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i like belly punching.And getting kneed in the gut.
can not host. don't contact me to play games. I want to feel your fists punch deep into my hot big soft belly ,or boxing gloves. Looking for some one to work my gut over once a week on a regular bases , lets do it.

only do real matches.Lets have fun. Like navel torch'er . Also want my gut worked over ok .maybe some naked wrestling , lets do this.Guys my main thing is getting my gut worked over good. would like two let two guys take turns working my gut over. nothing turns me on more then letting a guy work my gut over,with some nipple play and cbt to.if you like to work me over nipples,belly cbt to then iam your guy.I want you to work me over good to.I like to have some one to dominate me punish me i am a jobber



  1. USA - Texas, Fort Worth
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I am willing to travel 40 kilometers


Age: 62-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 340 lbs (154 kg)

Gear: none or shorts

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agniandrudra hardpunch Jaytwooh


ehercules is recommended by Jaytwooh

Was a very nice guy and took some good punches from me.



Jaytwooh is recommended by ehercules

Had a great match with jaytwooh who is nice guy on or off the mattes .He is a great boxer and packs a hard punch .He gave my gut a good work over.and learned some stuff about boxing get a chance to have match with him do it .you wont be sorry.



ehercules is recommended by hardpunch

I met with ehercules earlier this week and I must say he lives up to his profile and more. This guy can absorb a lot of punching and almost begs for more! If you are considering whether to meet with him, I would suggest you do so. He's the real deal and I doubt you will be disappointed.



hardpunch is recommended by ehercules

I met up with hardpunch on the first of this month and he lives up to his name and more .Hes a great guy on and off the matt,our match was super,his punches were accurate and powerful ,his fist felt like steel and he was just amazing ,he puts some younger guys to shame,off the matt he is also talented in music and art, playing the piano and filling peoples hearts with his music, his profile does not do him justice.So if you want to get gut punched by the best then hardpunch is your man.He wont disappoint you.looking forward to our next match.