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Making it clear as I can, I don't fight guys much older then me or much heavier. It you still ask for a fight I'll assume you didn't bother to read this and therefore I feel free to ignore. Just saying.

Love submission and fights with some body shots.
liberal about the rules and dress code :)
feel free to contact me if you're around.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Wrestle for top, Spandex, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Rip and strip


  1. Germany, Berlin
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers
I am willing to host.


Age: 42-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 6'2" (189 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German, Italian

Gear: shirtless, no shoes

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Sumo Sumo

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damon is recommended by m-e-c

DAMON war hier mein erster Gegner und bereit, mir als völlig Unerfahrenen mal ein paar Sachen zu zeigen. Brauche dringend mehr Technik und konnte mich meist nur durch maximalen Krafteinsatz befreien. Konnte auch gleich feststellen, dass ich auf meinen Halswirbel achten muss, der schon mal Probleme macht. DAMON war super: er hat sich Zeit genommen, Griffe erklärt, aber dann auch ordentlich zugelangt und mich ganz schön ausgepowert! Wenn das immer so läuft wie mit ihm, werd ich hier glücklich :-))
Also: toller Typ, kann ich nur empfehlen!



m-e-c is recommended by damon

Was glad to be the first on the site to show him the ropes. He's totally a beginner but as you can see from the picture, also quite a big guy. What he lacks (totally) in technic, he makes up for why a tremendous amount of muscle power. Meaning that he still managed to lift me up in the air, almost each time I was close to make him tap.
After a few rounds, I showed him most of my tricks, so next who meets him should be well aware that he might picked up something :-) we also had a nice long session of bearhugs which was quite cool.
Very nice guy in total. Punctual and relaxed and respectful. Totally recommend



damon is recommended by namazsk

After having texted for what feels like forever, we finally met up yesterday in Berlin for a very enjoyable (speedo-clad) afternoon. And quite the workout as I'm all sore this morning. The meet varied in style from pretty intense submission (although kept at the right intensity level) to trying out some new things such as incorporating lighter blows. Gentle-mannered outside the ring and very tough (particularly good scissors) from the moment you step on to them. Definitely recommended!



namazsk is recommended by damon

after talking forever, we finally met yesterday. Now this guy is maybe small but he's built like a power pack and he's got very strong arms. On top of that he's quite talented in wrestling and though he says he has only little experience, it doesn't show. So although our obvious physical differences, it was lots of fun. And one more thing, I gave him some advises about body scissors, so watch out :-)



damon is recommended by Aspen

We all remember our first experience, so damon was my first experience in wrestling. Actually, it was such a great experience I'm still in business after 10 years.
A great wrestler and a great person, I guess we would have met much more if he was still in the neighborhood.



Aspen is recommended by damon

Ten years ago I showed this guy the ropes, getting him into the business. The only problem is, he got so much better since then. He's hard to catch, but he's worth the effort. If you'll meet him, you won't regret, I assure you. If you want to have a rough fight, that's your guy.



damon is recommended by grappleruk

Fun guy to wrestle with and has some good natural instincts for it and a good attitude. Really enjoyed rolling with him and very easy to talk to. Definitely recommended.



grappleruk is recommended by damon

Second time I meet this power pack and as unlikely as it sounds, I think he learned some new tricks. But found myself in positions I still don't know how I got to. Rematches can be disappointing, but this one was an excellent one. Can't wait for the next time.

What a great combination of an amazing body, really good technique and a super nice personality. It was a pleasure to pass a few hours together. Most recommended.
Till next time



damon is recommended by mich

This guy has really impressive skills and strength, it's totally worth it wrestling with him. Though not much heavier than me, he defeated me as badly as nobody had done before. But when he's not kicking your ass, he's a totally kind and friendly guy.



mich is recommended by damon

Very nice guy, easy going, reliable. Not too experienced but he knows what to do, so though he's lightweight, don't expect a walk in the park.
Hope he'll get better and come back for more (-: I didn't feel that way, but seems I kicked his ass.



damon is recommended by Lederringer

It was realy a nice and good fight!
We had very special rules and our roleplay was
very specific and cool! We both had a lot of fun!
Our fight was hart and hard! He is a sexy guy.
Hope he will wrestling me again!



Lederringer is recommended by damon

Had a really good fight with this guy. Very balanced, lasted quite a while (we didn't take points) and very safe. He knows and respect totally the limits, though we had quite a hard fight.
Always a pleasure to go against someone with more than 150 past opponents and see you can handle it 😀



damon is recommended by 2toughwrestlers in 1 team

I met Damon 4 years ago and it was a great encounter...

Damon is really a great fighter he look slim but is really powerful and rough / either in oil or for submission bout he can give you a good hard fight... flexible on rule - looking for a rematch we will have soon

Highly recommendable↲



2toughwrestlers in 1 team is recommended by damon

he's stronger than he'll admit. he's quite good and knows how to fight, was a good fight. worth a try if you're around :)



razorfish is recommended by damon

As one said, this guy is the tyler durden of HK (-: he's willing to take everybody, no matter how big he is.
Great body, very creative in the ring and he managed to arrange a real wrestling ring for our fight! Super nice guy on top of all.
We had two great fights and I wish we could have a third one. Definitely on my top 3 in this site.



damon is recommended by krak85

wrestling with this handsome guy is a pure pleasure as he's an eager and determined opponent who will not give up easily. Off the mat he's a very nice guy. recommended to anyone looking for a light-weight opponent! Hope to wrestle again soon



krak85 is recommended by damon

Krak85 is much better than you would think. I think never a smaller guy managed to block me so many times. He definitely knows what he's doing



DavidBerlin20 is recommended by damon

He's quite strong for his size but still needs to improve his technic. Very eager to win though and not afraid to fight.
He claims he wasn't at his best on that day, so a rematch is needed.



dnaeel is recommended by damon

Siamo incontrato di nuovo dopo sei anni di pausa e posso dire due cose. Prima, ha imparato qualcosa e diventato meglio. Seconda, sono ancora meglio da lui :-)
Divertente lo stesso e non ha problema anche con la lotta un po dura. Più di tutto è un bravo ragazzo.



damon is recommended by Wire

Thanks for the match yesterday. My ribs are still in shock after your strong scissors. The bearhugs was great too.
You are a nice man and fun to wrestle, I hope we will meet again soon.



Wire is recommended by damon

Second time we meet and I think I did better this time. Not that I think I won, but I managed to cause him a lot of pain this time (-:
I didn't do bearhugs till now and must admit that when you're tired it's a great game.



pehlivan is not recommended by damon

  • Unreliable / no show



zmaccs is recommended by damon

he's a great guy. he really can take a lot of pain :) was one of the best fights i had for a long time, real fun. and he has a really unique attitude which makes it even better.



damon is recommended by joman74

Nice guy, funny fight! Who was the winner? ;-)



joman74 is recommended by damon

a very good fight. he's quite strong and very skilled, we had a really intense wrestling.
e` abbastanza forte e tecnico, e` stata una gara molto intensa, che ha vinto quasi sempre lui (meno male che ho vinto anch'io qualcosa).



damon is recommended by Opon84

Really nice guy off the mats and a fierce opponent, not muscled, but quite strong and determined. Hope fight him again soon! – Ottimo avversario ed ottima persona, non muscoloso ma abbastanza forte e determinato. Spero di incontrarlo di nuovo!



Opon84 is recommended by damon

really nice guy, and quite good wrestler. was a really fun wrestling, very technic and skilled but yet very easy going and relaxed. we'll do it again soon i hope.