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  1. United Kingdom, Bletchley
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


28-year-old Male / 6'6" (198 cm) / 203 lbs (92 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedos, briefs, boxers, gym shorts


Hi all,

I'm Dan, been on here a while now and had loads of great meets. I'm gonna be slowing down and putting this on the back burner for a while. I'll still check messages and still arrange meets when I can, but please understand it may not be for a while.

I'm into subs, give and take, boxing and occasionally nhb with the right opponent. When it comes to erotic; if it happens it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't. I will never promise an erotic match and I won't meet if you insist upon it, if I'm not feeling it on the day and you try and force an erotic element, be assured I will leave you permanently damaged.

I think that's all you need to know :) Any questions do feel free to ask.





Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Online chatting, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission
Stand-up fighting: Only interested in stand-up fighting, UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Jackoff, Boxing gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Muscle worship

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dan9692 is recommended by StrongGrapplerLondon

Great meeting. He is incredibly strong and has very good natural wrestling responses. It will be good to meet him in the future on mats. And always fun to meet tough guys who are also articulate guys! Top meeting!



StrongGrapplerLondon is recommended by dan9692

Very pleasant meet, great to talk to and knows how to give an excellent massage!!

Incredibly strong, we didn't have a competitive bout, but i know when we do he will be quite the challenge!!

I look forward to next time



dan9692 is recommended by Mcfight

After a brief meeting over a year ago and lots of winding each other up since, we managed to meet up for a very last minute, off chance meet.

Facing Dan for a bit longer this time made me realise that the things said in his previous recommendations are true. He is very strong, has a tough scissors and is of course is very tall lol. All of which makes him a tough and fun opponent.

As he said it was very close and I’ll give him the slight excuse of the shoulder and carpet burn. However he failed to mention he was also in a pretty tight side choke/crank when he tapped 😜. However neither of us where at full force or fitness and a rematch is definitely needed to settle this properly. After a bit of gym for us both and on mats next time I have no doubt it will be an even better match and a tough one too.

Dan is highly recommended by me. Bring on the rematch.



Mcfight is recommended by dan9692

After a brief meet last year, and months of winding each other up we finally met again while I was in Rochester for work. He dropped everything to get on the train amd meet me on the night.

The build up was worth the wait as we battled back and forth, he is very strong with a killer bearhug amd scissors. Neither of us could get the advantage and it looked set to be a draw.

Unfortunately for me, I'd pushed myself too far at work in the day and felt my shoulder going so called quits before a real injury occurred.....that and as we were wrestling on carpet (rookie error) I had a nasty burn on my elbow that kept bleeding on said carpet! So well done on your flimsy victory haha 😁

A tough opponent who I look forward to fighting again on some mats, amd when we are both fitter!! Fair to say lockdowm hit us hard !!



Mixedfighter19 is not recommended by dan9692

  • Unreliable / no show



dan9692 is recommended by Markynew

What a gent to pop my wrestling cherry. Fair to say I was beaten convincingly but I did manage to fend off some attacks.

He was a super nice guy and after he had finished me off hung around to teach me some holds to help me on my way.

Had a great time and can’t recommend enough.



Markynew is recommended by dan9692

This gent was kind enough to host me for a quick meet today. It was his first ever meet, and I think he won't mind me saying that he was a little nervous :) He's exceptionally friendly and courteous and made me feel welcome.

When wrestling, it was very clear I had the upper hand, and I extracted tap after tap from him :) To his credit he is very strong, and once he learns more and gets more matches in he will be more than a match for a lot of guys here.......until that day comes though, he's my little plaything haha!!

Don't be disheartened, keep it up, and I definitely look forward to rematch when you are less nervous. Thumbs up from me!!



Evangelleon is not recommended by dan9692

  • Unreliable / no show



bigeasy is recommended by dan9692

This gentleman was kind enough to come have a match with me while I was visiting New Orleans. We didnt have much time or space, but we still managed a good sweaty tussle.

He's a strong aggressive fighter, who isnt afraid to throw and take a few punches and make you suffer. Ultimately though he was no match for me and I ended up making him my little American jobber :)

Happily take on again, and if ever you are in New Orleans be sure to look him up



dan9692 is recommended by Manccubuk

Dan is a really nice guy, tall and strong!! Good wrestler and highly recommended, hopefully catch him again next time I’m in town, cheers



Manccubuk is recommended by dan9692

Lovely guy, very strong. Had a brief but enjoyable grapple in his room. Deffo meet again



dan9692 is recommended by Dennis88

Met him in my home town of Blackpool, whilst he was visiting. He’s aggressive, quick and strong, I’d definitely recommend him for a full on box



Dennis88 is recommended by dan9692

Met last night for a scrap in my room while I was visiting Blackpool. He's strong and aggressive, definitely got some power to his punches. I recommend him to anyone who wants a good rough fight



dan9692 is recommended by toetotoe

Been talking for a while. Managed to meet up last minute for a short match. Dan is really nice guy and even though it was a short roll around could tell he knows how to wrestle.
Definitely up for a much longer round 2



toetotoe is recommended by dan9692

Met while I was on my way up North for the weekend. Very short meet, but an enjoyable one. Strong and energetic, I can't wait for round 2 when we can have a longer rougher match



2toughwrestlers in 1 team is recommended by dan9692

Yann kindly hosted me at his hotel room in London, after a long time chatting it was good to finally meet!!!

