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Age 49
Height 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight 145 lbs (66 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male or Female
Gear square cuts, UFC shorts, border shorts
Languages spoken English
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  1. USA - New York, New York
  2. USA - Massachusetts, Charlton
    (I'm here between 8/19/2022 and 8/21/2022)

I am willing to travel 10 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

Match structure: Even match, Practicing techniques, Outdoors fights

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Folkstyle, Mud/oil wrestling

Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches

Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats

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5'6”, 145lbs. Lean, Musc, Experienced in grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gi and No Gi). 100% for real.

Hey, grapplers, brawlers, and wrestlers! I live in New York City with access to private mats. Trained wrestler (hs and college) and Brazilian jiu jitsu (8 years). Down for matches with beginners or experienced fighters. I respect my grappling brothers of all shapes and sizes, but lookin for matches with other lean, genuinely athletic guys within 35lbs of me, 45yrs and under.

All about good energy and the primal intense fun of competitive matches, exchanging moves and holds, working up a great sweat, fighting to tap out, and open to more if it lines up for us both.

Always cool with coaching less experienced dudes in basic submission fighting techniques and learning new moves myself! Who gets the tap out is always a great goal, but the sweat, excercise, fight skill building, and hot fun (if it goes there) along the way is way more important to me than who got the most tap outs. (Tho yeah, I do tend to clock that, Lol)

This site has connected me to amazing folks and fighters all over the world. Lookin forward to more awesome matches and new, great fighter to fighter connection.

Keep trainin and fightin, guys!


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guysinshorts is recommended by fghter

Guysinshorts has been on the site for a while and I don’t know how I missed rollin with this fit, strong, and very cool dude!
He’s in great shape; aggressive, and we both share the same vibe for intense muscle and sweat power exchanges, controlled bod shots, and super tight man on man challenges on the mat.
He’s strong and long and he picks up moves fast! - with some more tap out tools in his toolbox he’s gonna be a beast on the mat. He’s also a for real, good vibes, masc, fight guy and I’m looking forward to more to rolls and coachin him up in some killer submission locks and holds. If you get a chance to roll with this awesome fight bro take it. Highly recommended. He’s a blast on, and off, the mats.



fghter is recommended by chuknn

Thoroughly enjoyed meeting and wrestling with fghter! A gracious host, a terrific teacher, and a superbly skilled wrestler! Highly recommended in a heart beat!



fghter is recommended by jay94124

Fghter was a great opponent. Beginner here in BJJ and this guy was patient and willing to adapt based on my level. Highly recommend. He has a strong and built body. Glad we got to meet while I was in NYC.



fghter is recommended by Storm

fghter is absolutely stellar to roll with. He’s got years of BJJ experience and is extremely accommodating to your skill level. He controlled and varied the intensity of the match expertly, so I was able to learn a lot of moves and implement them practically.

On top of all of that, fghter is also really accommodating. He has access to mats, which is a great plus. I definitely recommend rolling with him if you get the chance.



Storm is recommended by fghter

Had a GREAT match and trainin session with Storm!
His pictures are 100% accurate. This guy is built like a Marvel superhero and he’s EXTREMELY strong.
We rolled and worked a bunch of moves and while he’s already formidable on the mats with more training this dude is going to be a beast! He’s also really fun to hang out with, has a great energy, completely reliable with a scheduling, and is someone you absolutely want to roll with if you get the chance. Lookin forward to our next one!



fghter is recommended by USLutador

I had the pleasure of meeting this warrior on his mats earlier this month in NYC. We had been meaning to meet up for a few years, so our encounter was criminally overdue. Fghter worked with me on some BJJ techniques, explaining some of the style's intricacies to me, relating it back to freestyle when necessary. Between sweaty rest breaks, we talked about wrestling and life, and everything in between. He is one tough dude, equally capable in the role of teacher as he is in the role of competitor. This accomplished wrestler and individual has my highest recommendation. I look forward to learning from him for many years to come.



fghter is recommended by Mike77ny

Fghter has been one of the best encounters and people Ive met from this site. He is very friendly, is a great host and got along with so well and so quickly. We chatted for almost half a year before our first match. He REALLY knows his stuff and has an excellent and thorough amount of skills that he was nice enough to teach me some moves. We grappled and wrestled and I was a bit sore in our first match but was worth learning and experiencing. Would definitely recommend to anyone, just be prepared for his strong holds and pins that may surprise you!



