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The name is Kenneth,
I'm currently am a college student. Currently studying computer programming
My race is Chinese.
I live in Merced for college but my hometown is Tracy.

I don't travel that much and rarely do it. I only travel to Tracy for special events or occasion. I can't host a match in my home because I live with other college students. So we might need some where private ;)
Not interested in man who are older than 40

***new to wrestling***

I decide to check out this website just for fun and look around. I like more of an erotic wrestling or playful. I'm happy to chat and talk. I'm into getting dominate and praising muscles. Or I can dominate you and control your sexy body. Either way is sexy. No much into real pain or beating up. I do love beefy men a lot.

muscles *always* showing off and flexing is very sexy and cute in my book. ^w^

  • I will love to rub those biceps and pecs *
*I love to be carry and held*
cuddling or affection hugs or snuggling in the bed naked *heck yes*

nipple play *Me playing with yours or you play with mine* both ways are hot

erotic wrestling *very obvious of course* As I tired to make each other cum

Milking is my specialty/ as in making guys cum as many time as I can

Love to hear guys woof and be cute 0w0

Sometime I like to control big strong guys and make them flex as I rub them down and massages



  1. USA - California, Merced
    Place of residence
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I am willing to travel 20 miles


Age: 20-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 145 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: naked, underwear, shorts

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Indrslr Ruby1946

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davenrenz1245 is recommended by Indrslr

Good meeting with davenrez. Friendly guy and polite. Definitely not shy about mixing it up! Good guy to wrestle!



Indrslr is recommended by davenrenz1245

Great guy very strong and playful. Very nice too.



Ruby1946 is recommended by davenrenz1245

Very nice guy. Great fun for a casual safe sane and relaxing wrestling. He also have nice speedo and thong for you to borrow. He also great at massaging you down. Love to play with him again in erotic wrestling ;)