There isn't much I can add to what others have said, Yann is a strong capable wrestler who certainly gave me a good workout!!! A really enjoyable match and I hope to meet him again soon!!

We were supposed to meet again the next day for a series of challenges, but I was too hungover!!! Next time you are here, I will make sure we do them!!



dan9692 is recommended by IntuGear

A really likeable guy and with it being my first meet, he made me feel very at ease. It wasn’t long at all after we’d first started chatting before we had a meet arranged.

He is quick on his feet and delivers a powerful punch with an almost impenetrable reach. He didn’t let my clear lack of skill become an issue and was very encouraging.

We traded gut punches in various positions to which I’m still feeling the effects of days later and he really enjoys delivering decent blows to the head which was great to experience.

He’s definitely left his mark, or five.

A great introduction to boxing for me. I had a really great time and very much hope to meet again. Would highly recommend.

Stay in touch!



IntuGear is recommended by dan9692

Very easy to arrange a match with, and despite this being his first meet was very laid back and easy to get along with.

We had an enjoyable few rounds gloved up and boxing. While he lacks any kind of form or technique (not that im master myself), he makes up for it by being aggressive, able to absord quite a bit of punishment and landing some pretty powerful shots!!!

With more practice i have no doubt he could easily floor most people!!!

We also traded a few gut punches.......ouch is all i will say lol!!!

Thouroughly enjoyable meet, gets a thumbs up from me!!



fight32uk is recommended by dan9692

After years of chatting we finally met. Had a very intense couple of rounds boxing. Both took and gave some hard hits. Did some gut punching as well

Thoroughly enjoyable sweaty fight man to man. Deffo recommend and look forward to fighting him again!!



dan9692 is recommended by iowbk4good

I met Dan in Rio, was easier to meet there than the UK! Had a great wrestle for one hour. Dan has good upper body strength and strong legs. I enjoyed our bout a few dirty tricks mixed in too. I had the upper hand, I did warn Dan size doesn't matter :). A great guy to chat to, definitely recommend 💪💪



iowbk4good is recommended by dan9692

July 2019-
Two and a half years later we finally met again for round 2. The location was slightly less exotic than our last meet swapping sunny Rio for Reading!! I warned Steve that I had grown stronger since our last meet, but he didn't believe me. After a long sweaty amd intense tussle I walked away the victor!!! That said I was made to work very hard for it and it could have gone the other way.

He looks amazing in his speedos and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves wrestling and getting hot amd sweaty together. I'd happily wrestle you again, amd hopefully not wait another 2 years for the pleasure!!!

Feb 2017-
Met today in glorious amd sunny Rio. Had a great wrestle for an hour it got sweaty very fast. Very back and forth, we were a good match up, throw in some slightly dirty moves and we have a match we both noticeably enjoyed ;) Steve is a great opponent very friemdly and laid back and deceptively strong. Next time he wont be so lucky, i maintain that second tap doesnt count i had jawlock!!! Haha would reccommend him in a heartbeat and i hope we can meet and wrestle again when we are both back in wet and grey UK



dan9692 is recommended by Benhorn

Last night I was lucky To have a last minute wrestle with Dan. This was our second match!
Can’t wait for the next one as we only had 30 mins !
Thanks for making the journey mate.
Can’t wait for another long fight.
I feel dans hight is an advantage but like it to be hard work!



Benhorn is recommended by dan9692

Big thanks for carving some time out for a meet at the last minute, even it was only half an hour!! Deffo have a longer match next time amd really see what we can do. Cant wait for our next round!!!



dan9692 is recommended by realthing

It was a pleasure meeting this big tough lad! Nice one, let's fight again!



realthing is recommended by dan9692

Pleasure meetimg tonight. Hopefully next time we can have a more convenient venue and I wont be a little injured.

Glad you made the trip out to me. Definitely going to do it again!!



dan9692 is recommended by DJBgrappler

It was a great build up before the fight with this guy! Had a cracking fight with body punches. His a lot stronger than he looks and knows enough moves to keep you guessing as to what’s coming up next. Really enjoyed this wrestle, plenty of stamina and you can see that he loves a good fight. A genuinely nice (cocky) guy who is easy to chat with. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to meet him again and take the fight to the next level!

Pleasure to meet this guy and to wrestle him, a big thumbs up from me! Don’t miss an opportunity to wrestle him!!



DJBgrappler is recommended by dan9692

After some trash talking online we decided we had to meet. Due to conflicting schedules and both having lives outside of here we had to plan a month or so in advance. We picked a day, the day came and we met no fuss.

