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I'm a guy who tends to lose. I may do my best, but it usually ends with a with a girl's ass on my face or a guy's cock and balls on my face. Nevermind the fake location warning, I made the account while traveling. Rest assured if I were to lie about my location, it would be in a more exotic place than Wisconsin.



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  1. USA - Wisconsin, Altoona
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Age: 33-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Gear: the less the better

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eestsidebachela is recommended by wrestman

I did have to do some traveling to meet with bachela, but it was well worth it. this guy is very good looking, very strong, and well educated. this was his first match, but you wouldn't know–he has very good instincts, and will be a force to reckon with as he continues. Very affable, both on and off the mat. I highly recommend bachela, and am ready for round 2 when he is.



wrestman is recommended by eestsidebachela

Well, what can I say about wrestman that hasn't already been said? He's exceedingly polite, a great conversationalist, came a fair distance to wrestle me, is very knowledgeable and experienced and his leg scissors are just as strong as advertised. Fair warning to future opponents: he knows his head scissors is a guaranteed tap out so you know it's coming but not always something you can avoid, which is bad news if you don't like losing! I got the best of him at arm wrestling, and our match went back and forth and I thought my stamina would help me but at the end his experience and skill won out and I was helpless beneath him. I wish we were neighbors so we could wrestle every week and would recommend him to anyone.