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I started wrestling in 2015 so very new to it. I have met some great guys on here and more on CL when it was going. The style that I like is submission. I am a small statured thin guy, I weighed 143 when I started wrestling. I have been working on my weight and am currently at 148. I hope to be at 155 by the end of 2018. I prefer to wrestle guys my size because I am competitive and like to win. Since it is near impossible to find guys my size, I take on bigger guys for the good sweaty work out.

I am married so travel is limited to about 100 miles which includes St Louis, Mo,, Evansville, In., and Paducah, Ky. If you can make it to the Benton area there are some good hotels in Benton or Marion, Illinois. If you make it to Benton during the day on Sunday through Wednesday - It is on! I am in St Louis every Thursday during the day.

Gear: I like wrestling in boxer briefs. I generally will wear whatever my opponent is comfortable with. I have wrestled guys that like to wrestle clothed and I have also wrestled guys that like to wrestle bare assed. I am ok with all of it.

I am very open to submission wrestling with gut punches. Not every guy likes it and if you are not into it we do not have to have it in the match. I am also open to dirty tactics and low blows. This should be agreed upon before meeting.

I am also open to stand up gut punch matches, be it trading 1 for 1, 2 for 2 and so on or 3 minute rounds taking turns working over each others gut. Being married I prefer to be gloved up for this as it reduces bruising. I am open to restraints for this as well.

Stakes: I am fairly new to stakes. Most guys I have wrestled are not into stakes. If you want stakes, I am open to it. It should be discussed and agreed upon before meeting. I have to admit that stakes are a turn on during the match, having it on the mind that you are going to dominate or be dominated determined by victory or defeat after the match.

I am now in St Louis during the day time every Thursday. I am generally available about 3:00 while up there. I can make prior arrangements to be there as early as 8:30 in the morning. If you can host that would be great. Finding a room in the day time is generally tough to do.

Not into cyber.

I will answer all messages that I receive including canned messages from non supporting members.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Folkstyle
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Cock fighting, CBT, Rip and strip


  1. USA - Illinois, Benton (I'm here from 7/11/2016)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 54-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 148 lbs (67 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shirtless, barefoot, Jeans, boxer Briefs, nothing

Submission Submission

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daveinillinois is recommended by flonewbie

Dave met me at my hotel in St Louis for a sub match with stakes. We had trash talked for a few weeks prior and almost couldn't meet based on schedules. I am still learning so am gaining stamina and skill. Although smaller than me, he is strong and more experienced so he outsubbed me this time. It was a great sweaty time both on and off the mat with a genuinely nice guy. I can't wait for a rematch for which I'll be ready. If you get to St Louis, take him on.



flonewbie is recommended by daveinillinois

Flonewbie is a very freindly likeable guy. We trash talked for a couple weeks heading up to the match. At times it looked like we might not be able to wrestle with the scheduling but he was able to work through it. He is a strong guy and gave me a sweaty workout. I look forward to him returning to st louis so we can do it again.



daveinillinois is recommended by moto60

Dave is a fine scrapper, willing to take on opponents of any size. He can take a lot of punishment and dish it out too. Plus a gentleman between bouts.



moto60 is recommended by daveinillinois

Strong, skilled and knowledgeable, i hope to meet him again to learn and practice holds. Good freindly guy who is safe and sane on the mats.



walkercody84 is recommended by daveinillinois

Very stong and knowledgeable on moves and holds. He was much stronger than me but brought it to my level. I look forward to meeting him again



daveinillinois is recommended by brutusbuckwheat

I recommend Dave for a wrestling opponent. He took the initiative to set up the match and was very reliable. He was at the agreed place at the agreed time. We had a good match. Other than being reliable, Dave is a very sane and civilized gentleman.

Met Dave again in March of 18 and had another good match. Our first time was basically Dave's first match. It's an understatement to say he is a improved since then. He definitely has some experience under his belt now and it shows.



brutusbuckwheat is recommended by daveinillinois

Strong serious wrestler that is safe and sane. He gave me a good sweaty workout. Even my hair was soaked with sweat. I would look forward to another match with brutusbuckwheat in the future.
I met Brutusbuckwheat again today 3/15/2018. It was another competitive match and quite a workout.



daveinillinois is recommended by recwrestle

Dave is a great guy, very friendly, but with a passion for wrestling. He is easy going, but when wrestling he is a tough and strong submission wrestler. I really enjoyed the match. I would certainly wrestle him again.



recwrestle is recommended by daveinillinois

Recwrestle is a heck of good guy as is everyone I have met on this site. It was a fun time wrestling and I wouldn't mind meeting him again.



daveinillinois is recommended by wrestman

wrestled dave in june in st. louis. he's a tough guy who doesn't give up easily. very friendly easy going both on and off the mat. would recommend him for someone visiting that area.
we wrestled again in aug 2017, very good match. hope there will be more matches in the future.