I was expecting a challenge from David, especially given some of our trash talk over the weeks, and I wasn't disappointed!! Quick, strong, solid built guy who clearly loves fighting and expects the same from his opppnents. We had a good hour long wrestle, with a few body shots thrown in for good measure, subs were given on both sides amd we were both sweating heavily by the end after an intense and close fought match!!!

Really enjoyed myself and i'm certainly up for round 2 whenever we can manage it, hopefully next time we can get a bigger space as I think we both want to crank up the aggro next time!! 10/10 from me, bring it on!!!!



dan9692 is recommended by Jskofield

Dan is a really nice guy, put me at ease given that I hadn't had much experience and didn't have an agenda of his own, happy to teach me (great teacher!) and let me practise (but I paid for it during his strong holds!). Really good fun, great to have met such a skilled, friendly, genuine guy.
But BEWARE: if you're thinking of trying some boxing with him, he has VERY long arms!!!



Jskofield is recommended by dan9692

UPDATE 10/06/2019
After some trash talking Josef thought it was a good idea to challenge me again. Once again i throughly destroyed him in subs and boxing. Maybe this time he will learn to keep quiet and know his betters :) Another enjoyable meet, deffo a tough little jobber!

It was eaay to arrange a meet with Josef, and he maintained clear communication up to the meet.

He's a very friemdly and easy to talk to person, and i thoroughly enjoyed my time with him.

We started with some boxing, Josef can give and take some hard hits to the body and surprised me with his eagermess amd aggressiveness. Fortunately my long arms won out haha.

Then we moved onto wrestling, I spent most of the match punishing him, putting him in hold after hold. He didnt make it easy for me, he is stromger than he looks and gave me a good workout. I spent some time teaching him what small amoumt of skill ive picked up, and he took great joy in practicing holds on me!!!

All in all a very enjoyable meet, very friendly off the mats. Keen and enthusiastic on the mats, with more practice im confident Josef will soon be a very serious challenge. 100% would meet again



dan9692 is recommended by SD1993

Met Dan finally aftee loads of trash talk.
Sadly i had to eat my words as he beat me fair and square in a good hard match.
He os very friendly and easy going until the wrestling begins! I will be back for a rematch but I will definately be more wary of his skills and work on my own cardio haha.
Definately would reccomend.



SD1993 is recommended by dan9692

Finally met Chris after well over a year of trash talking. Had a fairly late night battle amd we were both tired so it was a short but intense session.

Chris is strong and definity made me work for the taps i got out of him. Sadly for him, i proved too much to handle and i sent the boy off licking his wounds and humbled!!!

When not wrestling, Chris is am easy going lad, amd i'd defimitely recommend him for a meet.

He says he's gonna go away and ttain and then come back for a reamatch.....bring it on Chris, it won't end any different buddy!!! Just admit im the better man :)



Wrestleme77 is not recommended by dan9692

  • Unreliable / no show



dan9692 is recommended by manclad531

We had to plan many weeks in advance due to diaries but it was still easy to arrange our match. By far the tallest guy I've ever wrestled and Dans height definitely gave him an advantage. I'd say we were pretty evenly matched on the mats with plenty of subs on both sides, however his body scissors was much stronger than mine and his headlock is extremely powerful. Plenty of changes of pace and a pause for some promission pics in the ring made it a really enjoyable 2 hour session which I hope we can do again.



manclad531 is recommended by dan9692

Well over a month in the planning, but we agreed a date and a place and stuck to it!! Manclad531 was kind enough to pick me up from the station, and I can safely say is a genuinely nice bloke and very easy to get on with.

On the mats, he is a formidable opponent, very strong and very resilient. It wasn't long before we were both sweating buckets!! Very even match, both giving and recieving subs. We traded holds towards the end, and hopefully some good action pics are in the making.

All in all i had a very enjoyable couple of hours, and i'd happily meet again for another!!!!!!!



dan9692 is recommended by itblue

Meet Dan twice now and wow he's a giant of a man in stature and personality. Tough wrestler who has strength and skill to boot. Can't wait for round 3



itblue is recommended by dan9692

Update 02/04/2019- Round three actually happened a while ago....met up late one evening in our usual spot. Both came out fighting hard, but it became clear i wasnt gonna beat this beast....utterly humiliated me and made me gis bitch. Round 4 though was a different story!!! Met up, stripped down, oiled up and fought man to man and cock to cock for a good hour, good close fought battle, but we both know who has the suoerior cock!!!!!

Round 2 25/6/18- Met up again for another intense sweaty rumble outside, fortunately we had a sheet to wrestle on this time so there were less poky bits to worry about!! Once again proved to be a tough opponent, strong, determined and animalistic. Really enjoyed going man to man with this guy and i look forward to another rough and ready alpha male battle in the future!!!

