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Hey! Like pro style rassling here---give and take; role; anything pretty much safe and sane.



  1. USA - Ohio, Cleveland
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Age: 50-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 270 lbs (122 kg)

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Jerseygrappler Paul Vinig


buckioh is recommended by Paul Vinig

Had a sweaty and intense 2-hour match with Buckioh. He’s a very strong, well-built man, a bull really, who gave me a well-balanced challenge and a strong fight. We’re two big beefy heels and we fought hard not to get pinned but to pin each other. Buckioh is a fine man off the mats, with a friendly and easy going approach. I can’t say enough good about him. I definitely look forward to our next match.

On 4/26/18: Buckioh is a powerful and strong opponent. He’s got size and strength behind him. We rassled a 2 hour sweaty, intense, give n take match. On and off the mat, he’s a gentleman and a great guy! I look forward to the next match.



Paul Vinig is recommended by buckioh

Paul is a big, strong bull of a man. We had a sweaty back and forth grapple. He’s got the strength and build to give a strong, solid workout- and he will! Our back and forth rassling was intense with multiple holds, moves and pins. He’s all gentleman on and off the mats; he gives it his all. Willing to lock up again!



Jerseygrappler is recommended by buckioh

We finally met and had a blast! He's safe, sane and an all around great guy. We had a great, sweaty almost 2 hour session with multiple holds. If you get the chance to grapple with him, do it! Watch out for his strong legs; he does not let go. I would definately grapple again!