fghter is recommended by singletwrestler89

I HIGHLY recommend fghter! We have rolled on numerous times. He is a lean, mean, fighting machine and has no problem taking you down! Though I have always beat him on the pins, he has the leg up on the sub game! His skill level keeps growing and it's painful to admit my last match ended up with him humiliating me! I only wish he was not on the opposite side of the coast! I look forward to our rematch!



singletwrestler89 is recommended by fghter

Strong, athletic, skilled, and a really chill and friendly guy. He's a REAL challenge on the mats, and we traded a ton of moves in a match that was super fast (my crazy work schedule) but really intense and a total workout! Lookin forward to rolling with him as much as we can while I'm out om the west coast. He's strong. Very strong. And fast. Very fast. His BJJ game is def on point and SingletWrestler89 is one of those fighters I could roll with for both serious practice as well as fun. We're within 5 lbs of each other so we're an equal challenge! He also looks great in compression shorts OR singlets! A real athletic built, strong, and hot, fighting machine.



fghter is recommended by Crash 2 Pieces

Had an awesome match with fghter. It was intense, sweaty, and an all around good time. He is very strong and great body. Nice guy too, respectful of limitations. Would wrestle him again and hope to do so any chance I get.



Crash 2 Pieces is recommended by fghter

Crash to Pieces and I are real similar in size, and, mistakenly, I figured I'd rock out on him from the beginning. This guy is a beast. He's a lightweight grappler who'll surprise you with his strength, speed and endurance. C to P is naturally aggressive, very strong, and a determined grappler. He's got the bod of a lean fighting machine and wrestling with him feels like yr up against tight muscle on every side. He's also a super considerate and a great guy offa the mats. I highly recommend him to any grappler passin through the Austin area and I'm lookin real forward to a war of a rematch down the line!



fghter is recommended by Groundcombat

I have wrestled fgther several times over the years on both coasts and each time is a great experience. He's gracious enough to wrestle me despite the size and weight advantage I have on him but he's still a stud on the mats who holds his own. He's well-trained, super safe, and incredibly fit. And if that wasn't enough he's a cool guy that I enjoy catching up with after a long, sweaty roll. Definitely a recommendation from me and I look forward to lining up more workouts in anytime we can.



Groundcombat is recommended by fghter

Ground Combat is a strong, skilled, and competitive fighter. He's in awesome genuine fighting shape and is also a great guy. We have a substantial weight difference, but the matches are always intense, fun, a kick-ass workout, and he knows his jiu jitsu moves.

He's a chill and awesome dude who brings it 100 percent to the mat. I always look forward to fighting him when we get on each other's coasts.



fghter is recommended by omr24

Fghter is a must meet in NYC if submission is your thing. This guy is tough, skilled and fast, If he was not injured I probably wouldn't have a chance. We had an intense and sweaty hot match exactly how I imagined it to be. Fghter has a great location for wrestling and he's an amazing host. Highly recommended!!



omr24 is recommended by fghter

Omri is a competitive, strong, and skilled grappler who's speed and strength would challenge me hard anytime. He was also super cool with respecting the shoulder injury I was recovering from. Ripped and powerful, He's in fantastic shape and comes at fighting with a natural athleticism and tenacity that makes him an awesome, and formidable, opponent! If yr in Toronto reach out to this guy, if yr fortunate enough to get a match in with him you'll have one you'll remember for the rest of your fighting days! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!



fghter is recommended by IndyWarrior

In a weekend full of great rolls, this guy gave me the most aggressive ones, and that is a compliment. We were pretty competitive, but the only two subs which happened were his, though I felt like I got close once. Anyway, I made him work hard. :-) Wrestle this guy if you get the chance!



