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Age 59
Height 6'1" (185 cm)
Weight 215 lbs (98 kg)
Gender Male
Looking for Male or Female
Gear briefs ,shorts speedos
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Last update 11/09/2019


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  1. USA - New Jersey, union
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I am willing to travel 50 miles

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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Outdoors fights, Like cyber wrestling

Fetishes: Face sitting

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Enjoy wrestling give and take matches trading holds . I like headscissors, schoolboy pins. I can't host but do travel in NY city NJ area. Really just enjoy wrestling no games nothing to prove. Let's just wrestle !


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checcio is recommended by runaway365

Wrestled this man today on short notice while home from school. He was very accommodating and friendly. On the mats he's a great opponent, super strong and able to give you a good match even when holding back. Also knowledgeable enough to make sure no injuries happen while wrestling. If you get the chance I really recommend hitting the mats with this guy, really awesome fella and I hope to grapple with him again soon.



runaway365 is recommended by checcio

Wrestled this young man today and had a great match. He is a lot of fun wasn't as long as I wanted because had to get back to work. If you get the chance to wrestle him take it. Don't let his quietness fool you he is tuff when he wants to be. !!



checcio is recommended by tvproductionfan

Met this awesome guy. He was kind and a great teacher to someone with no experience. We traded holds and had a blast. He was kind and always making sure I was comfortable and ok the whole time. A lot of fun and a real gentleman.



tvproductionfan is recommended by checcio

Has a match today with this young man and although he thought he was more of a jobber he found he had a heel side as well Very nice guy good learner and truly enjoys wrestling. We will be wrestling again soon



checcio is recommended by yonkerswrangler

met this man finally after many attempts he is a really skilled wrestler knows exactly what he is doing powerful grip strong as hell and a great guy to wrestle and am hoping for rematch



checcio is recommended by tomphila39

He is a good wrestler. He knows a lot of holds. I highly recommend him.



checcio is recommended by Didja1

Had a great match with checcio. He's a strong wrestler, we push each other so hard to my limit.
Give and take at it's best. Can't wait till the rematch.

The rematch, 1/9/2018
Can't say enough about this wrestler. We had a great rematch.



Didja1 is recommended by checcio

Had a great match with Didja1 this guy can take it as well as give it very nice off the mat as well Look forward to our next rematch

Had a great rematch with Didja1. Lot of fun , this guy can take some and dish it out as well. Just an all around good guy !!



checcio is recommended by silverwoodfox

I had a great time with checcio, and enjoyed all our hot moves we applied on each other. Look forward to our next match.



checcio is recommended by NJWoodbridge

I met up with this guy 11/13/15 for the first time in almost 10 years. He's in great shape, strong, and nice on the eyes, too. Wresting-wise, a higher class than me and thus it was great fun to have such a challenge. Always safe and sane, a gentleman on and off the mats. I look forward to meeting up again and often (with luck in the logistics department).