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Escríbeme si te intereso para pautar un encuentro. No me interesan luchas virtuales ni chats infinitos. Busco gente honesta, segura, decidida y, sobre todo, resueltas en el plano sexual: no son pocos aquí quienes disfrazan y esconden su homosexualidad hablando de “lucha de machos”, una peligrosa, cuando no violenta, sublimación del deseo reprimido.
Welcome to my profile! Just text me to meet us and see what happens. I am looking for honest, confident, determined and above all, sexual uninhibited people: there are many guys here who disguise and hide their homosexuality speaking of "male struggle", a sublimation of desire that might be dangerously violent.
A very warm welcome to friendly wrestling tourists.



  1. Spain, Puerto de la Cruz
    (I'm here between 7/21/2019 and 1/15/2020)
    Residencia habitual
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 66-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, German, Spanish

Gear: speedo, shorts...

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cunaguaro is recommended by mr marcus

It was a magical day that day when I ventured out from Brighton to Oxford. The train actually went non-stop all the way then, a summer excursion special I think.

I love that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling, when you meet a new guy, after several months of ogling their pictures online. Cunagaro (or 'the puma' as I renamed him) always had the kind of pictures that make you yearn and pursue recreational wrestling. Muscular men ground-fighting in skimpy gear, sharing the sweat.

We did that horny scenario where I found his house, a lovely little terrace just off the main road leading from the Hotel Randolph to Jericho (passing Oriel College on the way), then let myself in by the unlocked front door. I changed in the hall, into my boots and bikini slip. Quick trip to the bathroom, and a glass of water, provided on the hall stand, then made my throbbing way to Cunagaro's lair in the living area. I stepped into the warm room to finally see him - glorious in a blue bikini, kneeling. I aproached, dropped to my knees too and we locked up on the mat. What followed was two hours of some of the steamiest, most challenging wrestling of my career. We got on like a house on fire after that, following the much needed erotic mutual explosion. He fed me, bathed me, then walked me all the way back to Oxford rail station. I hope to do this again. You should too.



mr marcus is recommended by cunaguaro

It has been a big surprise and a real pleasure to meet again Mr. Marcus at Meetfighters; with several addresses and country changes I had had in the last decade, we had lost contact. Mr. Marcus was one of my first opponents when I started fighting in England in my university days. He taught me many things, most important being always a gentleman in and out the mat. Despite me being an absolute novice at the time, Mr Marcus traveled all the way from Brighton to fight an entire afternoon in Oxford in March 2008. He arrived to my place, we faced each other face to face, toe to toe, and I began then enjoying my first true erotic wrestling with a strong competitive masculine force. He always won, of course, although he let me sometimes submit him for me to enjoy that feeling of macho domination. Mr. Marcus has a great body, typical of a swimmer, that he still shows in his pics. Last but not least: he is one of those honest fellows that has always
current pictures in his profile, a good and honest practice I’ve done myself since I met him.
I highly recommend him and I hope to meet him in the future.



