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Age 36
Height 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear swimsuit / Singlets / Boxers
Languages spoken English, French, Spanish
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  1. France, Paris

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Phone chatting, Like cyber wrestling, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Folkstyle, Going to matches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Relationship, Modeling, Photo swapping

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My name is Cesar from Venezuela.
I live in Paris 20eme. I'm yoga instructor and tantra philosophy style.
Im photographer and film-maker, up to film and photoshoots with friends.

Follow me at instagram:


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caribbeanman is recommended by MuscChamp

I really enjoyed meeting and wrestling Caribbeanman. On the mat, he was exceptionally strong and eager to learn. Off the mat, he is educated, creative and brilliant – a man with vast international experience. I am so happy that we met for a competitive and erotic match, and even happier to make a new friend. I eagerly look forward to see some of the beautiful photos he took of our match.



MuscChamp is recommended by caribbeanman

Mr Mario has given me the opportunity to learn from his experience and fighting techniques, it has been an intense and satisfying session for my evolution in the world of submission and erotic fighting. It has been an honor to share time with him, take pictures and fight.



caribbeanman is recommended by Ricksf

Visiting Paris don’t pass this guy up, he’s fun and feisty and looks great in a singlet. I had a excellent time with him and looking forward to a rematch.



Ricksf is recommended by caribbeanman

Delighted to be able to share and fight with an experienced fighter and open to teaching me new tricks to improve my techniques, he is a totally recommended fighter with good energy.



Salammbo is not recommended by caribbeanman

  • Unreliable / no show



caribbeanman is recommended by Wrstlsports

Quel athlète et quelle belle rencontre! Caribbeanman sait vous mettre tout de suite à l’aise pour un moment sportif et chaud. Il a non seulement un corps parfait mais l’esprit et la générosité qui vont avec.
100% recommandé!



Wrstlsports is recommended by caribbeanman

Wrstlsports c'est un combattant fort et gentil, le temps partagé pendant le combat était intense et chaud, totalement recommandé en tant que combattant et en tant que personne.



Belle rencontre avec Carrabean. Entrainement, échauffement et prises avant le fight. Bonne suée virile et musclée, et bonne alchimie... j'ai beaucoup aimé. A renouveler avec plaisir !



Très bonne rencontre avec Wrestler of Paris- c'est un homme en très bonne condition physique et force pour le combat et la lutte. Entièrement recommandé en tant que concurrent et personne.



caribbeanman is recommended by Asics

Caribbeanman was an excellent opponent, and communicated well both before and during the match, which was sweaty, intense and fun. I felt great wrestling this stud who is well built and close in size. Look forward to getting rough with him in a future fight!



Asics is recommended by caribbeanman

He is a well-experienced fighter yet kind in understanding the level of training or style his opponent has at the moment. Our meeting has been very intense and long in duration, fully recommended as a fighter and as a person.



caribbeanman is recommended by LucasfightBXL

Had a good fight this morning with this beautiful and sexy guy. He is stong, muscled and likes to fight. With some more technics, he will be difficult to submit. Next time, we will take more time to discover other aspects of our personality. Totally recommanded.



caribbeanman is recommended by wrestler122001

A beginner wrestler with the physique of a sportsman in excellent condition.
he does not hesitate to place some holds despite his little experience
and records the new holds acquired during this meeting. Outside the mat, very pleasant and he makes the effort to speak in French.
lutteur débutant avec une physique de sportif en excellente condition .
il n hésite pas placer quelques prises malgré sa faible experience
Il enregistre les nouvelles prises acquises pendant cette rencontre .
En dehors du tapis , très agréable et il fait l effort de parler en Français
Nouvelle rencontre avec Caribbeanman
il a bien progressé après un entrainement en muscu , les bras et les cuisses sont a l hauteur de ce nouveau lutteur qui résiste plus qu' a notre premiere rencontre .
Il maitrise bien mieux ses prises au combat au sol
Toujours très sympa en dehors du tapis
recommandé +++++
3eme rencontre ,Caribbeanman continue sa progression et l on voit qu' il a acquis de l experience au fil de ses nouveaux combats .
Il maitrise de mieux en mieux son bearhug au sol



wrestler122001 is recommended by caribbeanman

Mr wrestler122001 est un combattant très bien entraîné et expérimenté. J'apprécie vraiment votre patience pour m'apprendre de nouveaux mouvements et techniques.



Opon84 is recommended by caribbeanman

Opon84 is a fairly strong fighter with great experience in submission, he has given me a real lesson in what it means to have experience and know the correct movements. Very friendly and polite totally recommended as a fighter.



caribbeanman is recommended by Toughwrestler

Première rencontre avec ce nouveau combattant !
Il a de bons réflexes et de ressources, mais manque encore un peu de pratique ... pour l'instant !
Je pense que d'ici peu il sera difficile à vaincre ! Alors n'attendez pas .... très recommandable !



Toughwrestler is recommended by caribbeanman

Très bonne expérience et temps de combat, il a beaucoup d'expérience et de mouvements, son espace de combat est très bien conditionné pour les combats de soumission,



Caribbeanman is very manly and full of power, we enjoyed a good session including worship, wrestling, pictures. I recommend him and will be nice to meet him again



Nic is a fighter with a lot of experience and power. Every moment he was loaded with a lot of action and we enjoyed making a photographic series.



caribbeanman is recommended by wrestlesf

We had fun rambling with each other on the floor and grabbing his big suck and balls ;)



caribbeanman is recommended by sparte

Joyfull inshape wrestler with good defense instincts when attacked.
With practice he should become quite technical. Enjoyed to be his first opponent! Warmly recommended !