy, great smile, strong, tough and game for hard action - recommended indeed



tigered is recommended by boine

Sane HOT fuck that knows how to use a pair of boxing gloves and a mouthpiece!
Make him smile.....
Meet. Meet. Meet.



boine is recommended by RowdyMike

Lots of fun, talented submission wrestler. Watch out for his choke!



RowdyMike is recommended by boine

Real submission wrestling!
Want a bone puppy? ;)
Meet him.



boine is recommended by Cornejo

Nice, fair and tough guy. Was not so easy to win against him ;)



Cornejo is recommended by boine

Damned! Im subbed.... ;)
Sexy guy that knows what he is doing!
Meet him!!!



boine is recommended by JasonOG

always great to wrestle peter. he knows to fight. friendly guy, but on the mats skilled and powerful. don't miss to meet him. you'll have a good match.



JasonOG is recommended by boine

A recent rematch with this sexy guy.
All thumbs up! Real, reliable, and no-nonsense.
Besides, he knows how to tap me out nowadays... ;)
Meet him.



boine is recommended by GrapplingHB

Peter, is strong, tough and has very good skills, he knows how to fight and he`s a polite man behind the mat



GrapplingHB is recommended by boine

Real fighter. Animal on the mats ;) Good reccomendation!



boine is recommended by g6fighter

BOINE is a very strong and real fighter, he has a lot of experiences - no chance to win versu him, but he is a nice hot guy and very FAIR



g6fighter is recommended by boine

Met a few times over the years! A real wrestler that goes from mild to wild. He doesnt mind loosing either ;)



boine is recommended by wrestlebuddy

Strong experienced grappler. Powerful guy with great technique, movements and holds. Tapped more than him but sure enjoyed the power struggle. In a full MMA session I dont want to be on the receiving end.



wrestlebuddy is recommended by boine

Sane friendly guy into real sub wrestling! PLenty of subs, both ways! Good fun. Meet him!



musclemarkuk is not recommended by boine

  • Incivil / bad manners
  • Unreliable / no show



RingerBln is recommended by boine

Real sane strong agressive guy on the mats with plenty of experience in freestyle/amateur wrestling!
Also into submission style!
Good fun. Meet him!



britboxer28 is recommended by boine

Cool guy in and out of the ring!
Give him a shiner and you´ll have some fun ;)
My warmest reccomendation! Meet him!



boine is recommended by wrestlingmicha

Boine is very strong and well experienced. In addition, he is very nice, friendly and you will have fun with him. I would love to wrestle him again



wrestlingmicha is recommended by boine

We met a few years ago when I was in his area for business.
Sane safe guy, good fun to wrestle with!
Meet him!



boine is recommended by BlondeViking

Boine is a very genuine guy..if you have a meet with him are you for sure getting a good match..He is very skilled! I met him 1998 first time and we wrestled in an empty appartment..he is far more experienced than me...but there is always some competetion between finnish and swedish people.. so I want to beat him some day hehe.. but always for fun of course..if you want a good fight/wrestle take him on!!!



boine is recommended by 2toughwrestlers in 1 team

Peter is one of the strongest fighter i ever met a lot of skill and a real power... thanks he accepted cooler bouts to give some illusion of power too:-) meet him



2toughwrestlers in 1 team is recommended by boine

Whats better then an early morning wrestle ? ;) Plenty of submissions and aggression. Real all sane guy with skills! Meet him!



GrapplerNY is recommended by boine

Briefly met this guy for a fight in 2009. Real sane laidback guy that knows his way around the mats! He can box too, so watch out! But remember, I saw him first ;) Meet him!!!



boine is recommended by redlandguy

Peter is a great guy, on and off the mats. He is stronger than he looks, especially when kicking–I had a kicking shield (pad) held for him and some of those kicks had impact through the pad.

Peter is tough and loves to fight. He was teaching me some strikes, and is willing to trade techniques–he is a good teacher and is also interested in learning from other disciplines.



redlandguy is recommended by boine

The real deal, this guy knows the game ;)
Besides, he is great to hang out with off the mats!



boine is recommended by ikf

This guy just loves to fight! Physically enjoys it! A lot! :) You should see the pleasureful evil grin he develops when he gets hurt or hurts you! :) And mind you, he's quite capable of both!

Beyond that, he's a great friendly guy both off the mats, and safe and sane if you are not up to his level of fighting.