IndyWarrior is recommended by fghter

OK. Truth be told, the ONLY reason I got the submissions I got on this dude is that we rolled right as he was coming offa a really hard match with another dude at the academy we all were training at. If I had gotten to him earlier in the open mat I'd have been toast! Indy is a true fighter. He's VERY strong and has a rockin athletic build. Mat-smart, patient (something I always have to keep re-learning), and he times his explosive moves with strategic intuition. He was a challenge from start to finish and our match was awesome. We went at each other full and hard, worked up a killer sweat, and I'm looking for more with this great bjj brother. Indy's got an open and very cool energy on and off the mats and he's easy-going, friendly, and VERY knowledgeable about both personal training and bjj. DO NOT pass up the chance to roll with this all around great grappler and great guy!



fghter is recommended by BombsAway

Fghter is one beast of a dude. We had it going for hours muscle on muscle. Sure he got his weight class and experience to tip the scales for his end. But still a enjoyable bout where I learned some new techniques. Start of more to come



BombsAway is recommended by fghter

Bombs Away is an awesome tough, strong, and aggressive opponent. We had a great war, and I'm already stoked for the next one. Do NOT underestimate this dude. He tips the scales at about 130 but he has the strength of a lion. His endurance is off the charts (We rolled for hours and his gas tank stayed at full the whole time!) and he always fights to win. He has a lean, really athletic, super tight build, we both spent hours in a primal flexed grip of muscle on muscle struggle for dominance. On breaks between rounds we stayed locked down on each other and he def knows how to ride that line between fightin and man on man muscle play. On the mats he's all instinct right now and he's def on point. As this guy gets more experience (or if he starts taking any martial arts or submission fighting arts) he's gonna be an unstoppable beast. He's also a great guy off the mats, chill, and respectful of all limits. If yr in or passing through Boston, and dig an intense fight with a real hot, athletic brother, I HIGHLY recommend you seek out this true warrior.



fghter is recommended by RelentlessRival

Fghter is a great guy if you get to roll with him. We have met a few times and he's always willing to help me. He has a killer body and moves well. Very respectful. We go rough but he knows thats what i want. Seriously great guy and tough opponent. Highly recommended



RelentlessRival is recommended by fghter

RR and I have grappled many times over the years and watching him evolve into the bjj/submission fighting beast he's now become has been awesome. He's built, strong as hell, and has that specific strength, endurance, flow and explosiveness that a fighter can only acquire from years of consistent and dedicated training on the mats. We began rolling over a decade ago and I've gone from coaching him and winning most our early matches to feeling him surpass me and now consistently get the tap outs when we grapple full out, but I'm relentless as well and still findin ways to get mine in. RR is the total fighting package: great body, seriously skilled, super tough and he's also one of the most sportsmanlike and respectful guy you're gonna find on here. (the best always are). A complete athlete on the mats and easy to hang and chill with off the mats. I'm proud to call RR a friend as well as a most awesome opponent.



fghter is recommended by gymrat

This guy is the real deal in so many ways. Great guy, skilled, really into fighting — but with an emphasis on serious competition— and he can modify his game to make sure that happens. He’s also in terrific shape. Think the pics are impressive? The real thing is more impressive - more muscular, leaner and altogether more intimidating.

The evening was terrific. We’re very close in size, weight and strength - and a mile apart in skill, but this guy kept it tough and competitive while teaching all the time. After more than two hours of exertion i was exhausted, yet happy; sore, yet energized.

If you really like to grapple, and especially if you like to grapple with people in the top 0.5% of physical condition, Fghter must be on your short list. Safe, knowledgeable, and fun. Sign me up again.



gymrat is recommended by fghter

Gymrat is a grappler’s muscle/fight dream come true.
He’s strong, with a perfect fighter’s build: shredded as hell, athletic, competitive, fun, and determined to lock up on his opponent as hard as he can. We are very close to the same size, and feeling his power straining and challenging mine was as good as it gets! He’s also sane, respectful, and has the confidence of a fighter who knows the muscle artillery he’s bringing to the table.

We had a blast and I’m looking forward to more matches with Gymrat. (PS: He was great about stayin in touch as we figured out the logistics, and even arrived early after putting on some miles to get to my hotel). As he gets more BJJ and submission grappling moves under his belt this dude is gonna become a tap out machine. But, speaking from experience, feelin that much ripped muscle getting you into a hold and keeping you there as he struggles to tap you out will have other kinds of upsides!

