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Hi. love BritPro, fav hold Boston Crab. Love working over jobbers.



  1. United Kingdom, Christleton
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Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 194 lbs (88 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos boots

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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boston111 is recommended by SWInnes

Excellent first meet today with boston111, he sure does know his sub holds. Arms, legs, head, back and gut all suffered today - although his Boston crab is immense. Combo holds applied pressure to multiple body parts at once, could have asked for a better guy to work me over. Safe, sane and relaxed, 100% recommendation for this top bloke.

18 Aug 18 - Another, long overdue, meet with Boston111, and this was even more challenging and satisfying than before. He knows what holds to apply, for how long and the intensity to keep you on the edge. Disappointed my back didn't want to fully play today, hopefully third time lucky for a full sustsined boston crab punishment.



SWInnes is recommended by boston111

18 Aug 2018
Just had the second round with SWInnes and he is getting better at taking what I can give. I used quite a few holds , to get him warmed up, and he could take them. Really easy to wrestle with, and lots of fun. I will give him time to recover before round 3.

I have just given SWInnes a good work over, which was great fun. This guy can take a lot of punishment, which I was happy to give him. You can tell that he has the strength and ability to put up a good fight, if he needed to. Great, easy guy to wrestle. I was amazed at how much gut punishment he could take. He looks the part, and could take all the holds I could throw at him. It was a safe and sound 2 hours of wrestling fun with this top bloke. Wrestle him when you can.



boston111 is recommended by GrappleViking

March 2018
Had a very pleasant meet with Boston111 - Actually, not so much pleasent, as painful!

Boston111 is really an expert at what he does. He worked me over with high skill and precision, put me in hold after hold, some of which I had never even been in! His legs are incredible... Wow!! Being a leg man.. Very very enjoyable. I couldn't help but thoroughly enjoy the pain he was inflicting on me.

An all-round great guy, both on and off the mats. I look forward to round two!



GrappleViking is recommended by boston111

Just had a heel v jobber match, with GrappleViking. He is every bit as good as people say. Intelligent and easy going, and I am sure he could put up a good fight, but I did not let him, hehe. I used a few holds he had not been in before, but he took all I could throw. He looks the part, very fit, and really looked great in the boots I lent him. I had a great time, and hope we can have another wrestle, in the future. I think there is already a queue.



boston111 is recommended by SuppleWrestler

I have had a pro-hold wrestling session with Boston111,what a great wrestler he is.He is a stronge safe and sane wrestler,he is a Boston Crab expert and he sure did get his submissions out of me.

Thank you again boston111,I hope we can have another session.


I have had another fantastic wrestle with Boston111.He put me in some well put on submission holds but best as ever are his Boston Crabs.He really is the Boston Crab Master for sure (oh no I submit Sir).He is a strong safe wrestler,I hope we can have another wrestle later in the year.




SuppleWrestler is recommended by boston111

Had another wrestle with SuppleWestler, and gave him a good work over, in lots of Bostons. It's great he can take a full Boston without submitting too quickly. But he had to submit eventually. Lots of fun, and all safe.

Just wrestled SuppleWrestler. He is a great jobber, I made him suffer in lots of Bri-pro holds. A nice guy who made me very welcome. There are not many guys who can last in a Crab but SuppleWrestler is one of them. I am sure I will give him another long submission in the future.



boston111 is recommended by JobberVHeel

Invited boston111 over to show me his favourite holds and he obliged.
He wasn't at his best from a party the night before but he still managed to apply some great holds on me and he makes a good heel :)
Arranged easily and at late notice which is just how I like it



JobberVHeel is recommended by boston111

Just had a great time wresting with JobberVHeel. It was at short notice, and I thank him for fitting me in. was not in the best of shape because of a party the night before. But I hope I gave him a good work over in lots of holds. All was save a sane as it should be. Thanks again.



boston111 is recommended by Lpl-jobber17

Met for a quick pro working over today and boy did I get one ....

