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  1. USA - Michigan, Detroit
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
    (I'm here between 5/10/2020 and 5/13/2020)

I am willing to travel 30 miles


41-year-old Male / 6'4" (193 cm) / 290 lbs (132 kg)

Gear: Singlet, jock, workout gear, fight shorts


Not really new to wrestling anymore, but still don't get as many matches as I'd like. Would like to join an actual MMA Gym at some point in the future so that I can be properly trained in BJJ, but I've picked up plenty from my matches.

I generally prefer to wrestle competitively for stakes for my first match with a person. When I win, I keep your jockstrap to add to my trophy wall. After that it's all just whatever's fun to us, whether that's more competitive matches, or trading holds, or practicing, erotic, whatever.



Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu
Miscellaneous interests: Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Spandex, Leather, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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cougarwalker79 is recommended by IndyWarrior

This is, as advertised, a real big, real strong dude. If it weren't for my skill advantage I'd have been absolutely pasted.

As it was, we were pretty even, scoring two taps each. It was a hotel room match, so, y'know... cramped and no mats and neither of us could play our best games. I can't speak to how he felt limited, but I kept successfully starting sweeps and then having to abort them because I was going to be smashing him into a wall if I finished them. LOL So, mostly played a guard game.

He's a super nice guy; communicative, interesting, genuinely loves to wrestle. I'm looking forward to a rematch on proper mats with a little space. If he wants to wrestle you, wrestle him, but be aware that the vast majority of the meetfighters population is in for a manhandling...



IndyWarrior is recommended by cougarwalker79

I had a good time rolling with IndyWarrior last night. It's not often that I get to roll with someone skilled enough to balance my size and strength, but he definitely had the skills. He's a very technical guy, and I am still mostly brute-force. I almost never got past his guard, and even when I did could rarely get any of my holds in.

While we basically ended in a tie, we were rolling in a hotel, with all the attendant restrictions that places. If we'd been able to go full-out, I'm pretty sure he'd have beaten me, despite me having a hundred pounds on him. He's a strong reminder that I need to get some proper training.

He's a nice guy, and fun to hang out with afterward. I definitely look forward to a rematch with him in the future.



cougarwalker79 is recommended by Sam

I met Cougarwalker79 at Wrestlefest in July 2019, and decided I had to challenge the biggest baddest man there. Pretty foolish on my part. This huge man-mountain toyed with me on the mat. Big guy, all muscles, quick, with a good amount of technique make him an unstoppable force. Yet he's the nicest guy to talk with. How nice is he? He actually allowed me to submit him once! I give him as big a recommendation as he is.



cougarwalker79 is recommended by Sunny DeLeon

When I saw this guy walk into the Jul 2019 Wrestlefest event in Indiana PA, I admit, I was very intimidated. I love my jocks and would not be comfortable losing my gear, which would've been inevitable, but Cougarwalker79 is very respectful of limits and we had a regular submission style match. He is, without a doubt, the largest (and strongest) opponent I have ever faced and my current technique was not enough to take this guy down. He easily manhandled me in the short time I was on mount position and I could not maintain a strong enough defense. I will need a lot more training before considering a jock strap stakes match with this guy. It took 5 other wrestlers at the fest to pin Cougarwalker79 down on the mats. It was fun to be a part of that experience 😁. Apparently, I should be receiving a t-shirt saying "I Survived Wrestlefest Against Cougarwalker79". I'm a t-shirt size small btw 😎



cougarwalker79 is recommended by SnowFFX

One of my biggest opponents I have ever face, one thing my roommate told me before I left to Indiana Pa, he told me "If you ever want to intimidate anybody, look for the biggest guy and you beat him" lol I shocked myself beating him the first round, was able to lock in the RNC on the larger guy to bring him down for the tap out.

Second round did not go as planned, I was too happy I actually got a win over this big guy, but he locked me in some kind of modified surfboard. Everything happened so quickly and I had no choice but to tap. Next match I will try my best to break that tie between us, hopefully he does not break me first lol

Thank you CougarWalker79 for showing me a good time, I had fun time.



cougarwalker79 is recommended by MAS1978

Had a great hotel match. Very strong guy. Great body.



cougarwalker79 is recommended by WannaWrestleMe

Great wrestler with lots of knowledge. Big, strong, fast and eager to make you tap! If you want a great hard wrestle he's your guy!



WannaWrestleMe is recommended by cougarwalker79

While he is still new to wrestling, he was a lot of fun. Strong, tenacious, and overall with good instincts. As he gets more experience he's going to become difficult to beat very quickly.



cougarwalker79 is recommended by CRedfield

Dude's every bit a puma and was willing to meet at probably the stupidest time of day for a match. He's an awesome guy and a great wrestler that should not be passed up.



CRedfield is recommended by cougarwalker79

A skilled wrestler, and lots of fun to roll with. I look forward to his next trip



cougarwalker79 is recommended by wrestler ferndale

This guy is big and strong. Very fun.



cougarwalker79 is recommended by windsor 21

Had a good match with this guy! Knows a fair bit of holds and knows how to use his size to trap you in his clutches!



cougarwalker79 is recommended by Rusnak

He is strong and is a fast learner on the mats. We had a great time on the mats and as he picks up the various holds and techniques he is going to be a force to reckon with. Great guy off the mats as well. Highly recommend



Rusnak is recommended by cougarwalker79

Had a good time wrestling. Far more skilled than I am, and probably just as strong. He taught me a new hold, which I've started using quite a bit since.