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  1. Slovakia, Radola
    my home adress
  2. USA - Arizona, Phoenix
    visiting every now and then

I am willing to travel 1000 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


40-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 298 lbs (135 kg)

Gear: it is not about the gear ..


my measurements:
Biceps: 45 cm / 18.0"
Forearms: 35 cm / 13.8"
Thighs: 80 cm / 31.5"
Calves: 49 cm / 19.2"
Chest: too small Ikea tape :-P

Muscle beefy fella here .. into wrestling and body contact sport .. I am interested in the sport part of it .. I am not interested in having a match in bed where two cocks would be rubbing each other ..
I want a challenger .. beat me or I beat you .. and then what will happen depends on the testosterone levels ..



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Alecmusc Ibearian Indomable1965 slowsubs


dare2wrestle is recommended by slowsubs

Dare2 is one of those rare 300lb guys that is under 6ft tall and carries that 300lb as a solid bundle. Extremely strong and nimble. I had the great fortune to meet him very early on in his visit to AZ so after our first 4 hour roll we scheduled another. Spent an entire day wrestling, hanging, eating. A really great guy all around. As luck has it hes coming back in August and im looking forward to rounds 3, 4, 5 and how ever much time he can afford me.