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  1. USA - Tennessee, Bartlett
    (I'm here between 6/24/2019 and 7/01/2029)
    Place of Residence
  2. USA - Kentucky, Louisville
    (I'm here between 2/25/2020 and 2/28/2020)
  3. USA - Illinois, Schaumburg
    (I'm here between 2/21/2020 and 2/23/2020)
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


58-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 218 lbs (99 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: nude, shorts, briefs


Relative novice here, looking for opponents to help me improve and grow. Wrestled recreationally in high school. Occasionally able to host at a discreet place but more easily can travel within reason. Willing to job to learn more. Sub, pro style and to pin matches are preferred but will try other styles. Erotic matches are welcome but not a requirement. Other novices or veterans are all welcome for a match. Give me a shout and let's hit the mats or mattress for a match.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Online chatting, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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flonewbie is recommended by jimmyterrific

I just wrestled Flonewbie, he is a great dude, enjoyed wrestling him very much, hope he has many matches after mine, you will want to wrestle him, and a terrific dude, we wrestled in Bartlett, Tennessee, thanks, jimmyterrific, get out there wrestlers in Tennessee and wrestle this guy



musclelvr62 is recommended by flonewbie

We met for a hotel match. What a great guy on and off the mat. He is a strong guy whose holds were difficult for me to escape. Fun guy too. I gave it my all but couldn’t take him but will next time. Thanks!



flonewbie is recommended by Sam

It was so easy to set up a match with flonewbie, and he is a great guy to talk to. On the mat he is fearless, has good wrestling instincts, and is totally safe. Recommended.



Sam is recommended by flonewbie

Sam came through here on his travels, hosted at his hotel, and wow what a wrestler and all-around great guy. He is a man of his word who is strong, muscled and skilled. His recommendations are very accurate as I didn’t have a chance and had to submit several times. However, he wrestles at your level and teaches too which was awesome. We had great conversation, worked up a sweat and had fun on and off the mat. Take him on if you get the chance. I hope I get another match with him.



flonewbie is recommended by crusher2581

I was able to met up with flonewbie during his stay at Nashville. He is a very nice host and easy to talk to. We were limited on time but rolled around for about an hour. I showed him some moves I've learned along the way so he can incorporate those into his future matches. He will be a good challenge once he has some more matches under his belt. If I'm in Memphis or if he comes back to Nashville he and I will definitely lock up again.



crusher2581 is recommended by flonewbie

Crusher came to my hotel room on short notice today and is all his previous recs say and more. He is a strong guy and his legs can easily male you tap. We had a good time but I was outmatched though he taught me a few things. Great guy to talk to and roll with. Hope to lock up with him again sometime.



flonewbie is recommended by DEjobberman

Our time was too short together but we had a good time. Wish that time was in our favor but it wasn’t. Very glad we met.



flonewbie is recommended by RufTumblr

Had a great pair of matches with flonewbie over yesterday afternoon and this morning.

He is a man of his word and shows up. He is a tough opponent even though he is a new to wrestling. We had some great rolls!

I hope to meet up with him again.



flonewbie is recommended by hairyrassler

Met this guy at his hotel room. We did not have much time to wrestle but we did have some fun. Great conversation and a great guy all around. I sure hope we can to meet and have some fun rasslin again...



hairyrassler is recommended by flonewbie

What can I say about this guy. He worked around my schedule and met me at my hotel room. He is a fun and great guy. We had awesome conversation but only a little time for some holds. His biceps, pecs and overall size are impressive. Can't wait to meet him again when we have more time to wrestle. Thanks for a great time.



flonewbie is recommended by FLbearhugger

I am sorry to say I never wrestled Flonewbie, I had to much going on in my pvt life and he was understanding and very patient, now that life is settling down, he moved to the Memphis area and wishing him the very best. Thank you for listening and being patient. If I am ever in Memphis TN, will look you up...and give you a wrestling lesson and you are right Jason FL is one hell of a wrestler. Don't judge that book by its cover. ..Wishing you the best in your new city and state Steve. Big bear hugs from FL.



flonewbie is recommended by Rugged Rassler

Flonewbie and I met up 1 afternoon for a fun and sweaty match/workout. We had a great wrestling meeting, since we were so evenly matched, it just needed to last longer. He is a great guy and a gracious host and if u get the chance to meet with him, go for it.



Rugged Rassler is recommended by flonewbie

Rugged and I met for a sub/pin match in late November. We had an awesome match and don't let his small stature fool you. He is strong and knows what he's doing as a wrestler though we did some give and take as well. His endurance is amazing. Great guy on and off the mat. I can't wait to wrestle with him again. If you're in his area, definitely try to connect with him. You'll get a great workout and have fun. Very safe and sane.



flonewbie is recommended by grove123

Met flonewbie for a sweaty match and he was all he said. We struggled for several hours and we ended in a draw. He is stronger than he looks and he had me struggling for much of the afternoon. Am anxious to meet again. Finally Flonewbie was an excellent and considerate host, very interesting and well travelled. Thanks man.