apogymwrestler is recommended by cunaguaro

El encuentro con Apogym ha sido una de mis mejores experiencias de lucha. Fueron 3 horas intensas en las que Apogym cumplió a rajatabla las pautas convenidas. Tratándose de un luchador muy experimentado, pactamos que respetaría mis limitaciones. Y así fue, pese a convertirnos en fieras insaciables, retándonos todo el tiempo. Apogym es un macho potentísimo que da todo y más. Un luchador ávido, potente en lucha libre, pero también capaz de desplegar una carga erotica espectacular si se pacta una lucha erotica. A quienes pasen por Porto, él es la mejor opción sin duda alguna, pero convengan primero las normas y no se dejen engañar por su altura o peso. Es un luchador duro y experimentado, muy difícil de doblegar. Yo solo espero encontrarme con él en un futuro no muy lejano. Apogym no es solo un luchador de una potencia, fiereza y erotismo admirables sino también un individuo responsable y respetuoso; un gentleman del ring vamos, poco común en este medio. Por último y no menos importante: apogym tiene un fino sentido del humor.
The meeting with Apogym has been one of my best fighting experiences. We wrestled 3 intense hours in which Apogym strictly complied with the agreed wrestling rules. Being a very experienced fighter, we agreed that he would respect my limitations. And so it was, despite both becoming insatiable beasts, challenging us all the time. Apogym is a powerful man who gives everything and more. An eager fighter, powerful in wrestling, but also able to display a spectacular erotic face in an erotic fight.
To those who pass through Porto, he is the best option without any doubt, but first agree with him the rules: do not be fooled by his height or weight. He is a hard and experienced fighter, very difficult to break. I only hope to meet him soon in the future. Apogym is not only a fighter of admirable power, fierceness and eroticism but also a responsible and respectful individual; a gentleman from the ring. Last but not least: he has a fine sense of humor.

I met once again this tough and macho guy in a hot three hour erotic wrestling match, Friday 5th 2019. If you ever come to Porto, this is your man!

Tuve una nueva lucha caliente con este magnífico macho. No dudes en contactar con él si vienes a Porto!



cunaguaro is recommended by roy65

In Dresden traf ich mich mit cunaguaro. Ein sympathischer netter Mann.
Wir haben einige Runden gekämpft, Armdrücken und Beindrücken gemacht. Er ist sehr kampfeswillig, stark und fair. Unsere Kämpfe waren sehr ausgiebig und ausgeglichen und schweißtreibend.
Wir hatten dabei viel Spaß erlebt.
Da er auch deutsch kann, haben wir uns auch gut unterhalten können.
Ich bin immer bereit, mit ihm zu treffen, um neue Kämpfe zu bestreiten.
Ich sage gern herzlich: DANKE !!!



roy65 is recommended by cunaguaro

I had a wonderful afternoon with Roy during my visit to gorgeous Dresde; we battled to death to submit the other; sometimes he succeeded, sometimes Myself; it was an even match, full of energy and macho stamina. We did right and left arm wrestling and he taught me various forms of feet wrestling that I’ll practice from now on with future opponents.
Roy is a very nice guy, a friendly and cute face with good and strong “bicycle” legs... he even brought me a nice present. There are so many nasty people around here, so many dishonest guys, who lie and cheat, so many wrestlers that want to change your weight (heavier or lighter) or appereance (cut your beard, shave your legs...) that is wonderful to meet someone who accepts you the way you are!
Roy is a nice human being. I highly recommend him!



nacho-lucha is not recommended by cunaguaro

  • Unreliable / no show



cunaguaro is recommended by Lucha 54

Morboso encuentro a tres bandas donde cada uno consiguió lo que andaba buscando. En un apartamento de Madrid tres machos dando y recibiendo cera. Muy buen final.



Lucha 54 is recommended by cunaguaro

Como señala el amigo luchador, ese fue un encuentro a tres bandas, alguna de cuyas fotos están en su perfil, que disfrutamos plenamente. Lucha 54 es muy fuerte, agresivo y magnífica persona. Lo recomiendo a quien vaya a Madrid. Buena lucha asegurada.



cunaguaro is recommended by wrestle4kicks

​I cherish the memories of our threematch in 2008 and would love to have a rematch with you after so many years: do playwrestling and try all the moves and holds that we know. Nice guy, very generous, and pleasant company !



wrestle4kicks is recommended by cunaguaro

I met this strong and handsome guy in Brussels in 2008. We lost our way for different reasons, I moved several times since then, but hopefully we meet again in this site. As I said, we met with another guy in Brussels; it was a powerful trio; I was beginning at wrestling and this nice Dutch did the best to adapting to my situation; we began by having a hot match, to end with tight friendship bearhugs; I’m happy to meet him again, writing this note with pleasure, and looking forward to wrestling him again in the near future...



cunaguaro is recommended by Samar

Cunaguaro es un tío muy simpatico, sociable y agradable. Te hacer sentir muy a gusto desde el momento en el que entras por la puerta de su casa.
Hemos tenido un combate equilibrado, caliente y explosivo, en plan volcanes en erupción. Y como ha acabado en tablas, habrá que repetirlo mas pronto que tarde.
Además es un excelente anfitrión .... no se a que esperáis para retarle.



