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53-year-old Gay Male

5'11" (180 cm), 231 lbs (105 kg)

  1. France, Ploufragan (I'm here between 6/02/2016 and 6/21/2016)
    fort lauderdale
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singlets - square cuts - speedo


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.... i need to test myself on mats and see how tough i can be , how competitive i can be . ..Mostly into submission wrestling with strong beefy guys ..... look for real motivated guys into wrestling ... i wil l consider any serious challenge .....


Match structure: Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship


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euroman is recommended by crb42

After a long and exhausting meet in Manchester, I asked him to roll with me. Oops.. Although I was overpowered way too quickly by that killer headlock, we had great conversation afterwards and I learned that he is that winning combination of sheer power on the mats and a great mind off them. A real pleasure to meet.


crb42 is recommended by euroman

i didn 't wrestle CRB42 long enough unfortunatelly , it was really fun to test him briefly on the mats , i m curious to meet him again and see how tough fun wreslting we will have , he likes it as much as i like it , and he s such funny and nice guy to socialize with , i love his sense of humour .... let s roll again


euroman is recommended by lancsguy

I met and wrestled this big muscular heavy weight over two days at Pippas as part of a group meet. He is very much an experienced wrestler and easily the strongest guy I've fought yet. Thankfully my orangutan arms help me to control him... a little bit. It was a great wrestle but by the end of day 2 I was completely drained and could not stop his endless strength. We all socialised after each day and can say that euroman was warm and friendly, interesting and interested. Highly recommended. Merci.


lancsguy is recommended by euroman

it was really great pleasure to meet LANCSGUY , very impressive man to watch wrestling with others , felt stressed at first , , i knew it would be difficult for me and it was ... strong and tough on the mats , it was a real pleasure but i need more so we must meet again and his very friendly side outside mats makes me want to meet him again ......


euroman is recommended by JUDOMARS

LE COLOSSE DE NICE! enfin, après des mois de chat, nous avons pu nous rencontrer, et lutter comme des taureaux, ou des fauves, entre 4 murs... c'était génial... avons sué à n'en plus finir, tous muscles dehors et bandés, j'ai vite été débordé par sa force d'Hercule, du coup, moi qui suis parfois dominant en force pure, j'ai dû me raviser, et ne miser que sur ma technique, car là, j'avais affaire à un os, et lequel!... C'est un gars avec qui vous lutterez en confiance, mais pour l'affronter, et oser lui faire face, vous devrez mobiliser toute votre énergie, et votre technique...croyez-moi... un régal, à renouveler donc. Merci cher HULK !


JUDOMARS is recommended by euroman

Once again it s been demonstrated : each time i meet someone who joined a Grapplling club , judo club , MMA club , i m lost GERALD has really great technique to escape any assaults and we both sweat like crazy , and i feel hopeless , but i learn , that was a lesson for me thanks GERALD ...... I loved that meeting GERALD is also very friendly and easy to be with ... you guys go and meet him ...

une fois de plus , je realise que dès qu' un gars sort d un club de grappling MMA ou JUDO je suis perdu Gerald a une vraie technique de lutte au sol pour échapper a chacune de mes tentatives de soumission , on a transpiré comme des dingues j en devenais impuissant . une vraie leçon pour moi mais j ai aimé , j apprends : Merci GERALD combattant agreable et très cool en dehors des matelas allez y les gars !! rencontrez le


euroman is recommended by Tanker

The Ultimate Bear. Shock & Awe in Manchester

Mon Dieu! Sacre Bleu! Just spent 3 days with Monsieur Musclegod, zee Butcher Of Provence. He is an explosive mix of power, speed , skill & agility, . First you are overpowered, taken to the floor, alternatively throttled, arm barred or have your legs twisted in various painful submissions. Once he has you there is no escape. no mercy will be shown till you tap. But he is totally safe & sane. In wildlife terms a skilful predator. A really efficient fighting machine. For me it was the perfect wrestling match, deeply satisfying, tho exhausting.
He is also the ultimate bear, he probably wears the classic wrestling gear of black square cut speedos & boots better than anyone I have ever met. His thighs & biceps are especially noteworthy!
As a person he is the best, straightforward, friendly, warm, very funny, easy going. A sensitive guy but not in a tiresome prima donna way, but a masculine, thoughtful of the other person way. it was easy to arrange our meeting. No messing about. Until this week we we had never met, only spoken a couple of times on the phone or thru email, but we hit it off straightaway, no awkward silences.