If you are lucky enough to get a match scheduled with this Gymrat, you’re in for truly rockin fight session. Highly recommended. If you’re bringing a great attitude, a really fit bod, and a willingness to go at it 100 percent, FIGHT THIS GUY!



fghter is recommended by a victor

His name says it all, he's a fighter, so, even if you are lucky and strong enough to dominate him, he will not give up easily (sometimes not at all) and he will find a way to turn things around and to his favor again. He looks great in his pictures, but he is even stronger than one expects! He's a real challenge and he loves to have matches, meeting people and roll around on every chance that he has, so, make sure to contact him if your around!



a victor is recommended by fghter

A_Victor is strong, tenacious and very experienced in with chokes and strangulation techniques. He's in great shape and plays the choke game with sure and safe hands (attached to really muscular arms!). He''s got a fitness model's bod and even tho exclusively choking is not all I'm into, his profile is super clear and honest, and, going in with that mindest, he fully delivered a great workout and a hot muscle on muscle experience. (trading real chokes with a dude for over an hour is an awesome shoulder, chest, and arm/forearm/wrist workout!). He's def for other guys who REALLY get into chokes and strangulation techniques, and he's great at trading them back and forth for long sessions. A real ripped, gym sculpted fighter's bod, and a super hot guy to experiment with this particular end of the fighting spectrum. If choking is something you dig, I'd highly recommend Victor!



fghter is recommended by renegade wrstler

Fghter is a good friend and unbelievably an amazing elite fighter! Always have a phenomenal and the best grappling time ever with fghter! He is stunningly hot and just seems to set the bar much higher than anyone when it comes to grappling; we had some best epic marathon battle and an awesome grappling chemistry.

I can endlessly and repeatedly go on and on, constantly say trillion great things about fghter, because he has impressively blown my mind away for being an excellent opponent over the years! Highest respect and recommendation to one of my best grappling bud ever!



renegade wrstler is recommended by fghter

Renegade and I have had multiple fights over the years and I'm proud to call him a good friend. He's super strong and got real skillz. A tenacious and powerful opponent built like a true fighting machine. A respectful beast on the mats, Renegade's a really great guy and someone you'd definitely want to hang with after he's kicked your ass! We've always had challenging and very even matches and if you find yourself in San Diego, with an itch to fight a slammin hot guy who will probably wipe the mat or mattress with you and then buy you drink afterwards, definitely hit this champ up!



Lugi is recommended by fghter

Lugi and I have had two matches I give him the highest kind of recommendation you can give a fellow grappler on this site: he's an awesome fighter, a great guy, and as hot as they come. His pics are completely for real. Lugi is built like a genuine mma fighter; ripped, compact, and very strong, and possesses a great combination of aggressiveness, sportsmanship, competition, fun, and a real fighter's respect for his opponent. He trained in judo and submission fighting and it shows. We are very close in size and our two matches have been long and very even. He balances explosiveness with strategy, technique, with strength, and he will surprise you with both his speed and stamina. He's also a great guy to spend time with, and I wish my trip to Paris, or his to NYC let us do more of that. A friend as well as competitor, my only regret is we live so far apart; otherwise we'd be tapping each other out all the time! Definitely reach out to him if you are in Paris.



millzaj is recommended by fghter

Milltaz is a strong guy with a great attitude and can take more punishment than most of the guys I've rolled with on here. He's in real good shape and definitely has a competitive edge to his "jobber" inclination. Even as I knew he was into getting worked over I also knew he could send some real challenging muscle to muscle action back my way. We had a great match and I look forward to more with this enthusiastic fighter. He's also a genuinely good guy. Our match was set up very "last minute"s and it worked out great for us both.



fghter is recommended by Avalanche

What can I not say about fghter! From the time we chatted on here to schedule our match to meeting him in person, he is what he says and does! Looks a lot better in person and very professional the entire time we had our match. Very determined to win no matter what, and most of all he doesn't give up easily at all! I highly recommend him if you are in the area he is in! Eagerly looking forward to our next match man!



Avalanche is recommended by fghter

5 stars aren't enough for a recc for Avalanche. If you you could give a dude 10 stars he would be that guy!

I can't say enough about my matches with this ripped and super strong fighter. In a word, he ROCKS. My marathon grappling sessions with him were some of the best matches I have had. End of sentence. He's learning BJJ fast, already has some solid mma experience, truly awesome instincts, a shredded fighting physique, and legs that will lock down on you tighter than a power vice.

