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  1. New Zealand, Hamilton
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 500 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


61-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 157 lbs (71 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlets, shorts, trunks, speedo, thongs, jocks, nude


Lightweight muscular guy, into all types of matches. Have a place, and can host. Like muscle worship. Will meet anyone who is interested in wrestling. Give and take matches also great. Always looking for training partners and want to try a tag match. Bodybuilding currently, and hopefully competing in 2021



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Phone chatting, Not interested in cyber, Looking to coach, Competing (tournaments)
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Arm wrestling, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship, Photo swapping, I'm a heel, Stakes
Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Face sitting, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 4/26/2020

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f4leglock is recommended by jaydapunk

Very sexy daddy wrestler. Huge peak biceps that he will make u worship. Flex daddy



f4leglock is recommended by Hardmatch

I had the pleasure of wrestling this very fit and pleasant guy at his home while visiting New Zealand. This guy is as strong as his pictures would indicate. He has an excellent setup and we had a great matchup that lasted for a couple of hours or more. We traded some good holds and got subs out of each other. My weight and experience edge did work to my advantage but he can quickly turn the tables at any time. I hope to wrestle him again on a future visit to Waikato.



Hardmatch is recommended by f4leglock

Had a great meeting today with Hardmatch. This guy is way out of my league, with a lot of match experience and great knowledge of holds. Add to that his strength, and he is a formidable opponent. Steve is a very friendly guy off the mat, but means business on the mats. Watch out for his head scissors! Several times I found myself locked in painfull head scissors, both front and reverse. His figure four head scissor is equally nasty. Highly recommended!



f4leglock is recommended by Musclefighter

Met up with f4leglock at my place...he was just what I was hoping for....handsome muscleman...we were pretty well matched as far as size height and weight...we first did some posing and some good banter led us to our first was good and sweaty one...our second match we decided to go Roman was hot...naked and sweaty with a nice big tool shoved in my face...awesome...we have already set another match...Toe the line will ref and take on the winner....great fun!



Musclefighter is recommended by f4leglock

After chatting for quite sometime I finally got to lock up with Musclefighter. Being similar in weight and height, as soon as we locked eyes on each other, I knew it was going to be a great match up, and I wasn't disappointed. The chemistry between us was electric, and the the match soon became a battle for dominance and control. Bob is a great grappler, and although we didn't have a lot of room, a struggle ensued with head scissors, head locks, chokes, and some hot face sitting! A great guy to chat with, very friendly and welcoming. We are already planning the next match! Highly recommended.



f4leglock is recommended by ToeTheLine

I met F4leg today. What a gentleman. He is skilful in his chosen sport, and is generous with both his time and knowledge. I am heavier than F4leg but he had no trouble showing me some new holds. He is a good teacher. He is in great shape and his gym time really shows. He is passionate about his sport and if anyone has the slightest interest in wrestling this is the man to connect with. I may have been a bit of a handful for him at times, given our weight difference , but he took it in his stride. I have no hesitation in recommending him for a fun encounter.



ToeTheLine is recommended by f4leglock

After chatting for quite some time, Toe The Line and I finally got to meet for our match yesterday. This guy is big and strong and his photos do not do him justice. I knew he was about 10 kg heavier than me, but the sheer size of him surprised me when he pulled up at the house wearing a muscle singlet. When we got down to it on the mats and started rolling around, his power and size gave him an real advantage. This guys back is so broad I couldn't get a full nelson on him! TTL is a genuine, very friendly guy, and comes with my highest recommendation. Anyone looking for a really hard fight needs to meet this man!



f4leglock is recommended by albeck

Had a great time with fig4, taught me some new moves, took some great photos. A real nice guy who is into wrestling and will go out of his way to make it happen. Definetly a wrestler not to waste your time but to put you in a painful hold, just what I like. Will be seeing fig4 next year.



albeck is recommended by f4leglock

Met up with Al while he was passing through the area a couple of days ago. This guy is one of the nicest,most genuine guys I have met and wrestled with. There was a big weight difference between us, so we we had a good jobber and heel session,with me as the heel, which is good as Al makes a great jobber! He is a big strong guy with incredible leg strength, and combined with his powerful arms and shoulders he suffers beautifully. Highly recommended, and definitely want to wrestle him again!



f4leglock is recommended by Wrestlertoo

We arranged to meet for coffee, but fortunately for me it develloped into a real live session involving a lot of holds, masks and some muscle worship...
Discretion forbids me to say who did the worship part! However, an excellent time, great role play and great fun with this genuinely well built guy.



Wrestlertoo is recommended by f4leglock

Had a great meeting with this very friendly guy who was passing through. Jon is a great wrestler who knows his moves and holds. A lot of back and forth action on the floor with multiple head scissors and arms locks. Worked me over good in a camel and a nasty reverse head scissor. Highly recommended!



f4leglock is recommended by finest

Really enjoyed meeting up; we chatted loads, traded holds and got few pics done with his Aladdin's cave of gear!!
Jon really knows his promission holds and can apply them perfectly!
Just a shame we didn't have a bit more time



finest is recommended by f4leglock

Met up with Jamie a few days ago. We didnt have a lot of time together to do all the matches/holds we wanted which was a real shame.This man looks awesome in a singlet or speedos! He is a very fit and strong wrestler, and has amazing quad muscles. Watch out for his legs. If he scissors you, there is no escape! Jamie is very friendly and a very sexy guy! Highly recommended, and I look forward to the next match!!



f4leglock is recommended by razorfish

A fine gentleman on and off the mat. Good sized mat space to play with. Got the gear. Would recommend to any one that is up for a light match. Can't wait to meet again. Thanks.



razorfish is recommended by f4leglock

Razorfish is a really great lightweight wrestler who is fit and fast. He has great body with plenty of muscle and is very flexible on styles and knows lots of holds. For me its always good to meet up with other lightweights, as most guys are heavier than me. We tried to get together for a second match, but time didnt allow it. Highly recommended, and I look forward to more matches on his next visit.


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f4leglock 6/25/2019

Chest and delts

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f4leglock 1/13/2019

Chest flex at the gym

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f4leglock 8/01/2015

Just took this after a chest workout. Weight is 73.5 kg

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f4leglock 6/20/2014

Razorfish gets a submission

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f4leglock 3/08/2014

Quick flex.

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f4leglock 2/23/2014

Flexing after a chest workout

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