Samar is recommended by cunaguaro

Llevaba algunos meses chateando con Samar hasta que nos conocimos en Tenerife; dada la confianza que me inspiraba su discurso, le invité a mi casa donde incluso pernoctó una noche. El encuentro comenzó desde que cerré la puerta del piso, para detenernos unos minutos y colocarnos nuestros speedos. De allí en adelante, y por dos horas al menos, estuvimos forcejeando por dominar al otro: cuatro asaltos, tablas. Además de sudar copiosamente, el encuentro ha sido muy apasionado, que ni la ducha a dos logró disipar. Samar es un gran tío, muy sensible, y de grata conversación, por lo que la conversación discurrió por temas bien diversos. Repetiremos.



cunaguaro is recommended by Jabi

Mi decision de venir a esta isla ha sido acertadisima ya que pude medirme con un fantástico luchador y fantástica persona. Fue una lucha de machos muy igualada y que requeria gran esfuerzo y sudor ,mucho sudor. Duración larga que tuvimos que parar para recuperar fuerzas y poder terminarla. Espero tener el partido de vuelta está vez jugando en casa
Ha sido un gran placer haber conocido a Cunaguaro ,al que a partir de ahora puedo considerar un amigo.
Por cierto si alguien no ha luchado con el saber que es altamente recomendable..



Jabi is recommended by cunaguaro

Estuve con Jabi en mi nuevo piso en Puerto de La Cruz; ha sido una estupenda inauguración; cansado de niñatos irresponsables y de maduros hipócritas, temerosos además de sus mujeres, ha sido un placer encontrarme con un individuo responsable, sólido, respetuoso del otro y que desde ya se ha convertido en amigo, a quien visitaré en el País Vasco; tanto la lucha de machos que protagonizamos, como todo lo que siguió (con una pausa para unos bocadillos y unas cañas) que duró entre 3 y 8 de la tarde, quedará en mi menoría como uno de los encuentros más feroces, a la vez que cálido y erotico, que he tenido en años. No dejen de contactarle si visitan su entorno. No les pesará. Hasta la próxima amigo.
De nuevo estuve con Jabi, esta vez en Madrid, protagonizando varios encuentros muy morbosos y calientes; Jabi cada vez es más fuerte y difícil de dominar; amable y cordial como siempre fuera del cuadrilátero...



cunaguaro is recommended by g6fighter

Nice to see you are here again. OBRIGADO for hot matches on the day of my birthday 2011 in Lisbon :-)))). you are a beginner, but always ready for hot fights and also a gentleman outside the mat. Apart from wrestling we have also a lot of interest in common. And you are a very great guide. A whole day you showed me your beautiful romantic city LisbonHope to meet you sometimes again. Highly recommended! Not to forget he is very repliable!



g6fighter is recommended by cunaguaro

I met this strong wrestler when he visited Lisbon; we had a very hot 3 wrestlers match... Can wait to meet him again...



etrekker is recommended by cunaguaro

Solo he luchado con etrekker una vez y he deseado desde entonces hacerlo de nuevo; fue esa una oportunidad magnífica, no tanto por la lucha, pues como tal fue él quien luchó respetando mis límites ya que estaba algo quebrantado de salud, sino de conocer a un gentleman culto que, desde ese único encuentro hasta ahora, ha sido un buen amigo...



alvarez is recommended by cunaguaro

I have wrestled Alvarez twice; it was a wonderful experience because he is not only an excellent wrestler but a wonderful host. I would love to wrestle him again...