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Looking for fun and safe wrestling. Quite open to various styles and really enjoy trading holds. I am a fan of BG East and UCW wrestling style matches.

I have a life long love of the figure four leg lock, and enjoy other holds such as nelsons, cobra clutch, Boston crab etc. I am also a big fan of scissors and headscissors and enjoy dishing them out as well as receiving them. Scissors only match? Am also partial to being worked over.

I travel to different parts of the country with work so may be in your area in the near future. Soon to be in London, Oxford, Liverpool, Brussels and Cambridge

Lets have a chat and see if we have some shared interests.



  1. United Kingdom, Maidstone
    Place of residence
  2. United Kingdom, London
    Here few times a month
  3. Belgium, Ville de Bruxelles - Stad Brussel
    Mid Feb visit TBC
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 39-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 209 lbs (95 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlets, speedos, boxers, boots, trainers

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figure4leglock is recommended by Crushhhh

After about 5 years of chatting I finally met up with fig4leglock. We met at a hotel so space was limited but exchanged some strong holds. Of course they had to include leglocks but there were scissors, nelsons and armbars too. His Indian deathlock was amazing. We probably chatted almost as long as we wrestled! He's great company and I'd have no hesitation in meeting again.



Crushhhh is recommended by figure4leglock

Well after chatting across many years, we finally got the opportunity to meet and have a relaxed bit of action in the hotel room.

The other recommendations are spot on, this guy is really friendly, easy and pleasant to talk with, making you feel very at ease but, don't be lulled into a false sense of security, he can wrestle and has some very powerful thighs.

Borrowed my red speedos and looks great in them - hope our paths will cross again soon as had a very pleasant time. Thanks Crushhhh :)



figure4leglock is recommended by jonny innocent

A relaxed meet, with an easy going guy. Safe and sane. Good to wrestle with and good to chat to.

It turns out that it’s fun to be on top some of the time. I very much enjoyed having him trapped in various holds and cranking them on whenever he seemed to be relaxing or getting a bit defiant. This was all the more fun because of the length of time that he was able to withstand them. It was also good pushing him around the ring and trapping him in the corner.

But don’t be thinking this was one-sided; when he wants to, he is more than capable of standing his ground and there were no half measures when it came to me being the one in the holds; I was given very short shrift!

A great meet with a guy that is good to work over and hard work to be under.



jonny innocent is recommended by figure4leglock

It was a pleasure to take on this guy for my first experience at Grove Park. A very relaxed meet, safe and sane and whilst still learning, what he does know is being put to good use.

He has some good knowledge of various holds and enjoyed cranking up the pressure whilst I struggled on the mat, especially in his well executed figure 4 leg lock that he was keen to taunt me in. I was able to repay with some holds of my own and found him to be a tough yet fun opponent who helped me feel at ease throughout.

Enjoyed the venue, enjoyed the action with this great guy and looking forward to meeting again in the future.

After a good gap, we have finally had our second meet at the Grove Park ring for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Plenty of holds, plenty of sweat and plenty of grunts! Always a pleasure with Jonny and was good to learn some new locks too, cobra clutch was fun! His scissors and figure4 were as tough as ever. Definitely meet up with this gentlemen for a satisfying wrestle in the ring.



figure4leglock is recommended by boston kid

Had a great meet with figure4leglock today.

As his name suggests he loves that hold - so being a kind soul I had to keep him in it groaning and begging for a long time .... all the while cranking the pressure up and down (but mainly up).

I put him through a few other nasty submissions - the Indian Death Lock worked a treat and he resisted the final submission manfully - though it was inevitable.

He also did a rather tasty Boston Crab on me with just the right amount of weight and pull.... and kept it on for ages... hot.

Finally he is a really nice relaxed guy which made the meetup even better. Definitely someone to meet again. Thanks!



boston kid is recommended by figure4leglock

Was a pleasure to meet the Kid and had a good session where we both suffered in a range of submission holds, all very enjoyable fun.

His Fig4leglock is devious and tough, cranking it up when he so wishes as well as other submission holds. It was enjoyable to return the favour and crank on some of my own, including the full Boston which I am pleased he enjoyed the pressure as I used my weight to lock n rock the hold.

The Kid is a nice guy, was a relaxed session and nice to meet him. Do meet him if you want some good wrestling fun, just like his other recommendations!



figure4leglock is recommended by Squashlad

29/01/2018: It was great to meet this strong nice guy early on in his MeetFighters adventure for a sweaty winter warmer of a grapple at the Walthamstow ring. He's enthusiastic and unfazed by taking on more experienced guys, has some good power, especially in his legs, and is keen to upskill and try things out, so he makes for a fun opponent. Between subs and off the mats he's pleasant and easy to chat too, and has a good knowledge of classic pro wrestling. Definitely a guy to meet again soon. Safe, sane and highly recommended.



Squashlad is recommended by figure4leglock

Well as many other guys have written, Squashlad is a really nice guy and was great to spend my first time inside a ring at Walthamstow and was kind to share his own wrestling experiences.

I had a fun time in the ring, Squashlad is tough and strong and knows how to move around on the canvas, to his own advantage. He executes holds very well, cranking up the pressure and have the bruises to prove it this morning. Fortunately, it wasn't fully one sided although it seemed it at times and he seemed to enjoy a rocking camel clutch, head scissor variations, being driven hard into the corner and a reverse leg lock.

Highly recommend meeting this guy for a thoroughly enjoyable time.



figure4leglock is recommended by Submission

Meeting this guy and have a long submission match. He is tough and u have to use your full skill to make him submit. And he looks really good in singlet. Highly recommend.



Submission is recommended by figure4leglock

It was a pleasure to meet and tussle with this guy after we have been chatting for so long. He has great strength and a great range of holds. His figure 4 leg lock is something else, not only does he know how to work it but he knows how to punish and control with it.

Had a great time so thank you for the evening of fun.