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I am a novice into sane and safe erotic wrestling and boxing.



  1. USA - California, Santa Ana
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Age: 66-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, shirtless in jeans, jocks, nude

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droberts is recommended by btler

Met up with wrestlerstud 10/16/16 and had a good spar. As before he showed up on time, easy to arrange schedules and all around great guy. Good wrestler and decent boxer and highly recommend him.



btler is recommended by droberts

Frank is the best. I met up with him twice and both times he was great. He is a skilled fighter and willing teacher – he knows what he is doing. He fought down to my level and pushed me to become better. A hot guy to know and spend time with. Do not pass up the chance to meet him.



droberts is recommended by Superfly

A good guy to grapple with, strong, likes to dominate and had good stamina. He likes his opponent work for their subs and he was safe and sane. A good guy off the mats too and was reliable. Glad I meet up with him when he was here in London. 😉



Superfly is recommended by droberts

He needs to change his name from Superfly to Superguy because he is just that both on and off the mats. On the mats he is intense, focused, and relentless. He grappled to my level, teaching me along the way. Off the mats he was a great guy to spend some time with. BTW – don’t be fooled at all by his claim to be a novice – he is anything but! I strongly recommend him.



droberts is recommended by HarborFighter

I met Dave when I lived on the coast of Oregon. I was running my own boxing gym there. Dave and I chose to box out in my yard overlooking the Pacific Ocean, though. We had an awesome time together. Dave puts his heart and soul into boxing and when he boxed me I could tell he had some real skill. I had been teaching and coaching local guys at that time and it was a shot in the arm to have a guy come from out of town to box me. It felt GREAT. We sparred several rounds. Meet Dave if you have the opportunity. He's as real as they come.

HarborFighter Tom Webb



HarborFighter is recommended by droberts

Tom is nothing but the best. He is a highly skilled fighter, with a great fighter’s body, who came down to just a notch above my level to both challenge me and bring out the best of me in our bout. He taught me a lot about being a fighter – kind, honest, focused, and fun. He was great to get to know as a person, rather than a fighter, after the bout. If you have the chance to meet up with him, don’t pass it up.