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HI, into wrestling with nice fun guys. Can host or travel.



  1. United Kingdom, Colchester
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 49-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 209 lbs (95 kg)

Gear: Singlet, trunks, jock, naked.

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fitznicely is recommended by ShortMick

Met with Fitznicely this evening and quite possibly had my favouirte match so far! it was fun, competitive and despite him overpowering and dominating me the entire time, I didn't stop resisting and we were both covered in sweat by the end - and I'll be aching everywhere for a day or so.
His pictures truly do not do him justice as he has an immensely strong build. I completely underestimated his upper body strength, but his legs... watch out for his legs! With his thoroughly thick thighs and massive and mesmerising calves, there is little to no escape.
I found it incredibly easy to arrange a match with Fitznicely, and he is a perfect host: polite, hospitable, easy to talk to and a perfect gentleman.
I am definitely excited about meeting for another round (once I recover from all the crushing holds)



ShortMick is recommended by fitznicely

Wow, what a lovely guy! So straight forward to deal with. He made the effort to travel to me this evening from London for which I am great full. We had chatted in advance agreeing what we both wanted out of the match so we both knew what to expect. What I gained in strength he matched with incredible stamina, he was relentless in his efforts to escape me. We wrestled for two hours until the sweat was dripping off of us. I would have no second thoughts to recommend this guy and look forward to our next encounter.



fitznicely is recommended by FrBoxer

Fitz is a is a strong, tough and intense wrestler, so he had a good time me a hard time!
Besides, he is charming guy, a resourceful and very welcoming host. Maybe a boxing session next time?




FrBoxer is recommended by fitznicely

FrBoxer is a passionate and relentless fighter. Always comes back for more and can take some punishment. We wrestled for a long time, he is quick and agile. Although on this occasion he was neither quick nor agile enough against me! Maybe next time my friend!! I also arranged for him to meet a friend who likes to box ,which is his forte. I had the pleasure to watch him use his gloves with skill and determination. Off the mats he is articulate, funny and likes some good banter. Highly recommended.



itblue is recommended by fitznicely

Met itblue, nice guy strong and up for a good battle. Lean and fit.



fitznicely is recommended by lutteurlg

Some years ago I met 2 times fitznicely. It was always a pleasure to meet and to wrestle with him. A strong and powerful opponent. Becarefull about his legs... Very kind and gentle outside the mats.



lutteurlg is recommended by fitznicely

I have met Lutteurlg two times now and both times he has quietly demonstrated his skills and strength as a wrestler combining his skill in Judo too. Always a pleasure and always safe. Highly recommended.



fitznicely is recommended by Essex

Had a great meet with this guy.
He's new to wrestling, but has certainly picked up a lot and gave me a proper sweaty workout.
He knew exactly what he was doing with me and was safe and sane on the mats despite the weight difference.
Top all round bloke both on and off the mats and looking forward to another meet with him.
Beware of his scissors, them legs are lethal!!
Highly recommended!



Essex is recommended by fitznicely

Had the pleasure to meet this guy, who has the most great humour and disposition. There was an advantageous weight/size factor in my favour, however, he knows his stuff and is a great opportunist!
It was a fairly even match, his skill and experience showed, but brute force and ignorance didn't do too badly either. Would highly recommend this guy.



fitznicely is recommended by Perseus

Met this rookie -A determined powerhouse wrestler who has great upper body strenghth and massive legs.Looks very fine in his singlet too and a safe fella to roll with.
As this fella gets more experience he will be very hard to beat. wrestle him he has my total recommendation



Perseus is recommended by fitznicely

Perseus took time to wrestle me and helped with with some holds which I was definitely in need of! Strong with good technique we had a good grapple, felt relaxed and safe with him and would like to go back and try to pin the beast with more ease than last time! Highly recommended>