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Serious boxer in south metro Denver that also has a gear dog side. Looking for other dudes to box with. I am the real deal, I train three times a week including sparring (not great, but not terrible), and I know what I am doing in the ring. Not bad for a guy who is 60 years old.

Travel frequently to Southern California, sometimes NorCal, PHX, ABQ, ELP.

How the hell can guys I've never chatted to block me?




  1. USA - Colorado, Denver
  2. USA - Ohio, Columbus
    (I'm here between 6/18/2018 and 6/28/2018)
    Mega Midwest Road Trip
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I am willing to travel 150 miles


Age: 60-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 245 lbs (111 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: full boxing gear

Boxing Boxing

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coboxerbear is recommended by banone4fun

Great guy and awesome boxer! He's a real boxer but took it down to a level where this very green boxing novice could hang lol. He was very friendly and acomodating and I had a great time fighting and hanging out with him. Highly recommended!



banone4fun is recommended by coboxerbear

I lucked out meeting banone4fun. Really nice guy, and we both had a lot of fun boxing. Once this dude gets some more boxing in his training, you all better watch out!



coboxerbear is recommended by BoxerCoachinmd

Finally had the opportunity to meet coboxerbear and it was totally worth the wait, he is the real deal. Competitive Master's Level Boxer, so he knows what he's doing in the ring and has power in both fists. Knows how to ramp it up or bring it down to whatever level is comfortable for both men. Also a great guy out of the ring as we shared a great conversation over lunch. Highly recommended and look forward to gloving up again when he visits next year.



coboxerbear is recommended by jed7720

The session with coboxerbear in my opinion was exceptional. Our session was soley gut/stomach punching,



coboxerbear is recommended by JayXMuscle

Good gut to put the gloves on and go at it. Fought good boxing match for an hour. Fun!



JayXMuscle is recommended by coboxerbear

Great guy, quick, and he can punch. Looking forward to out next match.



coboxerbear is recommended by Ynotwrestler

This guy knows boxing. It was a pleasure to go some rounds with him, practice some basics, and get some firsthand instruction . Good boxer and good person to know gloves off as well. Hope to keep in touch, and meet again sometime.



Ynotwrestler is recommended by coboxerbear

Very cool guy, pleased to have met him. Beware, he's a southpaw! Be prepared! :)



coboxerbear is recommended by Yusufu

If your thinkign of getting into boxing in CO you cant miss this one! damn good and fun to boot! dont be stupid box this bear



Yusufu is recommended by coboxerbear

I was very lucky to meet Yusufu and put on the gloves with him. I have met some great fighters and wonderful guys through this site, and he is definitely one of them. Knows his stuff when it comes to boxing, and I ain't ever going to kickbox with him because I'm sure he would kick me into the next county. He's a great guy, if you get the chance, say hello and set up a meet.



coboxerbear is recommended by jcripe03

Finally met coboxerbear after months of chatting. As soon as we put on the gear, I came to a quick realization: He is not a man who likes to box, he is a BOXER. He knows his stuff and was willing to share his knowledge with a newbie like myself. Aside from boxing, we got along great just chatting over beers and a cigar. I highly recommend coboxerbear for anyone looking to sharpen their skills or just have a good time with a great man. Hopefully we will meet again.



jcripe03 is recommended by coboxerbear

I am happy to recommend Justin to anyone who may be looking at his profile or considering a match or meet. Our experience was entirely boxing, and Justin took up the basics very quickly.

I am very sure that when he gets some additional experience that he will definitely be a badass boxer.



WrestleChub is recommended by coboxerbear

Scott is a safe, sane, cool wrestler. He has incredible amounts of patience dealing with a wrestling newbie (me), reviewing proper preparation and basic holds. I recommend him highly.



FightrBear is recommended by coboxerbear

I have met FightrBear at least once, maybe twice. I'm old, can't expect me to remember everything, so get over it. He is a very good boxer, can throw some power punches that will catch you off guard. Very pleasant to look at as well, but don't go all dreamy eyed on this Bear, that is when he will attack.

Highly recommended, definitely worth reaching out to him.




coboxerbear is recommended by ChiBox

I've boxed with Jim numerous times over the last 10 years; he always shows up at the agreed upon time and is always ready to get in the ring and box. Jim has good control of his punches and can safely spar with welterweight and heavier boxers. He's also an all around good guy.



ChiBox is recommended by coboxerbear

I cannot say enough great things about Mitch. He shows up when he says he will show up. He is a great boxer, and (at least for me), will "dumb it down" so that things are equal with his opponent.

If you get a chance to meet him or better yet, spar with him, you need to do it.



coboxerbear is recommended by Slugfest

Coboxerbear is a great boxer and great guy to meet up with. He'll give you a good fight and fun time. If you get the chance, set up a match with him. He won't let you down.



Slugfest is recommended by coboxerbear

Slugfest is a good stand up fighter; he has a firece intensity that doesn't let up during a match. I have met him several times, and he is true to his word when scheduling. He has become a good friend over the years - I recommend him if you get the chance to meet up with him.



coboxerbear is recommended by rassler 315

OX,[coboxerbear] is a great guy, great body, and eager to learn grappling holds. We developed a friendship long before we tied up and wrestled and will keep in touch no matter - I recommend him for boxing or grappling meets. - GRIZZ



rassler 315 is recommended by coboxerbear

I cannot even begin to make the list of why you should meet up with rassler315 - or THE GRIZZ as he is known to the world. He is unbelievably friendly. He took the time to show me (a wrestling novice) some sub and pro moves. Granted, there was so much information to take in, it kind of just whirrled around in my head. But the fact that he tookt the time to do this for me just shows what a class gentleman hs is.

If you have the opportunity to be in STL and meet him, I hope you do. Meeting him is worth the trip. He is definitely one of the best guys I have met in this site.



nhbfighting is recommended by coboxerbear

Travis is one of the most sincere men I have ever met, in the ring, or out of the ring. His enthusiasm for boxing is evident with his incredible gym in Dallas. If you are in DFW and want to have a great experience in a clean, well equipped gym, you have to go to Oak Lawn Boxing Gym. If you are fortunate enough to get a lesson or spar with Travis, you will find that he is even-keeled, incredibly knowledgeable and a very cool guy. He definitely knows what he is doing when he is boxing.



ILFIGHTER is recommended by coboxerbear

Not much I can add other than what has already been said about ilboxer. Great guy, tougher than shit. Intense, but approachable. Even though you can't see his head here, you will like what you see.