flonewbie is recommended by hereit is

Flonewbie and I met on MeetFighters a few months ago and decided to have a hotel match since we were close in age and nearly the same size. We had a lot of friendly online trash talk and the time had come to prove who was the better wrestler. I traveled 2.5 hours and checked into a room with a king size bed. Soon, Flonewbie arrived and after introducing ourselves, we changed into speedos and met on the bed. After some friendly struggling, I was able to apply a full nelson and flip him over to score the 1st pin. That made him more determined and soon it was me who was the man on the bottom. Score 1-1. We decided to drop the gear and a long erotic match ensued. Flonewbie is very strong but beatable if you are lucky. I definitely want to wrestle him again and highly recommend him.



hereit is is recommended by flonewbie

He drove up 2.5 hours for a hotel match which was supposed to be a couple matches over two days and for a longer period of time, but a personal emergency didn't enable me to get there more than once or for too long. However, we had a great submission match with each of us pinning the other guy once and some hot fun action thrown in. Our similar size and body type added to the fun. Great guy to talk to as well. Hope to wrestle again soon but for a longer time.



flonewbie is recommended by Delrayguy

Flownewbie was fun to wrestle. He's a beginner like his profile name says, but loved learning some holds and technique along the way that I shown him. I think once he starts wrestling some more guys and gets more experience he will a good match! He was very hospitable and was able to wrestle him at his condo without any problems. Plus he's a nice guy too! He loved learning and when he starts taking on more guys he will use his height and weight to be a good match for anyone!



Delrayguy is recommended by flonewbie

All I can say is what an awesome guy both on and off the mat. He is one tough wrestler who subbed me at will but took lots of time to teach me holds and put me in them and let me do the same. Drove all the way up here from his home which I appreciated. He is strong and very skilled with killer headlocks and scissors. I can't wait to lock up with him again and use some of what he taught me to my advantage against him.



JasonFL is recommended by flonewbie

When I first saw Jason get out of his car, I thought I had a chance against him. Boy was I wrong. He is strong as a bull and knows many holds and counters which he used at will against me. We actually spent more time with him coaching me and talking in general which I enjoyed a lot. He is a great guy to talk to and wrestle especially if you have more experience than I do for the wrestling part. I want to meet up with him again because I will continue to learn and I enjoy his humor and intelligence. Maybe one day I can give him a real challenge in a match. Thanks Jason.



flonewbie is recommended by Lkn4awrestletoy

Patient understanding newbie wrestler. I had to cancel our first two planned dates but was able to show up for the third. Wrestled for a couple of hours and got to work him in a number of punishing holds. Stubborn jobber who resisted perfectly but succumbed to mye ultimately. Strong willing opponent. When I'm in Florida or when he's back in Olorado we will meet again.



Lkn4awrestletoy is recommended by flonewbie

He came to my hotel room and we had a fun match. He is much more experienced than me but I put up a challenge as much as I could. He was the heel no doubt though. Has strong holds and combinations especially his headscissors which led to many subs on my part. Great guy to chat with too. I look forward to our next match.



flonewbie is recommended by Dave wrestle

Flonewbie is a very freindly likeable guy. We trash talked for a couple weeks heading up to the match. At times it looked like we might not be able to wrestle with the scheduling but he was able to work through it. He is a strong guy and gave me a sweaty workout. I look forward to him returning to st louis so we can do it again.



Dave wrestle is recommended by flonewbie

Dave met me at my hotel in St Louis for a sub match with stakes. We had trash talked for a few weeks prior and almost couldn't meet based on schedules. I am still learning so am gaining stamina and skill. Although smaller than me, he is strong and more experienced so he outsubbed me this time. It was a great sweaty time both on and off the mat with a genuinely nice guy. I can't wait for a rematch for which I'll be ready. If you get to St Louis, take him on.



flonewbie is recommended by workout

Had the opportunity to hits the mats with flonewbie for a hot and sweaty workout ---- certain he is tough as well as a challenge --- even though he is new at wrestling – I believe with addition work on the mats he will be ready for anyone wanting a workout.
He is a nice guy and a gracious host – sure look forward to hits them mats again with him sometime in the future
Should you get an opportunity to workout with him – he will sure give you a workout



workout is recommended by flonewbie

Workout and I met for about an hour tonight for a hotel match. He is a nice guy on and off the mats. I outweighed him by plenty but he is pound for pound strong as hell and had no problem subbing me. He is a backyard wrestler but knows what he's doing. We had a lot of fun. I hope we can face off again when I've had some more matches. If you get to St Louis, don't miss out on a match with him.



flonewbie is recommended by RhodyRaybo

Met flonewbie last year when he was up this way on business. He has a lot of spunk and stamina. He's a great guy to roll around with, and if you like trash talk, you'll LOVE him! I hope I can rumble with him again someday.



RhodyRaybo is recommended by flonewbie

Ray is awesome. He is a bull who never gives up. I am the newbie and he made me tap out many times in the three matches during my business trip up that way. He is easy to talk to and willing to teach you holds which I appreciated. He came at me as soon as we dressed down for our match and showed me no mercy but let me put him in holds as well.

Great guy who I can't wait to wrestle again when our paths cross. He is strong as an ox and his scissors, camel clutch and headlocks will make you submit routinely.