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Hey I've been away for some time, I am back now, please give me some more time to go through all the messages!

(I would appreciate if you read it all)

Fit but inexperienced guy. I am looking for other fit guys to fight either competitive or slow submission matches, but always safe and sane.

I will also enjoy matches with less fit people trying to take on me. I am quite strong so if you don't have physical or technical advantage, you'll have a hard time. I like winning on slow submission matches a lot.


I have a background of kick boxing, karate and aikido (I lived in Japan) and I even went to China to train Kung Fu (mainly Sanda, even though I had more interest in forms and tai chi), but I am a beginner in all of these. I never tried grappling/wrestling/BJJ matches since recently, cause I've been always afraid I would be too turned on.. but turns out I really enjoyed my first "session" so I am here for more!



  1. Spain, Barcelona
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 33-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

Languages spoken: Catalan, Chinese, English, Japanese, Serbian, Spanish

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darkJR is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Met dark at a group meet in the city and had a great time wrestling him.
He's quick, energetic, agile, and strong in grappling with some good techniques under his belt. A natural who picks up techniques vy swiftly; I pulled a move on him as we wrestled and half an hour later, without having it shown to him, he was pulling the same move on another competitor. Off the mats a charming and engaging guy who is great company and a delight to chat with. A great guy to meet with who gets my highest recommendation!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by darkJR

Very experienced fighter this English gentleman! He is very pleasant out of the mats and in the mats his experience and skill do the talking, don't rely on your size or strength and enjoy the matches since you won't be able to find such skilled fighters that will be able to teach you just by beating you, with some gentleness and elegance keeping the match safe and sane.



darkJR is recommended by Phunkjunkeez

Met this great guy in Barcelona. Extremely friendly, funny and cool guy. His body is really great and it was a pleasure Wrestle him. Would recommend him any day any time. Hope to meet again.



Phunkjunkeez is recommended by darkJR

Very energetic, handsome, muscular guy. We had a short meeting but it was really nice. He's really into some holds, you'd better use them ;)

You'll really enjoy the meeting with him!



darkJR is recommended by Danywrestler

He is a charming boy, with strength and enthusiasm. He has a lot to learn, but when he does, he can become a very complicated, strong and difficult opponent for combat.
Spirit of a young warrior!



Danywrestler is recommended by darkJR

Really strong and veteran guy. He has raw power and it is very hard to win even a single one. He is also a very nice guy to talk with and I am lucky I had him as one of my first encounters in this world!

Fuerza pura, si quieres ganar lo vas a passar mal! I fuera del combate es encantador, tuve mucha suerte de tenerlo como uno de mis primeros encuentros en este mundo.



darkJR is recommended by Nakofi

To summarize my time with Francesc, in a word, would be, "ideal". He excelled all my expectations in every possible way and I already had very high expectations based on his profile. Smart, athetltic, cosmopolitan, kind, and any other positive adjective that can possibly be generated would fit him well, I am sure. Plus, he was able to work around my insanely unpredictable work schedule. If anyone has the opportunity to meet with Dark Jr, do it. He has my full recommendation and I cannot wait until we meet again!



Nakofi is recommended by darkJR

Nakofi is an insanely strong wrestler and knows his game. I had a very much pleasant time with him. Having had very little experiences so far, he made me feel very comfortable, he was very considerate and humble. He kind of kicked my ass but I am eager to show him how much can I improve and turn the tides around!



darkJR is recommended by Triathlete

DarkJR is a very fit fighter. He is a great heel and knows what he is doing. We had a pleasant fights and I do look forwards for a rematch ;) Both on and off the mats he is a very attentive, nice and energetic guy.



Triathlete is recommended by darkJR

He's a very charming guy and a perfect jobber ;) (but be always careful) I believe we had really nice fights!



ferligan is recommended by darkJR

Very energetic, handsome and empathetic guy. He doesn't like to loose so be careful if you make him tap... you should keep your guard up all times.

I really had a great time with him, he's very natural an straightforward, making the whole experience very smooth



darkJR is recommended by Jorgefighter


This (according to him) newbie has some out of this world instincts in fighting. He knows where to go, how to move, where to press without any advice. If besides you explain him any move or escape, he grabs it in a matter of seconds. This, added to his impressive strengh (the muscles you see in the pic are real AND as strong as they look) make him a formidable opponent. I had a really fun time both in and out the mat and I am sure that in 6 months he is gonna be kicking the ass of many of the guys here, including mine (not a big deal).



Jorgefighter is recommended by darkJR

He doesn't need more recommendations but I'll add that he made me feel very welcome and comfortable at his place, that he is really strong and destroyed me, also taught me cool stuff and encouraged to wrestle more. I managed to make him tap just twice but he fought until his last bit of strength. He's a natural heel.



darkJR is recommended by subbud

This man is a powerhouse! He is first of all a very friendly, easy-going guy, who is also super handsome and has a perfect body.

We had a competitive submission match and I loved every second of it. We were quite even for the whole match but at the end he won the last deciding round. The final score was 4-3 for him.
I am pretty sure we will meet again, I wanna take a revange and enjoy another couple of hours with this awesome guy.



subbud is recommended by darkJR

We had a competitive match that was quite even. He is very strong and starts without hesitation, it was really cool to wrestle him, not easy at all, you need to be in your best shape (or maybe have lots of experience) to face him. He taught me really cool stuff that I will definitely use in my upcoming matches. It was a shame though that I couldn't provide a better place to wrestle, that limited us a little bit.

He also is a very masculine very handsome man that was very understanding and comprehensive. The whole experience became really pleasant, I'm glad we were able to wrestle!



darkJR is recommended by Gforce199

A pesar de estar empezando, darkJR tiene un gran potencial para la lucha. Con solo enseñarle cuatro cosas básicas ya tenía recursos suficientes para luchar! Tiene una fuerza considerable y espero volver a repetir.

Despite being starting, darkJR has great potential for the fight. Just by teaching him four basic things he already had enough resources to fight! It has considerable strength and I hope to repeat



Gforce199 is recommended by darkJR

Fantastico oponente! Tiene mucha experiencia y era aprensivo al hecho que yo no tenia nada. Me enseno algunos basicos y los puntos clave para poder desenvolverme en la lucha. Gracias a lo que me enseno pude sobrevivir los siguientes combates. Creo que oponentes mas grandes o fuertes que el tendrian muchos problemas para ganarle con su tecnica y fuerza y su gran cuerpo. Espero repetir, la siguiente vez con mas experience a mis espaldas.

Great guy to wrestle with! He is much experienced and was very receptive to the fact that I am not. He taught me the basics as well as the most important keys to have a match rolling on. With that I was able to survive some following matches. I believe he can face many strong and bigger guys fearlessly with his technique and strength, he has also a perfect body. I hope to repeat soon definitely, with me having a little bit more of experience!