Boston111 by name Boston by nature , he's a crabbing expert , full Boston crabs with repeated submissions , single legs ( one leg at a time) , Texas cloverleaf and the sharpshooter, wow that's painful as soon as it was locked on and he sat down ... almost instant submission ( I was tapping out in seconds )

Also worked me in camels figure 4s and other pro holds ... we only had a hour and limited space but fully enjoyed the bout ...

If your looking for a safe and sane heel who loves working jobbers over look no further !!!

Ps I'll be taking up yoga so I can take more next time :)



Lpl-jobber17 is recommended by boston111

Lpl-jobber is a great jobber to work over with long lasting submission holds, which he took really well. I gave him a hard time in multi-pal Bostons, single and double. He did not last long in the Scorpion. He looks the part of a jobber, and I wish we could have wrestled a little longer. Maybe I just worked him too hard, hehe.

I had him in a few other long head holds as well, just to see him suffer.

Great guy, safe to wrestle with, will need to take some more video next time.



boston111 is recommended by PJ1

This wrestler really knows how to apply the boston crab hold! Easy going and reliable opponent, who knows perfectly well, how to heel. Experienced in all pro-style holds and using the ring to punish the rival. I hope to meet and to wrestle him again in a ring.



PJ1 is recommended by boston111

Just had a great 2 hours with PJ1. Looks the part, and can take the holds. Had a great time wrestling this guy, Def recommend him and hope to meet him again.



boston111 is recommended by jobber4use

A great guy and he really knows how to execute his holds. He put me through so many but his boston is fantastic. I'd definitely meet up again am recommending him to guys out there whether you're novices or experienced. You're sure of a safe and fun time before, during and after.



jobber4use is recommended by boston111

Just had a great time with Jobber4use. Puts up a good fight for a jobber. Really looked the part in the boots, I lent him. And real nice guy off the mats too. You need to wrestle this wrestler. Looking forward to another round.



boston111 is recommended by Tanker

A brilliant actor. Was treated to a masterclass of someone masquerading as a nervous beginner. Even though I am usually very suspicious of such claims & despite the tree trunk arms. I fell for it. (The secret was he did't overdo it lol )
Imo this is a fit strong, stocky, skilled grappler. To be fair a very nice guy & once I got the measure of him I enjoyed our bout. A good submission wrestler who is especially good at the counter attack, safe & sane. Would make a good heel.



Tanker is recommended by boston111

Tank is a strong wrestler, I did not stand a chance. I could see that he has lots of experience in the ring. I though I could put a few past him, but not this time. I need a bit more staying power to last the distance. All save and sane as it should be. I'll be back.



boston111 is recommended by Leglocklover

This guy does indeed love his bostons and knows how to put one on effectively. He has a good knowledge of pro wrestling holds and was not afraid to use them. All very safe and sane so I am happy to recommend.



Leglocklover is recommended by boston111

This guy knows how to put a leg lock on. He put me in a few, and yes they did the stuff. Great body, and great in trunks. Very Bri Pro. Would like to have a longer wrestle in the future. All save and sane, as it should be.



boston111 is recommended by Lomandlad42

Had a good couple of hours in the ring with boston111 , great guy who certainly knows his holds, and as the profile states can give some punishin Bostons, real safe and sane and picked up a few holds along the way
Cheers fella look forward to another round soon :-)



Lomandlad42 is recommended by boston111

Just had a great time with Lomandlad. Very fit and looks the part. Would love to meat up again. I think he let me win. Highly recommended.



boston111 is recommended by Zubby21

Had a great wrestle with this guy yesterday.Thanks to him I got to debut the use have pro boots! They were great would love to use them again. I played a bit of the jobber role but was capable of getting out of most holds!And he is the best at bostons pretty much what his name says! Highly recommended!! A*



Zubby21 is recommended by boston111

Had a great time with Zubby, and I think I may have got him into wearing pro boots, which makes him look the part. Hope the bear hug was not too much. Went through a few holds all save a sane. Thanks