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Age 37
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Gender Male
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Last update 12/16/2021



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  1. Canada - Quebec, Montreal
    (I'm here from 8/24/2022)

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looking for wrestling matches or cock size contests

also, don't try to doxx me or use a name other than the one i tell you (finding out my real name and then using it semi-threateningly is not okay, even though my name isn't some big secret or whatever)

ask for my number on signal private messenger only (no whatsapp or other facebook products)

English / French bilingual, I don't speak German, sorry!


fightfight has no cyber opponents.

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fightfight is recommended by tommyV

We've been talking for a while, the tension building up between us and it was definitely more than worth the wait. Amazing body, great set-up and super nice off the mats, I can't wait for the next time.



tommyV is recommended by fightfight

He looks better in person than his photos, he shows up on time, he's clear about his boundaries and he's a lot of fun!



fightfight is recommended by WinnerWins

This guy is way tougher, stronger, and more aggressive then he looks. He loves the trash talk and backs it up with action. When plans are made, they happen, all limits, rules, and stakes are respected. A good guy. A great competitor.



WinnerWins is recommended by fightfight

He's clear about his expectations, shows up when he says he will and looks like his photos. What more can you ask for?



fightfight is recommended by spinne

One of the most memorable fights I’ve had. A great guy. Up front and honest. He was a great host. Respected limits.

And what a match it was. I realized quickly he had skills to match the muscles he brought to the fight. Woof. I fought hard, which made it hot when he overpowered me. Highly recommended for those looking to fight hard with a guy you can trust. I hope we can go at it again someday. I’ll be training up for it in the meantime.



spinne is recommended by fightfight

Hot guy who likes high stakes and plays to win. Looks exactly as hot in person as he is in his pics, shows up when he says he will, makes good on bets that he loses too.