I have tried to be concise here, because as real man Patrice is a bit dubious about the value recommendations, but as usual the curser has run away with me! Till next time my dear friend Merci beacoup & adieu


Tanker is recommended by euroman

I met DAVE for 3 days and it was a great surprise ; I met a real gentleman . he looks great in his gear and it inspired me ...we had several sessions of wrestling and he can surprise you by some sudden tough unexpected hold and assault to make you fall down on the ground - he can be suddenly rough and competitive .. we had many rounds when i faced a man really fighting to win ( as I do ) Dave is a great company outside the mats ..... he s interested in you and makes you feel very comfortable right away and helped me to feel relaxed in a wrestling group where i didn't know any one


euroman is recommended by ImtiazAli

I met euroman at OWG- XXX. As soon as he walked in through the door. I knew I wanted a piece of him. Who wouldn't?! All that tanned muscle!

He is clearly immensely strong and skilled. We had a short, but very real submission wrestle. He was like a charging bull, and I loved it.

There was no winner, so another reason to have a rematch.

Highly recommended!


ImtiazAli is recommended by euroman

We met recently in Manchester as soon as you see IMRAN you notice his light weight ..... so things should be pretty easy

HUGE HUGE mistake !!!

The man is an expert and skilled ,trained grappling kickboxing in the past , he s very technical great skills that made me impossible to apply a serious hold to make him submit ... that was a great lesson for me i loved it .. IMRAN is not only strong but very sweet and friendly


euroman is recommended by muscu83

Après plusieurs années de discussion et d'échange, j'ai enfin eu le plaisir de rencontrer Patrice et j'en suis vraiment heureux. Je suis considéré comme quelqu'un de costaud et de puissant mais je me suis senti vraiment bien faible en comparaison de lui sur les tapis. Patrice est un lutteur puissant et musclé, avec des bras et des jambes impressionnants de force pure. Je me suis vite retrouvé bloqué dans son dévastateur head-lock et bloqué par toute sa force musculaire. Obligé de taper pour lui faire desserrer son étau. En dehors des tapis, Patrice est un homme respectueux, sympathique et aimable. Très recommandable. A bientôt pour la revanche.
After several years of discussion and exchange, I finally had the pleasure to meet Patrice and I am really happy. I am considered as someone tough and strong but I really felt very weak compared to him on the carpet. Patrice is a powerful and muscular wrestler with arms and legs of impressive pure strength. I quickly got blocked in his devastating head-lock and overpowered by his muscular strength. Obliged to say "I give" to make it loosen his grip. Apart from mats, Patrice is a respectful man, friendly and kind. Highly recommended. Stay tuned for revenge.


muscu83 is recommended by euroman

Marc est un chic type très accueillant costaud et solide ... et agressif au tapis. Il se sous estime,attention!! il est plus costaud que ce qu il vous dit . il est motivé et c est un vrai plaisir que de le revoir a nouveau pour une revanche.
fin de citation.


euroman is recommended by Indomable

Impressive and unforgettable sometimes life allows you to enjoy the magic that makes a dream a reality...


Indomable is recommended by euroman

great guy that i can't wait to meet again , he s big strong .. i love his crazyness about wreslting and we compete well on mats .. we must meet again for some tougher wrestling


euroman is recommended by Lincoln Lad

I had the pleasure of wrestling euroman in London recently - and I can't rate him highly enough - A1 recommendation. He's strong and skilled on the mats and a real gent away from them. Totally safe and sane and technically skilled. Great conversation afterwards, too. Can't wait for the rematch!


Lincoln Lad is recommended by euroman

very pleasant man and powerful
i wish i could meet him again on large wrestling mats or on a ring and see how tough we can be .....


euroman is recommended by frank83

105 kgs, une force et une puissance rare et une technique de lutte imparable, ce gars est une machine de guerre en lutte. Heureusement pour moi il sait s'adapter à son adversaire et je suis pret à l'affronter à nouveau. Hightly recommended



euroman is recommended by gutcheck

The epitome of masculinity. Describing time spent with this man as magical is in no way an overstatement.


gutcheck is recommended by euroman

He s a wrestling fantasy. And real : Not only very strong but very experienced and entertaining in pro wrestling. And very friendly man


euroman is recommended by Physical

What can I say but that this guy is a great sport on the mats, powerful, strong, determined and although he 'claims' to have limited technical expertise - don't be fooled!
Thoroughly recommended and a great, sociable guy off the mats too. Have a roll with him if you get the chance - you won't regret it!


Physical is recommended by euroman

strong beefy man very nice friendly guy and really safe ....... i really enjoyed meeting him I must meet him again on mats


euroman is recommended by wrestler tr

he is really strong wrestler...I hope we will meet again...


wrestler tr is recommended by euroman

very friendly wrestler , strong man and competitive . I really had a great time


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