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Sub wrestler based in hull - can host and travel



  1. United Kingdom, Kingston upon Hull
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 44-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (193 cm), 218 lbs (99 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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dazwrestleuk is recommended by subscapuk

A strong guy who lad how to use his size and muscle to his advantage
Reliable friendly safe and sane well worth meeting for a great match any time



dazwrestleuk is recommended by retserof

Having meeting him, I think Daz is one rare example where the guy itself is better looking than his photos. The guy is HUGE and obviously strong, but managed to scale down a bit so that I'm not completely squash. Would love to have a rematch next time, when the time is more relaxed rather than rushed. 😊



retserof is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Had a really quickly arranged hotel match with this great handsome guy. Clear size difference but he just kept going, a strong, fast and feisty wrestler. Super sexy build, especially chest and biceps.
Off the mat then he's intelligent, interesting, funny. What's not to like



dazwrestleuk is recommended by Amirul

We finally met up for a quick match yet a great one.. had a chat before and after the match.. I was surprised when I saw him, he is way taller than I expected. Well we had a great fight tho, I won 1 out of 4 matches. He is nice person, very tall, strong, great body for his age ;) looking forward to crush you again sometimes..let me know if you are coming to Australia soon :)



Amirul is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Had a brief wrestle with Amirul whilst I was staying in KL. I was carrying a bit of an injury from a previous match so wasn't able to wrestle for too long, but what match we had was great - quite one-sided due to big size difference but he's strong for his size, has a great athletic body and will be more than a match for most guys around his size. And to top it all, he's a really nice friendly guy



dazwrestleuk is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

My very own giant jobber! :) But I can say that he wrestles with passion and heart. I appreciate that he drove all the way to where I am just to wrestle me. :)



Wrestleboyjoey is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Wrestled Joey twice, once when I was in SE Asia and yesterday while he was visiting the UK. Good wrestler (too good for me at the moment!) ans a really good guy.
Update 18/09/16- Third match with Joey, hastily arranged and he made the effort to get over to my hotel in the middle of nowhere.....He remains a great guy and a seriously good wrestler, but I don't think he can in all honesty refer to me as his jobber any more haha.
If you have the opportunity to wrestle him and don't, then you've missed out!!!



dazwrestleuk is recommended by Lpoolsub

Taken me a while to write this recommendation but I remember the match well. This is one tall and strong guy who is also quick on the mats. That said I made him work to get submissions out of me - both of us dripping in sweat by the end. I also surprised him I think - making him tap a couple of times. Remember - it's not your height or muscle mass that matters - it's what you do with. That said - if there was a winner - dazwrestleuk was definitely it this time... Bring on round 2!



Lpoolsub is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Great match today with Lpoolsub. Despite a big size difference, he made me work hard for every submission. Certainly not a passive jobber, he can take a tremendous amount of punishment before tapping.
Looks great in his gear and is a nice lad off the mats - what more could you want?
Highly recommended and I look forward to another match



dazwrestleuk is recommended by Antheus

Was lucky enough to spend a whole day in the company of this great man. He's been an amazing host making me feel at home from the very beginning and honestly couldn't have asked for better. On the mats he's fairly strong and doesn't give in easily which I always appreciate in a wrestler.

We had a long multi subs series and although I ended up battered I'm glad I gained a new friend. Looking forward to the next time!



Antheus is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Had a good long match with this strong stocky guy. Appreciated the fact he travelled up to mine. He's a menace with his strong legs and he bearhug, and he's not easy to submit, although I managed it often enough (!).
He's getting into power lifting and that will make him a formidable opponent. You won't regret wrestling him!



dazwrestleuk is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

re-meet with daz after 7 years and he is still skilled as ever, strong legs and funny fellow, hope i did better this time compared to last time



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Second meeting recently with this powerhouse after too many years. His pics don't do his physique justice, and those muscles can soak up ridiculous amounts of punishment. As smart and intelligent off the mats as he is skilled and respectful on them. Wrestle him if you have the chance



dazwrestleuk is recommended by steviewrestle

Wrestled Daz a few years ago now, but really enjoyed it. He is a strong big guy, locked me in his upside down bearhug never been in one before it was great. Guys you most wrestle this guy



steviewrestle is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Met and wrestled Stephen a few years ago - great guy to wrestle, he enjoyed being dominated but he struggled manfully and was absolutely no pushover - wrestle him if you get the chance



dazwrestleuk is recommended by Wrestleme

Dazwrestleuk is a tall, strong guy with great scissors. Once you're in them you can't get out. Would recommend you meet if in the area.



Wrestleme is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Had a few good matches with Wrestleme, cracking jobber and a better wrestler than he gives himself credit for! Nice guy, nice body and is highly recommended if you get the chance of a match.



dazwrestleuk is recommended by jamstu

Daz is a good solid wrestler great guy on and off mats. would take on again and recommend to anyone



jamstu is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Jamstu is a big guy, a strong guy, a skilled wrestler and a top bloke, seriously. Recommend anyone has a match with him



dazwrestleuk is recommended by Mattyboy

Arranged a last minute wrestle with Daz to usher in the new year! Easy going with an open space to wrestle in. Tall strong guy.



Mattyboy is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Had a very enjoyable match with Matty - He came over at very short notice and was a great jobber in our match. Fit, determined, nice body and a really good guy to talk to - highly recommended!