Had a very short notice match with this gent today outside. He's strong, aggressive and a great animalistic guy to wrestle. Was only a short session we had, but it was intense, a good taster session in advance of hopefully a longer session. Next time hopefully we can fight indoors amd not worry about stinging nettles and bits of tree poking out of me haha. Can't wait for round 2, can tell its gonna be a rough and ready man to man battle!!



dan9692 is recommended by Muscle Monkey

This charming gentleman came over for a match with myself and toonarmy. Dont be fooled by his calm cheerful demeanor, he has a beast within that smashed me. Watch for those long strong arms! Great match, look forward to next time!



Muscle Monkey is recommended by dan9692

Muscle_Monkey was kind enough to host amd invite me over for a wrestle with himself and Toonarmy.

First off, the pics do him no justice, this guy is built like a tank and looks amazing!!! We had a good grapple round and he definitely made me work hard, he is strong and powerful and once he figures out how to use it effectively no one will stop him.....luckily i've faced him now and I was able to keep him at bay and get a few subs out of him.

Great friendly and grounded guy, i'd meet again anytime for a rumble. Cheers mate!!!



dan9692 is recommended by toonarmy

He's tall.
That was going to be it for my recommendation.
Decided to change it after being called names;
He's a lanky steak of nothing, wiped the mat with him and will gladly do it again. As for double teaming i hold my hands up but Dan9692 is no angel, both he and musclemonkey had a go at double teaming me - twice. This was more out of jealousy I think, when all the subs aregoing my way they had to resort to desperate measures.
Dan is a fun guy to meet, safe and did I mention tall? Sounds like a rematch is on the cards.



toonarmy is recommended by dan9692

Had the pleasure of meeting toonarmy while he was down in Sheffield with Muscle_Monkey.

Like all Geordies, toonarmy is a gobby little prick :) unfortunately this one can also back it up!!! Strong, skilled and ruthless....he wiped the floor with me. Not to worry i will learn fron this and come back stronger to challenge him again. Needs to pay, especially after he interfered in my match with Muscle_Monkey and double teamed me!!!!

Good bloke, knkws what he is doing and needs knocking down a peg or two......i'll see you again!!



dan9692 is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

In honesty I thought I was going to destroy Dan, that it would be a cake walk. I turned out to be very very wrong!

Dan is definitely more skilled then he portrays himself as, and has quite a good few holds that he can punish you in. With his height advantage it threw me off my game and he never gave me a chance to recover or plan, always giving 110% in the match up, which meant it was fun, competitive and close between the two of us.

Off the mats and during breaks he was a nice guy, easy to chat with and get along and a good laugh. I would definitely recommend making some time for him, but don't let his sweet guy demeanour fool you, he is a threat for sure!



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by dan9692

After a good few years of messaging on and off, we finally got round to meeting!!

Neil is an absolutely lovely guy and a pleasure to speak to. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him.

In terms of wrestling, it became clear very quickly that Neil knows what he is doing and is very competitive on the mats. He is strong and fast and really put me through my paces!! We are of a similar skill level and this made for an intense and enjoyable competitive subs match, I wasn't keeping score, but it felt like a very even contest with subs on both sides. Beware his headlock!!!

The hotel room was ok, but i definitely think he and I should get somewhere bigger next time so we can wrestle without bumping into furniture, and have a real long and hard match!!!

10/10 would meet again....desoite the accidental elbow to my face!! (In fairness i accidentally caught him a couple of times too.)

Bottom line; safe, sane, reliable, skillful and a genuine pleasure to wrestle and chill with off the mats too!!!



dan9692 is recommended by SWLondon88

Finally met dan9692 the other day in Stockwell. We had a sweaty and intense match and I think we both had fun. Very nice guy, easy to talk to and absolutely reliable. Big recommendation!



SWLondon88 is recommended by dan9692

Very easy to arrange a match with, we had a fun and sweaty wrestle at the stockwell "matroom". Stronger than he appears and very friendly. Happily meet again



dan9692 is recommended by Lawyerguy70

The perfect opponent. Very friendly, tall, skill full and deceptively strong. Got me to tap many times, but I had great fun in the process. Just a shame we didn’t have more space to roll around.

Highly recommended.



Lawyerguy70 is recommended by dan9692

Met up on short notice and this gentleman was kind enough to host. We had a sweaty and intense roll around, and I gave his abs a good punching......not that I think he noticed!!!

Ridiculously strong, gave me a good workout, super friendly and I would definitely meet again



dan9692 is recommended by hugefan

After my last meet with a 5ft 2 10st guy I thought it was only fair I went for someone I have to look up to. As if I get to plan these things, Dan just happened to be the next guy stupid enough to agree to meet.
He was also kind enough to travel through to my humble matroom. Admittedly it is a small room but generally there isn't as much requirement to shuffle into the middle of the mats as there was with long limbed Dan.
After exchanging a few bits of trash talk on line I wasn't disappointed by Dan's fighting spirit. Lots of sweat, ok mostly mine. I might have mentioned a few times that he is half my age, we had a good to and fro with subs on both sides. It was a lot of fun and he is a lovely guy when not threatening oaps ha ha. He did laugh at the ineffectiveness of my scissors but he also said I was built like a tank so I will forgive his youthful cheek. I think the tank thing was a compliment but no doubt he will correct me and tell me it's because I'm slow and rusty.
I could have wrestled longer and would be happy to meet again which I think is recommendation enough for stretch Armstrong aka Dan.



hugefan is recommended by dan9692

After some trash talk online, i finally decided to go visot this gent and sort him out.

