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Age 58
Height 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight 180 lbs (82 kg)
Gender Male
Gear lace up boxing gloves, mouth piece, boxing shoes and trunk, head gear optional
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  1. USA - Massachusetts, Bridgewater
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Fetishes: Boxing gear, Muscle worship

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easy sweaty boxing, like lifting weights and gloving up with a buddy
lost my profile last week. Old one was boxglv2


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boxglv12 is recommended by Dogfighter5

I met this guy awhile back during his rehab. Even with his injury he was tough as nails. He is quick, strong and has baseball biceps. If you like boxing gear he has some of the best. One of the nicest guys I've met on this site. I highly recommend meeting up with him should you have the opportunity.



Dogfighter5 is recommended by boxglv12

Todd is a great guy. He came out to see me after i had a major arm surgery to cheer me up. Besides being a great guy he is handsome and has an incredible body. We fooled around boxing a little bit but I was limited as to what I could do. He put a few wrestling moves on me which was hot as hell. I could tell he really knows his stuff although his many recommendations attest to that.



boxglv12 is recommended by Boxing dude

After several years of chatting on here, we finally had the opportunity to meet each other, I am so glad that our schedules worked out where it was possible. I got to say my oh my, this guy right here is a stud in gloves and just as fun to box around with. We went 40 minutes straight non-stop with no rounds or rest. I was pleasantly surprised that he kept up with me, he doesn't give up at all and with what punches he landed on me, damn they are like bricks. I definitely made him work for every punch, I will be looking forward to the next time we slip on the gloves and go at it because it's going to be a banger. Until then got to train hard and at the bell come out swinging.



Boxing dude is recommended by boxglv12

After chatting with Nicky for quite some time we finally met and gloved up. He is a very skilled boxer. Fast with a lot of smooth moves. Really hard to tag. Plus he is a natural southpaw that can change to a traditional stance at a moments notice. Excellent at tying you up in a clinch. Landing shots in the clinch and landing coming out of it. We boxed for about 40 minutes non stop (no rounds). I was spent but he was ready to go another 40 minutes. Looks really great in the gloves and knows how to use them. I had an absolute blast boxing with him. Outside of the ring a really good guy with a good head on his shoulders. So can't wait to lace the gloves on with him again. I will definitely have my work cut out for me.