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Totally into gut punching and chest pounding.

Especially likes to get punched brutally in upper guts and solar plexus. Mid-section smashing never really hurts me, unless ur trained to throw hard, solid, deep punches. Kyokushin karate, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing and any full-contact combat sports player are very, very welcome.

Considered myself a hard-core receiver. Full forced upper hooks are the BEST. Haven't tapped out in gp session so far. I like to throw deep punches when opponents are off-guard as well. My fantasy is being punched so deep & hard I vomit/spit uncontrollably (not intend to drink water/force eat beforehand just to throw up tho) or pass out in extreme pain. Anyone who's into gut punching, let's talk about how you'd like the session to be and meet up!

擊腹,交友都歡迎! 沒有極限或太大限制。
各式打法都盡可能嘗試! 目前未被打吐或暈眩,蠻想嘗試。
喜被重拳打進內臟,尤其上鉤拳全力打進上腹部,心窩,胸膛的感覺。胸腹皆可受重拳。若你有在練接觸式格鬥(極真等等),歡迎交流, 交換通訊方式! (通常在台北市,都可約)



  1. Taiwan, Taipei
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Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 132 lbs (60 kg)

Languages spoken: Chinese, English, French, German, Swedish

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complique is recommended by Jianto1985

揍他的過程中 幾乎每一拳都可以感受到肚子的攪動



complique is recommended by wrestlercgn

OMG, this guy has abs like a brick wall. Do not be fooled by the fact that he is a lightweight. You can punch him for an eternity and he will still cry for more. Absolutely addicted to gutpunching. Highly recommended for all Gutpunch-Lovers! Nice add on, an intelligent and very interesting guy off the mat.



wrestlercgn is recommended by complique

Off the mat, he is very lovely, smart gentlemen.

During the match, he's a good sport to fight with. We tried various positions to do gutpunching and little bit of wrestling (me getting tossed around, lol). Though him being stocky and I a relatively leaner opponent, he didn't quite get the advantage from size difference nor did I really suffer from the pain he tried to deliver to my body. (I enjoy seeing my puncher punch me to the point that his fists start to bruise and sore every time they make contact with my body). He's a very good listener when it comes to chit chat and fight styles. My entire upper body was punched to fuchsia color and my solar plexus, thanked to him, was also hit precisely to the sweet spot in the last hour.

I'm glad we both made time for the 3.5 hour almost non-stop session regardless the clashes of our schedules.



complique is recommended by gptw2000

Very cute and strong boy
He really enjoy the thrill of every punch into the body.
The strength that can withstand is also very strong
He is a very good opponent



gptw2000 is recommended by complique

Strong and sturdy puncher with powerful punches and caring heart. He knows exactly how to get punched in the sweet spot (upper/mid section) and how to push someone to/off the limit.

I was brought to my knees with several full forced deep upper cuts to my solar plexus, which I have always craved for, in the last hour of an intense three-hour gp session. I didn't vomit or pass out as I intended/hoped to, yet I did drool a little when he threw a full forced punch directly to my stomach in the end. I was caught off-guard and sweated like crazy when the deeep punch bursted out in my abs and internal organs. It was a very, very nice workout. We did some kyokushin style body conditioning as well, but I couldn't knock him off when he flexed in fight mode. Will defo meet him once again!




complique is recommended by gutpunchercn

he is a lovely boy.However, he is an unbelievably tough man in terms of fighting. he has high endurance for hard punch. he is one of the rare punchees who can actually receive brutal punches. well recommended



gutpunchercn is recommended by complique

Well built body. A very nice gutpuncher indeed! He definitely knows what he's doing. One can easily tell how he's experienced in delivering hard, deep punches on the body. Though I didn't really have any limit and was very eager to be dropped by brutal punches, he still delivered his best and controlled the whole session (3hrs or so) moderately. I really appreciated that he punched me so hard that his hands bruised and my body simply reddened (not bruised cuz his punching skills are outstanding). I will absolutely meet him again for even more intense matches. Off the mat, he's a lovely, talkative, and considerate guy. Hit him up if u desire to meet a strong, experienced, skillful gut puncher!



complique is recommended by pandako

a strong fit guy who loves to receive hard punches in abs. he is a good punchee~



pandako is recommended by complique

awesome physique, very experienced puncher who knows how to throw deep solid punches, impressive stamina, good at hard straight punches