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uk based old school pro grappler love the gear the holds the whole thing. usually heel but flex for right match, sane, safe,love slowly trouncing a good jobber in pro gear (i have spare) or give n take exchanging holds with another heel. love sciccors piledrivers and over the shoulder backbreakers.happy to train a good willing jobber.



  1. United Kingdom, Brighton
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
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Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: pro gear trunks and boots

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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deckyou2 is recommended by ChunkyHeel

One of my earliest meets and still one of the best. Great wrestler, absolute gent. As mean a heel as they come - which I really enjoyed back in my young jobber days. Now I just borrow every trick in his book when I'm working over my own jobbers. If you get the chance then climb in the rings with him.



ChunkyHeel is recommended by deckyou2

one the hottest meanest young bear heels around, he knows his stuff and enjoys using all the old school brit pro heel holds on his oppo, he has a true pro mind set and scenario for best pro bouts, and he uses them to make his jobbers suffer. one of the nicest guys out of his pro gear, but in the ring you can count on a truly pro style onslaught of his knowledge of to and fro pro or nasty heel tactics in a long sweaty bout. really recommend this man to give you some good sweaty pro style fun.



deckyou2 is recommended by jjhartfl

excellent brit pro wrestler. wrestled him twice. 1 time in fort lauderdale florida and the second time in London. such a gentleman off the mats but on the mats he's a brutal heel. appeared with him in a british bulldogs video. one of the best beatings i've ever had <G>. glad to be able to call him friend.



deckyou2 is recommended by MONSTA

I got the reputation as the guy who bad mouthed this guy into his own video camera whilst he was held upside down in a pile driver. His enthusiasm for the sport was the driver for me to becoming a wrestle maniac that I am today. Love to meet and wrestle him again if our paths cross.


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deckyou2 6/28/2014

jobber in arm bar gets boots to the gut

Watched 1238 times.
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deckyou2 6/28/2014

camel clutch on the young jobber

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