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Looking for muscular guys to wrestle. Travel extensively around Europe and America.



  1. Switzerland, Bern
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Florida, Virginia Gardens
    (I'm here between 10/31/2018 and 11/02/2018)
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Age: 42-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

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freewrestler is recommended by md match

Had been way too long since my last match, and freewrestler was the perfect opponent to refuel my rasslin jones. thick built muscle, strong, skilled, fun, respectful, gentlemanly, aggressive, etc. Brought out that healthy sane male aggression that all men who wrestle appreciate and seek. Look forward to the rematch



md match is recommended by freewrestler

Strongly built and with the stamina to dominate his opponents, mdmatch is the real deal. Stocky and strong I had my hands full with him. We will wrestle again for sure



freewrestler is recommended by Italwrestler

I finally met up with Freewrestler after several years of communicating. Our encounter was very competitive. He is very strong and an able opponent. He is not quick to tap out and makes you work for every submission! He's also a great guy on top of it. I highly recommend him if he is in your area. I'm sure we will wrestle again if our paths cross. It's a shame he lives so far away! Great match!



Italwrestler is recommended by freewrestler

Met this Italian stud after quite some time of talking about wrestling and he fulfilled all my expectations. Muscular and strong, we wrestled submission. After a while we were both full of sweat due to the intense exercise. A very enjoyable experience we will meet again for sure.



freewrestler is recommended by DrWrestle

I appreciate all of time and effort freewrestler took to meet with me today. He is a class act!



DrWrestle is recommended by freewrestler

The pics don’t do justice to drwrestle
Amazing bodybuilder body huge pecs and amazing back; drwrestle will take you for a ride and put you on all sort of holds until you have to tap over and over again.



freewrestler is recommended by asianmuscle

Strong and agile wrestler who also likes to do weights and exercises.
Friendly and flexible opponent with changing schedules.



asianmuscle is recommended by freewrestler

Nice muscular wrestler who likes to do weights wrestle and armwrestle competitive and tough



Mr Lucha is not recommended by freewrestler

  • Incivil / bad manners



freewrestler is recommended by Wrestswim2

Quel plaisir de lutter avec Freewrestler. Il est musclé, résistant et toujours prêt à recommencer.
Il est en outre une bien belle personne avec qui J'ai rapidement sympathisé.
Rencontrez le vous ne serez pas déçu.
Je le recommande .



Wrestswim2 is recommended by freewrestler

Un des meilleurs lutteurs dans ce site. Corps muscle, technique incroyable, force enorme, bref il faut le combattre pour tenter sa chance mais il aime dominer.

One of the best wrestlers on this site. Muscular body, amazing technique, incredible strength, you have to battle Wrestswim even though your chances to win are very low...



freewrestler is recommended by lspowerhouse

Been talking for a while now. Finally we meet. Strong muscle Had a lot of fun. Back n forth strength test. Didn't want to scrissor him to hard because of him hurting. He try to put me in a spadle No way. Buddie I reverse and put him in a spadle twice Rematch for sure



lspowerhouse is recommended by freewrestler

Bodybuilder body and lots of years of experience that show when fighting, LSpowerhouse is the real deal. Though pressured by time we had a great fight - and he was able to pull a spladle move that I didn't expect.



freewrestler is recommended by want2wrestle

I had a great time with freewrestler. He is very strong, has a muscular body, and is a really nice guy. Both the wrestling and the tests of strength were a lot of fun. (He can really put the squeeze on you!!) I am looking forward to another match with this knowledgeable, powerful, reliable, and creative opponent.



want2wrestle is recommended by freewrestler

Awesome body, thick and muscled, great personality adapts himself to the opponent. Reliable and polite we had an awesome time. Be careful with his grip on a bearhug -my back is still hurting lol. Wanna wrestle Joe again



freewrestler is recommended by davey123

After exchanging many messages over a few months at last we were able to meet. Though we were perhaps a little restricted by having to use a hotel room rather than wrestle on mats we had a very good time. This guy is definitely doing his gym time - good thick muscle on him and well proportioned! He is a strong big guy! We tried out a whole load of holds on one another for real (ie with real pressure in the holds). He knows how to pile on the pressure and he endured some of the submission nasties well. Very considerate and polite and communicated easily with enthusiasm and was reliable in arrangements. Hope you enjoy meeting him!! He travels alot so if he says he is gonna be near you...he will be!



davey123 is recommended by freewrestler

Amazing guy, came right on time and did all what we wanted to do mostly exchange holds, he likes to dominate so future opponents be ready. Amazing body too and expert on sleeper holds Steve is to recommend fully and without hesitation.



freewrestler is recommended by muscle marty

Had a great meet up with Freewrestler. His double bi flex is amazing, awesome arms and pecs on him. He made me work, had me in his bear hug a few times, powerful man. Great guy to meet up with, want him again on his next trip to Montreal. I highly recommend free wrestler.



muscle marty is recommended by freewrestler

Awesome body even better than what appears in his pics. Good wrestler, knows the techniques and awesome muscles. We went at it for two hours and will battle again for sure.



freewrestler is recommended by texercise

I got to wrestle this Swiss Hunk when he visited Texas ... We are very close in height and weight ... Had Great time wrestling with Him and working up a sweat ... wish we had more time ... i wanna be wrestling this Guy again ! Wrestle this Wrestler - if You get the chance ...



texercise is recommended by freewrestler

nice muscles faboulous body to wrestle and bearhug looking forward to our next match



freewrestler is recommended by privateguy55

i have been chatting with this strong athletic Swiss man for quite a while, never really thinking we would have a chance to meet. But the opportunity did occur and it was everything i had hoped for..he was strong ,fit and a great guy. Enjoyed some wrestling, some tests of strength,some bearhugs and i even got him off his feet and up in the air when i caught him off guard.I only wish we had more time to spend...



privateguy55 is recommended by freewrestler

Great wrestler and fantastic person. A true class act. We had a great match, be careful with his strength, he can lift others much heavier than him. Cant wait to have a rematch.



freewrestler is recommended by ToughMature

Tough solid build. Persistent fighter.



ToughMature is recommended by freewrestler

Muscular mature man with lots of strength who likes to carry his opponents. We have wrestled several times in the past and has always been great - cant wait for another match.



freewrestler is recommended by Txwresl

Nice guy, in very good shape, loves to wrestle. Reliable and friendly. We have wrestled many times in different places. Good guy off the mat as well.




Txwresl is recommended by freewrestler

Excellent wrestler and reliable friend, we have met several times during the last years in different locations. Has lots of experience and can adapt his style and level to that of the opponent, from practicing holds to competitive matches. Always a blast to wrestle with him, Dave has a toned muscular body and is in excellent shape. I recommend him highly.



freewrestler is recommended by muscstud

had a great time taking on freewrestler. he has a nice thick muscle body. look forward to taking him on again.



muscstud is recommended by freewrestler

Awesome big muscular wrestler. Big mass difficult to defeat. Cant wait for our rematch.