wrestman is recommended by daveinillinois

I had a good time wrestling wrestman. It was a fun sweaty workout. He is a strong guy with a wicked scissors. I look forward to wrestling with him again if he comes back to this area.
I met wrestman again August 2017, We wrestled here in Benton. He is a very tough man. He still has a wicked scissor. Got a very good sweaty workout. It has been a couple days and I am still sore. Hope he heads this way again sometime.



daveinillinois is recommended by gutpuncherVA

Have wrestled Dave twice; one-sided gut punching and some sub wrestling. Takes a lot of gut punishment really well and has very good wrestling skills. Very strong for his size. Also a really nice guy.



gutpuncherVA is recommended by daveinillinois

The first time I met gutpuncherVA, he was looking for a gut punch receiver. He gave my gut a good work out. The second time we met we did some submission wrestling. I have to admit that I enjoyed this match more than any other. He was strong, knowledgeable. He started working some pressure points to which I gave back. Looking forward to wrestling him again if he makes it back to this area.



daveinillinois is recommended by reneesouis

Dave is a great guy. He is very dependable, and really tries hard to pin or gain a submission. I enjoyed wrestling him. We practiced holds on each other. I would definitely wrestle him again.



reneesouis is recommended by daveinillinois

Really nice guy, Strong guy. Learned some holds I have never experienced and a few moves. I really enjoyed today's match and would wrestle him again. I wish I lived closer so I could practice with him and learn more.



daveinillinois is recommended by Mitchgrip

Awesome dude. Taught me a few things and we had some fun best of 5. Great guy for a 1st mtg, super friendly.



Mitchgrip is recommended by daveinillinois

Super guy, genuine and likable. Very strong and much stronger than me but he brought the wrestling down to my level. It could have been a total squash job if he wanted. We practiced holds then went into best 3 of 5. Very good sweaty workout. Highest recommendation.



daveinillinois is recommended by Jobber4943

Really great guy to wrestle, we had a lot of fun rolling around. He is pretty new to wrestling, but definitely was able to work me over with no problem. Highly recommend finding a way to get together with him if you are in the area!



Jobber4943 is recommended by daveinillinois

Had a great time wrestling Jobber4943. He is a tough guy and takes a lot. If he makes it to your town, he is highly recommended to meet. I would enjoy wrestling him again.



daveinillinois is recommended by rassler 315

I was introduced to Daveinillinois by a mutual friend in grappling, and was delighted to find another true warrior that enjoys the thrill of going at it with another man, exchange of holds, jockeying of positions, until one gives in, rest 30 seconds and go at it again. I can't wait to roll with him again and again. +++



rassler 315 is recommended by daveinillinois

Grizz is a great guy on and off the mat. He is a bit bigger than me but brought it down to my level and safe and sane. It was fun wrestling him alone and the two on one against him as well. I look forward to wrestling him again when I get to St Louis.



daveinillinois is recommended by wstlguy

Great guy and wrestler. Tough sub wrestler that is a fun, safe and sane challenge. Nice guy outside the ring too. Highly recommend ... and looking forward to the next match.



wstlguy is recommended by daveinillinois

Great guy in and out of the ring. Tough, safe and sane fun sweaty workout. Want to meet again. Highly recommend.



arthurc is recommended by daveinillinois

Had a good match with Arthurc. He is strong and experienced. I learned some moves. Good sweaty workout. Look forward to wrestling and learning more from him again.



daveinillinois is recommended by workout

Dave is a great guy – we have wrestled and he is sure tough for his size – he never give up --- he can keep going and going. I know he has given me some hot sweaty workouts. Will recommend him and look forward to the next time we can hit the mats together.



workout is recommended by daveinillinois

I have wrestled workout on several occasions and each match was incredibly fun. He is strong and wirey. I recommend wrestling with him and hope to have more matches with him when I get to St Louis.



daveinillinois is recommended by hdscissorztn

Great guy to hit the mats with. Had a fun workout with Dave. He is still new to wrestling but with experience I'm sure he'll prove to be tougher and tougher. I highly recommend meeting up with him if you can. Hope to meet him again down the road.



hdscissorztn is recommended by daveinillinois

Several guys told me that Ken was a good guy and a good wrestler. They were right on both. He lives up to his screen name and has a very strong scissor. This was probably my sweatiest match yet. Had a good time. Hopefully we can meet again.



daveinillinois is recommended by CountryDudeSoIL79

Dave is a great dude! We had a bit of height and weight difference but he brought it like any heavy weight! An awesome time and look forward to more matches with him....I highly recommend challenging him!



CountryDudeSoIL79 is recommended by daveinillinois

Steve is an awesome guy. I never boxed before. He talked me into a match and brought all the equipment and showed patience in giving me pointers. He brought it down to my level with nothing to prove. Each round he stepped it up a little. After boxing we went to wrestling. It was a good fun sweaty workout. I hope to meet Steve again.



jps999 is recommended by daveinillinois

It took awhile for us to meet but jps999 gave me a good hard sweaty workout. We had a safe and sane match. We are fairly evenly matched. I am sure we will wrestle again.