He's an imcredibly gracious and welcoming host, who made me instantly welcome. Despite his old age, stephen is strong and powerful and I had great fun trading holds and exchanging subs with him. If i didnt have to leave due to time comstraints i would happily have carried on!!!

Strong, decent wrestler, excellent host, id definitely meet again!!!



dan9692 is recommended by ifonly

And there I was thinking I was a heel.

A workout does not go far enough to describe our wrestling match. Every move I pulled, Dan was two steps ahead of me. Dan was also a very considerate wrestler, making sure I was okay and respecting all my limits.

Outside of the wrestling, Dan is a lovely guy to chat to and damn fine gent,

I'm just going to pretend that I didn't enjoy being in his holds haha



ifonly is recommended by dan9692

After well over a year of chatting, we finally met!!! This gent kindly booked us a room and was a perfect gentleman to speak with. When we started wrestling it became apparent that he is far stronger than he looks, and posesses a boundless stamina and enthusiasm. Fortunately I was the more skilled wrestler and had my ever trusty size advantage, beating him back and working him over. He took his beating well and thorougly enjoyed being put in all manner of holds........despite his insistence he isn't a natural jobber lol!!!

Apparently he has now begun pro wrestling lessons, so i strongly suspect when we next meet i will have a far tougher time dominating him!!!

Absolutely recommend, had a great time amd would love to meet again!!!



dan9692 is recommended by jonuk

Dan9692 (the number of times he made me tap during our 3 hour session) is everything others here have written about him. If there are any doubters, I can confirm all reports of his height, dominance , hotness and skill. Safe, reliable, friendly and good communication. We both travelled a fair way to meet and I’m really glad we got to make it happen. An awesome experience with an awesome guy.



jonuk is recommended by dan9692

JonUK made the effort to me meet me for a few hours for a thoroughly enjoyable session. Over the course of 3 hours he allowed me to dominate him in a variety of holds, and even taught me a few new ones!! Safe, reliable and friendly I would happily recommend him :)



dan9692 is recommended by hardfitsub

Dan is a friendly personable guy enthusiastic about his wrestling. Even if I'd been 100% fit not sure I would have made much impact on this big strong young guy! Do meet him if you get the chance.



hardfitsub is recommended by dan9692

Had a fantastic meet with this gentleman. Very friendly and accommodating, we had an enjoyable wrestle and i'd happily meet with him again



dan9692 is recommended by Perseus

A great lad to wrestle. He is very tall and wiry and a handful to wrestle. Really enjoyed his company and as he gains more skills will be a force to be reckoned with.



Perseus is recommended by dan9692

Had a fantastic time with this gentleman, very friendly and relaxed. A very strong and skilled wrestler, who took great delight in beating me, but also was hapoy to show me a few tricks. Great meet, happy to meet again!



dan9692 is recommended by Catalan Boxer

After a year of messaging back and forth, I met Dan in Manchester. He lived up to my expectations: he's nice, polite, very smart and someone with whom you can have a conversation. In terms of fighting, he knows how to throw a punch. It took me a while to make him give up in gut punching, but he then had his revenge in wrestling. He beat me twice. Watch out with his powerful legs.
I'm really looking forward to a rematch.



Catalan Boxer is recommended by dan9692

After well over a year of messaging back and forth, I finally had the pleasure of meeting up with this man for a gut punching session.

After meeting at the station we had a pleasant stroll around Manchester, and I can safely say he is a very friendly person, and a good guy to spend time with.

Skip forward to the actual match, and the man does not lie, he can deliver a good solid punch and take them as well. We went back and forth for quite a while, but in the end my abs could not take the onslaught anymore and i was forced to admit defeat.

For anyone who likes a good gutpunching session I would recommend Catalan_Boxer in a heartbeat. Great meet, and i'd happily meet again.



Boxinglad84 is recommended by dan9692

After a very long time of messaging back and forth, we were finally able to sort a meet. This man was worth the wait.

We had a few rounds of full contact boxing, and i can assure yoy this man throws a good strong punch and has plenty of aggression to bring to the table. Unfortunately this wasnt enough and I walked away the victor!!!

This guy loves his gear amd brought an amazing selection that we both tried out. Outside the ring, this man is a genlteman, funny and very friendly. I thouroughly enjoyed going out for some food and drinks with hin after.