He commits 150% to his fights but he is also sane, safe, and respects all limits.

On top of having excellent mat-sense, and a genuinely powerful ripped body, he also is a really chill, easygoing true gentleman and we had as great a time off the mats as we did trying, with every ounce of our straining muscles, to tap each other out again, and again, and again!

If I lived in Seattle I'd be challenging Avalanche all the time. If you're visiting Seattle I STRONGLY recommend you hit him up!



fghter is recommended by Antaeus

We wreslted a while back. Between his super strength and BJJ skills I really had my hands full. He was more challenging for me than most, but man it was a fun and fierce battle. He's a great guy in great shape.



Antaeus is recommended by fghter

This grappler and submission fighter rocks. In great shape, skilled, and super strong. We had a great, intense, and epic match and I'm def lookin forward to more with this guy. There aren't alot of dudes under 180lbs who challenge me as much as Antaeus.
We had a blast. And....he's a great guy off and on the mats.



bstnguy is recommended by fghter

Bstnguy rocks. Strong, built, and tenacious. Competitive and super fun to roll with. he's in great athletic shape that kept the adrenaline pumping as well. We had a great match, and I'm lookin forward to the next one.



fghter is recommended by galmuscle

Great wrestler good technique very nice guy has a remarkable place I really enjoyed wrestling with hope to meet him again



galmuscle is recommended by fghter

galmuscle is incredibly strong, a very good fighter, and in fantastic shape. He's also a great guy! We had a fantastic match together when he came to NYC and I'm looking forward to the next time we can work up a sweat, muscle to muscle.



slimwrestler12 is recommended by fghter

This fighter is awesome. I've fought Slimwrestler twice and looking really forward to our next battles. He's a lean, mean fighting machine on the mats and a great guy as well. Stronger than you might think given his stats, and he can take a lot before giving into a tap out. He's built sleek and athletic, and always brings 100 percent to match. A a rockin athletic and hot South Florida Grappler!



fghter is recommended by nycfight

Fghter is a top opponent. Highly skilled at bjj - submission grappling, very strong, and a truly smokin body – amazimg muscle definition and great abs. When I work out, he is my inspiration body.

On the mats, it's full on competition, muscle vs muscle. It really is body chess with him as he is very skilled.

We have had many tough fought matches and I hold him in the highest regard. Excellent man. Excellent opponent.



nycfight is recommended by fghter

nycfight is a great opponent on the mats. He's strong as hell, has a slamming body; lean athletic (the guy's got impressive abs) & thick muscled where a grappler should be (rockin chest, shoulders, and arms). His upperbody strength is really impressive. He can lock down on you with a tonna power and it takes a lot of fighting strategy and skill to break through his strength and stamina.

We've had multiple matches and they've all been great challenges and a ton of fun.

He's a great guy off of the mats as well. Sane, safe, and respects any and all limits.



fghter is recommended by NonoSubfighter

Very skilled and super strong fighter, he is an excellent guy to wrestle and will adapt to all levels!! fghter is also a very friendly and hospitable guy
100% recommendable.



NonoSubfighter is recommended by fghter

This guy is a solid gold addition to Meetfigher's Team France! Frenchjobber is really strong and skilled, with a super-hot lean, ripped, combat-ready body. He gave me a challenging and rocking match He's aggressive, fast, and already has a decent working knowledge of the foundations of submission fighting. It's a workout to break through his defenses, and he's SURPRISINGLY strong for his size. We tore the mats apart and had an awesome battle. On and Off the mats, he's a really great guy and I'm definitely looking forward to the rematch.



fghter is recommended by Cet03

Fghter was my introduction to BJJ which I had snobbed before. I truly enjoyed and actually shifted my preferences from GP/BOXING to BJJ after the match. Fghter has patience as a perfect trainer, and most of all possesses a real fighter attitude, being aggressive, tough, strong, respectful. It is really a shame there is an ocean between us. The guy is in great great shape, perfect in size for my size, (definitively hot) and a very nice person off the mats – definitively worth my visit in NYC. Hope to be more skilled as next time I meet him, truly want to kick his ass :-)