His pics don't do justice to him, he is much more spunky/virile/fightable in real life than on his pics. I kept feeling the urge to hurt him whenever he was in my visual field! :)



boine is recommended by muscldfighter

a fantastic fighter - great on the mats, skilled with his fists and VERY VERY STRONG!!! You name it, he'll take it. Great teacher and fighter. Takes on all levels and always willing to share techniques and pointers. Fantastic attitude, charming personality - beats you with a smile :)
Travels widely and you should not miss meeting him if he's in your woods!!!



muscldfighter is recommended by boine

Reccomendations doesnt fully reflect the skills and attitude of this gentleman!

Very experienced, take you on at any level, from total beginner to very advanced full-on fighting!
It was a very big honour and pleasure to finally meet you Mister! Anytime again!
My warmest reccomendation! One of the best out there.



boine is recommended by Leanmachineuk

Boine is one great guy to wrestle, knows his stuff extremely well and if you get the chance to meet him or are challenged by him do not pass it up!! Completely safe and sane and 110% recommended.



Leanmachineuk is recommended by boine

We met during a get-together in Manchester in September 2010. Well, I had actually had a look at his wrestling at an earlier occasion, and wanted to try him out. Conclusion is all sane safe fun guy to wrestle, with plenty of real submission skills! Great fun, my full reccomendation!



boine is recommended by chesterbloke

Ive wrestled Boine a few times now. Hes insanely good but a really nice guy. Tsst yourselves against him - you wont be disappointed



chesterbloke is recommended by boine

This guy is great fun to wrestle!
I won´t teach you much more mate, gotta keep my record ;)
We met a few times, and he does improve his groundgame every time! Determined and always eager for more!

Anytime again mate! My full reccomendations!



boine is recommended by scotsgrappler

Whether it's subs,strikes, workout or just a good old scrap this is your guy. Skilled,friendly and looks out for his opponent though tell him your volume and he is likely to raise it a notch. Fights to agreed rules -so agree them with him and just fight as it really is "the answer to everything" (well,almost!). Good,intelligent and fun man off the mats -monster on them.



scotsgrappler is recommended by boine

Finally met up, and had some good pretty intense matwork!
Totally safe and sane, and knows what he is doing!
Good fun both on and off the mats!
Anytime again mate :)
Yeah, one more thing: Meet him!



boine is recommended by matworker

Great guy, so easy to beat up, NOT!!!!
I've wrestled him twice so far. Hope I get another go while he's still in the UK.
I stood no chance against him but he is safe and sane.
I lost count of how many times he made me submit but it was great fun and I kept coming back for more, till I couldnt take anymore.
I think, that smile on his face meant he enjooyed it too.
GGRRRRRR (Private joke)
Thanks again big guy :-)



viper is recommended by boine

Met this guy in Germany 2009.
Great laidback VERY skilled guy.
I´d kill to do do more... :) WOOF!!!



boine is recommended by manchesterwrestler

I very rarely venture into submission these days but had a brief bout with Boine recently at a group meet . I've met enough guys to know when I'm wrestling someone who safely knows their stuff.Saw him wrestle others too and his slow and deadly approach is the sign of someone who knows their way around a mat . If you like your action full on then he is definitely your guy. Gave him an hysterically bad boxing bout ( on my part ) so if you are a skilled boxer go kick his ass - he will love you for it :)



boine is recommended by Muaythailad

Boine! What a guy. Yes, it did take seven years for us to meet, and yes, it was worth it! Sane but tough, challenging but fair, a really great guy. Good fun in and out of the dojo. (And I WILL get you back for the knees....)

No regrets with this one!



Muaythailad is recommended by boine

It took seven years (!) to finally meet, but it was worth the wait :)
All sorted, good fun, sane and safe lad!
He took me out cold and made my nose sore, but I got a few knees in the right place ;)
Beginner on the mats, so I gave him a few things to work on! Lets see what another year might bring... ;)



boine is recommended by Physical

This guy is tough, I am way below his league in BJJ but he adapted and fought at my level. He's technical, highly skilled and a great guy to meet on the mats- a real sport, very friendly and I hope we can roll again sometime.



Physical is recommended by boine

Had a submission wrestle with this guy at the wrestling meeting in Manchester.
Big (WOOF!) hairy (WOOF again!) guy who knows what he is doing! Great fun!
Take you on anytime again m8!



boine is recommended by socalwrest

Great guy, a real sweetheart. Very earnest fighter. Will go as tough as you want, but always safe and sane. Keep working on your ground game!!! Highly recommend him to anyone.



socalwrest is recommended by boine

Its ages since we met, but this is deffo a genuine laidback nice guy. Outside the mats that is... ;)


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