All in all a fantastic meet, and he gets 2 thumbs up fron me. Reccommend him to anyone who enjoys a good punch up!!



dan9692 is recommended by CambsWrestler

Dan is a lovely guy and a very polite and friendly host. His experience, skill and significant leverage meant he dominated me in the wrestling. I need to get more practice in! The boxing was a slightly different story. A fun, sweaty match with a genuine and lovely guy. Recommend.



CambsWrestler is recommended by dan9692

Had a famtastic meet at mine today, very intense and sweaty boxing match, he's a good hard hitter. Wrestling he put up a good fight, but in the end i came out on top. Great guy, happily meet again



dan9692 is recommended by Midlandsbloke

I would warn anyone getting a match request from Dan not to underestimate him like I did! Although he looks slim he is in fact a very strong guy who used all of his 6'6 frame to great advantage. His leg scissors are deadly (he cycles alot!) and he got those long legs around me repeatedly. I would recommend him for anyone who wants a tough
challenge or who wants to be at the receiving end of a masterly heel. A very charming guy who I really enjoyed my time with.



Midlandsbloke is recommended by dan9692

Midlandsbloke was kind enough to host our match at very short notice, and was really friendly and accommodating.

We had a very intense and sweqty grapple, he's a strong well built man amd looks absolutely great.........however it wasn't enough to prevent me absolutely wrecking him, I lost count of how many times he tapped. Full credit to him though, I had to work to get them. I should be fair at this point and highlight that things got saucy in this match (not surprising given the current heatwave) and he did make me shoot my load before I could get him to shoot his........thats his consolation prize for not getting a single sub from me haha!!!!

Really enjoyed our match, and i look forward to a rematch whenever he's ready.



dan9692 is recommended by He-Man

Dan9692 is a very polite and reliable guy, great fun to wrestle with and do strength games with also, good arms on him for arm wrestling.

I was not sure how we would fair together giving my weight advantage and his slim figure but 6"6 size over my 5"10 height. He was a lot stronger and tougher then I had imagined and he was able to lift me up like a baby despite my bulky weight, and we had many hours fun tussling about together. A great bloke to meet for sure, hope to have another session in the not to distant future.



dan9692 is recommended by nottsguy

I found Dan to be a genuine, reliable bloke who communicated well and turned up as arranged. He showed me a few moves and demonstrated his well documented scissor holds! I can’t say it was an even match as I was totally outclassed. However, he was respectful of my novice limits (mostly). I definite heel despite his modesty. Jobbers beware!



nottsguy is recommended by dan9692

Nottsguy was kind enough to host me for a quick wrestle and gutpunch session at his place. I have to say, i like the setup he has there and anyone struggling for a place to wrestle in the midlands should consider hiring it out!!!

Very friendly bloke and easy to get on with, very new to the sport but i'm sure with more experience he will improve quickly



dan9692 is recommended by Peteuk

I met Dan last night and what a giant of a man. He is a strong fit man and a excellent wrestler. We were both tired and sore when we met but still had a good workout beware of his scissors they will make most guys submit. I am looking forward to the rematch
Meet this guy if you get the chance
Strongly recommended



Peteuk is recommended by dan9692

Pete was kind enough to host me for a brief wrestle last night. He is an extremely friendly and chatty man. Unfortunately due to a particularly harrowing day at work I couldnt put up too much of a fight, however we still had a fun wrestle amd got a good workout from it. Beware of Pete's arms and his grip, he is crazy strong and once he had a grip on me i was unable to break it and my arms were made useless once he had them umder his control!!

I look forward to a rematch when we are both at full strength



dan9692 is recommended by Tommy10

Dan was a real gentleman. He could tell I was almost collapsing with nerves, so we talked for a while before we started wrestling and it definitely helped.

When it came to the wrestling, well I totally wiped the floor with him.......... which is what I would be saying if I was a liar.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending) Dan completely owned me haha, but he did it in a nice way!

I could tell he was holding himself back, but god even so some of the holds he did!!! Let see just say my hand hurt from tapping so much ;)

HOWEVER, and this bit Dan may be embarrassed about and try and speak lies, but we had a pin match too and I WON!!!! (Let's not get into how or if he let me or anything like that, I won! And I made him tap out as he was trapped with my **** in his face haha.

Sooo yer, Dan is a great guy, really strong and very talented in wrestling.

1:1 result ;)

And the "bonus" at the end was nice too ;)

And I was good! I hardly went for his balls once ;)



Tommy10 is recommended by dan9692

Tommy was kind enough to host me for our match. It was his first meet, and he was terrified so well done building up the courage to let me come round. We sat and chatted a little which helped i think.

Although i walked away victorious and had him tapping out all over the place, bear in mind it was his first match and he had never wrestled before.......with more technique and skill Tommy could be formidable and he is stronger than he looks.

Now Tommy is claiming a minor victory in that he pinned me, however he only got those puns because i let him get on top of me lol. HOWEVER he is strong and regardless of how he managed to pin me in the first place, the truth is that i just couldnt escape, he was too strong for me.