Cet03 is recommended by fghter

Fight this guy!!! He's in GREAT shape, is super strong for his size, and can actually take an ab beating about as hard as anyone I've ever worked over. Genuinely good guy, who is super competitive on the mat, and a serious challenge. He's also super hot! One of the best matches I've had from MF, and looking forward to more the next time one of us crosses time zones.



lestat mza is recommended by fghter

One of the most technically skilled fighters I've ever rolled with from this site! A great match with a really nice guy who is seriously skilled in submission fighting and really strong. Lestat know's the moves and how to apply them from years of training in mma and jiu jitsu. One of the most challenging and competitive matches I've ever had. He's also super hot, with a lean ripped truly athletic bod. The perfect grappling/bjj package. If he hits you up for a match, do it! If you come to the mat with proper skills of your own you'll have a great match and learn a lot at the same time!



fghter is recommended by Evangelleon

Dude is an epic fighter and a great guy. Highly recommend him.



Evangelleon is recommended by fghter

Tough strong and tenacious, this guy doesn't give up. Lean and in real athletic shape and a great time on the mats. Awesome guy off the mats as well!



fghter is recommended by JUDOMARS

This guy is JUST one of the best grappler I ever met here... he is built as you see on pics, but more impressive and massive in real, and he deserves his blue belt in jiu jitsu, oh yes!....he is kind, smiling, sexy.. With a guy like him you cannot be injured, cause he knows perfectly his job : SUBMIT YOU WITH HONOR and great technics.. I really enjoyed my meeting with him, my fight with him, he got a perfect place to roll, and real mats for roll and roll... we grapple during 2 hours, and was SO great, hard, intense, muscle to muscle, with lot of sweat shared....he always push you at your extrem capacities, as his cardio is powerful... he is a master.. but next time I hope submit him... we will see!... you can trust him for all. We are too far from each other for being regular sparing partnairs, but Mark is just the ideal sparing partnair. You will learn a lot grappling with him.. and dont forget he is fucking strong him-self for his size,as I am too, so was just GREAT clash-male-meeting... SO THANK you for all dear Mark...



JUDOMARS is recommended by fghter

OK....If there's a high bar on this site. This guy is it. He is a great, skilled, competitive, truly athletic fighter with the kind of body that is built from both a commitment to the gym and to the mats. The guy's pictures are also accurate. He knows his submission fighting and his Jiu Jitsu technique and he is very very strong for his size. We first fought on a recent trip he made to NYC and it was one of the most satisfying and toughest matches I've ever had with a guy from this site, or any, for that matter. He's aggressive, smart, and plays jiu jitsu like other people play chess, which is exactly my game so our 2 hours of muscle to muscle battle sweat and skill was one of the best experiences I've had on the mats. OFF the mats it's just as good: the guy is a winner. Genuine, down to earth, with a great sense of humor and a real respect for other fighters. If you can bring a good body, good skills, strength, and stamina to the table, JUDOMARS is gonna be one of the fights of your life.



fghter is recommended by subguy21

If you are ever in NYC, definitely hit this guy up. He's tough, strong, has a great body, and is a very skilled fighter. You will not be disappointed.



subguy21 is recommended by fghter

Subguy21 is definitely the real thing. Tough fighter, great body, AND a very cool dude. If you get to NYC, have strength, stamina, and are serious about having a real competitive match, hit this guy up!



fghter is recommended by mattz4fun

Have grappled fghter several times, and its always challenging and good fun. His body rocks, great attitude, and very skilled. Always agressive but sane match. Don't miss if you have the opportunity to wrestle.



mattz4fun is recommended by fghter

This guy is the real deal! And a super good dude. I've fought him a bunch of times. He's strong, built like a ripped tank, , and really skilled. A GREAT fighter with an even greater attitude. If you get challenged by him you've got a fantastic match ahead of you.



fghter is recommended by Wrestling Angel

Guys, if you pass by NYC you have to meet this fighter, his pics are for real and he is as strong and skilled as he looks. Great person off the mats, talented in many fields which makes his game much deeper. Highly recommended.



Wrestling Angel is recommended by fghter

One of the best grapplers and great guys on this site. He's really in UFC athletic shape, knows how to move and how to finish a match. Tough as nails, serious about fighting, sane, and a tonna fun to lock up with. If this guy is in your area and you've got strength, stamina, and some real decent skills you should def check him out!