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  1. China, 东城区
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34-year-old Male / 5'9" (174 cm) / 176 lbs (80 kg)


wanna have fun, located in beijing, wanna meet more friends



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dsun0617 is recommended by vj777

You won't meet too many more genuinely nice guys on mf!!! Dsun0617 was incredibly accommodating while I was in Beijing, picking me up from and dropping me off at the station as well as providing brilliant, useful recommendations about his city. We had a fantastic, spirited grapple with some back and forth pinning! He may have got one or two more than me!!! Add to your Beijing experience by getting in touch!



dsun0617 is recommended by eGambler

Dsun is fit, strong in wrestling and very friendly and nice in life. Meet him!



eGambler is recommended by dsun0617

eGambler is a very nice guy to meet and wrestle with. We had amazing time and he is super fun to talk with!



dsun0617 is recommended by loxing

Quite tough guy even though little experience and to most of combat matches,he is curious and eager to try or learn things here and there,haha~off the mat,absolutely a funny and passional guy.So here is the man you shouldn't miss:)



loxing is recommended by dsun0617

As a fighter, he's strong, skilled, quick moving and a hard puncher, and at the same time very considerate and play safe. Off the mat, don't let he's pictures fool you, he's such a charming and masculine guy!!! Many thanks to him for not only host such an exciting fight for me, but also show me around the beautiful city Zhuhai. I think I will find time to rematch with him again and agian, until I could win him hahahah.



dsun0617 is recommended by Mark uk

Oct 18. As I have said many times before. Never underestimate the new guy. This guy wasn’t skilled but boy he was strong. He will develop unto a good wrestler very quickly. Had a great first match and happy to meet any time in the future.
Off the mats he is a charming, intelligent and funny guy. Great conversations about life, work and wrestling. Great evening buddy. Thanks



Mark uk is recommended by dsun0617

Mark is quite a beast, haha. But at the same, he's also a very considerate person and an intelligent man!!! It's really great to meet him and to wrestle with him, since he's not only strong and skilled, but also play safe and fun. Through our talking, he told me a lot of things I want to know about. Many thank and looking forward to wrestle with him again haha.