All in all a very enjoyable match, and im pleased Tommy found the experience enjoyable, i really didnt want to be responsible for him leaving site so soon!!!! A little bonus naughtiness was appreciated too ;)

I reccommend Tommy highly if you want a fun tussle



dan9692 is recommended by hertsdog

13 Jan 2018: Had a great meeting with Dan at my place. To prevent injury against various pointy furniture we restricted ourselves to some rounds of body punch scraps and a load of gut punching. Dan was pretty fearless and left me with a fair few bruises up my arms! He's a good hard puncher and I got my abs beaten up good. He can take a fair load of GP himself too. Great guy to fight and socialize with - recommended!
29 Apr 2018: Great punch up with Dan at Walthamstow ring today. Proper boxing ring without furniture this time, so we had a good few rounds of body punch rules! I also got to see him in action doing some wrestling - loads of energy and fun! Hoping he takes up boxing soon so we can have a spar next time!



hertsdog is recommended by dan9692

29/04/18- We met again, this time at Walthamstow mat room with a couple of other guys. Ade continues to be a very friendly guy, amd i enjoyed our meet. For this meet we donned the gloves and had a brief but intense body boxing match that im sure will yield a few bruises!!! Next time i think i need to box ade first at these group meets as by the time i got to him today i was knackered haha!! Look forward to gloving up again soon.

13/01/18- Met at this very friendly gent's house, hes a great guy to socialise and fight with.

Due to space, we didnt do any gound work, so had a couple of rounds of stand up body punch scrapping. This guy can hit hard, amd will deffo put you through your paces!!!

Afterwards we had several rounds of gut punching, my first time of having a match dedicated solely to gp. I strongly suspect my (non existant) abs will hurt tomorrow haha!!!! This guy can take one hell of a beating and keep coming back for more, really impressed.

I had a great time, and id happily trade punches any time with him. Next tine we need to get a mat room or something so we can really go for it!!!



dan9692 is recommended by pshawfocus

Well, this chap is a seriously warm and friendly guy, quite easy on the eye too. He's also a monster puncher (accurate and forceful), so if you want to test your boxing prowess, he's your man. Had a fun meet with Dan at the Walthamstow mat room (along with hertsdog and grappleruk) - needless to say they all wrestled around and took it in turns to pummel my abs :-) Apparently Dan's also partial to a beer or three so if you're a keen wrestler who likes to cool off with a cold tinny, he's your fella.



pshawfocus is recommended by dan9692

Met Gary at Walthamstow mat room today with a couple of other guys. My time with Gary was mostly spent punching his abs amd enjoying watching him squirm haha!!! He can take a lot of punishment, having let one guy at him before me, and then letting another guy go after me!!!! Sad to say my abs are no where near as conditioned and i could only take a few hard hits......ah well motivation to keep at it and maybe one day have abs of steel like this man.



dan9692 is recommended by grappleruk

Dan is a really modest, genuine and nice guy. We had a fun wrestle and shared some tips. I hope we can wrestle again!



grappleruk is recommended by dan9692

I met grappleruk at the Walthamstow mat room, along with a couple of other guys for a fun and varied session.

GrapplerUK, is good....very good and took great delight in usijg that goodness to make me tap multiple times!!! That being said, he was more than happy to slow down at points and teach me a few new tricks (for which im most grateful). I did to my credit make him tap twice........though i attribute that to dumb luck haha!!!!

Very friendly chap, and i look forward to locking up with him again in the future.



dan9692 is recommended by rungymrun

Had a great time with Dan. Had high hopes for a victory, and we seemed evenly matched on stats but his height and scissors were too much for me! He’s very friendly and we struggled for about an hour, although next time I suspect we will go on much longer!



rungymrun is recommended by dan9692

Had the great pleasure of meeting this gentleman at his home in the fine city of Norwich.

I was immediately made to feel very welcome and when not wrestling he is a perfectly pleasant and hospitable man.

The wrestle itself lasted about an hour, after which we were both pretty exhausted (both of us having worked all day beforehand did not help). With practice he could be a highly formidable opponent amd he made me work for my victory of 10 plus subs.......i stopped counting after haha :) Fantastic meet and i hope we get round to having a rematch at some point!!!!



dan9692 is recommended by A1Jobberlad

As i could finally host dan was my first priority. Firsly dan is a lovely guy, great guy too chat with and totally safe. We had a mixed match consisting of wrestling and gut punching. Dan took alot of punches only if i could have taken as much. Trying out his boxing gloves were great and Dan looked great in his boxing shorts. Highly recommend thanks for a great session.



A1Jobberlad is recommended by dan9692

Alex and I have been chatting for well over a year now, but we never were able to sort a meet.....because life.

Finally the stars did align and we were able to meet. Alex is a lovely lad who was kind enough to host me for our match. It was a varied match with wrestling and plenty of gut punching, and despite his role as jobber was more than happy to give my own abs a fair amount of punishment.

Off the mats, he is a very likable guy and a pleasure to chat to. Even better at 6'4, he is one of very few people near my height which was nice.

Definitely up for meeting again and I am happy to reccommend him to anyone.



dan9692 is recommended by abs2000

As Dan said we managed to meet up at short notice for a Gut Punching match at my place, which was great as we have chatted about meeting for a while now.

I must say he is the tallest guy i have had a match with :) he had some great weighted boxing gloves we tried out for first back & forth, which was great! He took the punches well had to go a bit easy on him ;) but was good fun.

I must say its been a while since i took a lot myself due to having more Jobber matches as late. But i soon got in the swing of it. As he does have a mean streak ;) I did feel it the next day which means he punched me well.........He is a great guy, we had plenty to chat about, so i would recommend him to anyone, and very much look forward to meeting him again.



abs2000 is recommended by dan9692

Managed to squeeze in a meet with abs2000 yesterday in the time he had before another match. He was kind enough to let me come over to his place for a gut punching session.

We had a good tine both throwing and taking punches with and without gloves. He is in great shape and took everything i threw at him and could have taken plenty more!! I held out as long as i could but couldnt take any more punches after a while.

Abs2000 is a good hard hitter, and also makes for an ideal punching bag himself. When not beating on each others abs, he's a first class guy really easy to talk to. Im looking forward to round 2..........when my skin has stopped feeling quite so tender haha



dan9692 is recommended by SubsGuy82

An uncanny obsession with fenlanders and webbed feet.

However does appreciate northern culture, despite not being as northern as I am. A connoisseur of carbohydrates, appreciative of the science that goes into making the perfect chip.

He also fights too



SubsGuy82 is recommended by dan9692

Many redeemable traits, including his passion for chips and all things Northern (even if he did turn traitor and move south long before i did, slightly concerned his toes may have begun webbing).

He can put up a decent fight



dan9692 is recommended by NorthNotts

Dan is a great young man. He is a bloody giant at 6’6 to my 5’4. Despite that i took on this giant and won. He is a strong guy but great to wrestle. I highly recommend him.



NorthNotts is recommended by dan9692

Met in Sheffield for a match, amd was put at ease instantly by this really friendly amd accommodating guy.

Naturally that went out the window when we started wrestling haha. He may be short, but he is amazingly strong, the man is a tank!!! Not only that, but hes very skilled as well. I just could not get a sub from this guy!!!

Clearly has a dominant streak, he wiped the floor with me and enjoyed it far too much haha, and was particularly fond of humiliating me in hold with a few good gut punches.

Despite my ass kicking, i had a really great meet amd would take him on again anytime!!!! If i keep trying, ill get a sub from him one day!!!!



dan9692 is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Thanks to Dan for a fun afternoon of wrestling. I don't think I've met anyone taller than me on this site, so it was definitely a challenge. He was much stronger and skilled than he lets on too - I was tapping out far too much in his leg scissors. A really nice guy and great to wrestle!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by dan9692

Had the great pleasure of wrestlimg this chap today. He is a friendly and good natured person. On the mats he is a fun and strong opponent. More often than not i had him tapping out, though on ocassion he did catch me off guard, and once he has you in a hold he will make you suffer.......beware his sleepers, of which he is quite the fan. With more experience i can see him rising to become a very real threat.

On the whole i had a great afternoon of wrestling and picked up a few tricks off him (quickly used against him) amd i heartily recommend him to others.



dan9692 is recommended by Crushhhh

Dan is the tallest opponent I've met and with the height comes a wide arm reach and long legs (which he uses to great effect). He's fairly new to this so is still picking up skills, but he's enthusiastic and a fast learner who is surprisingly both strong and flexible. Away from the mats he's a really easy going guy who's interesting to talk to. I think we must have chatted for as long as we wrestled. I would definitely meet him again and recommend him to others.



Crushhhh is recommended by dan9692

I'm always nervous and anxious about meeting new people, but Paul put me at ease from the start. An incredibly friendly and considerate man on and off the mats. He will happily adjust to your skill level. I thoroughly enjoyed our match, and would recommend him in an instant. Great guy!!!!!!!



dan9692 is recommended by cambridgeuk

Really nice guy with very strong legs. With a bit more practice will make a formidable opponent. Very easy to organise a meet.



cambridgeuk is recommended by dan9692

Exceptionally pleasant and welcoming person made me feel at ease quickly. Enjoyed a good wrestle and would highly recommend for future matches



dan9692 is recommended by TROGM

Good meet with Dan. Really nice guy and a good wrestler too. Despite getting the first tap over him, he eventually used his size advantage to get the win. Wasn't surprised to lose when I had to crane my neck up just to look at his face. The guy is huge.



TROGM is recommended by dan9692

Had a good meet with Tom, was a quick but intense match that had us both sweating buckets. He's strong for a small guy so beware, but fortunately my height and weight made it virtually impossible foe him once I was on top. With more practice this guy could be formidable, I would thoroughly recommend a meet, and eagerly anticipate round 2 when we both have more technique under our belts. Great guy