Member since 355 days
Age 27
Height 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
Gender Male
Gear Speedo, briefs, jock strap, boxer briefs
Languages spoken English
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Last update 2/15/2022



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  1. USA - New Jersey, Hoboken
  2. USA - Nevada, Las Vegas
    (I'm here between 2/23/2023 and 2/26/2023)
  3. USA - North Carolina, Durham
    Here a few times a year

I am willing to travel 5 miles

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Miscellaneous interests: Stakes

Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Wrestling gear, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Fit gay 26 y/o redhead/freckled guy looking to wrestle. Can't host for the most part. Into watching jobber/heel matches. Into back-and-forth humiliation tactics.


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freshwrestler is recommended by Buchk

I had a lot of fun rolling around with freshwrestler. His legs are uber strong if he gets ya in them. After I thoroughly exhausted him, I had a lot of fun dominating him. Off the mats he’s a super relaxed guy and fun to hang with. I’ll be happy to tap him out again in the future. :)



Buchk is recommended by freshwrestler

Had a really good time with Buchk. He’s strong and overpowered me pretty easily, but I managed to get out at least one tap. Off the mats, he’s communicative, hospitable, and kind—the perfect host. Definitely recommend setting up a match with him if you have the chance!



freshwrestler is recommended by guykent

This was a very hot match against a ridiculously handsome man. I dominated, but he is scrappy, strong and fast, and when he got control I had a very hard time getting it back. Easy to organise a match with and a very big recommendation.



guykent is recommended by freshwrestler

Had a really fun time with guykent while he was in town. Super hospitable, respectful, friendly, and handsome. And a beast of a wrestler. Left me sore the next day in the best way. Highly recommend.



freshwrestler is recommended by Joe1717

Very cute, very sexy, a lot of fun. Great body and attitude. Takes a lot of abuse with a smile. Nice, respectful, and great to talk to. I'll be seeing this guy again. If you get the opportunity to meet him, don't think twice. Say thank you.



freshwrestler is recommended by ScrappyWrestler

Wow! This guy is an insanely fun match. His photos do not do him justice. A tenacious and strong wrestler. I can't wait to meet again!



ScrappyWrestler is recommended by freshwrestler

Had such a fun time with ScrappyWrestler! He's strong and powerful and honestly a few notches above my skill level, but was incredibly fun to roll with. Super accommodating and personable off the mats, and very easy to coordinate with. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an exceptionally fun, challenging fight. Looking forward to a rematch!



Prozium95 is recommended by freshwrestler

A really nice guy, and a really fun, hot opponent. We had a nice, long back-and-forth session, probably my most even match-up to date. Really happy we synced up while he was traveling, and highly recommend to anyone else who might want to wrestle him while he's on the road. You won't be disappointed. :)



freshwrestler is recommended by azknockout

The couple matches we’ve had so far have been awesome. Can’t recommend Freshwrestler enough! He’s fun, cute, and stubborn. Always popping back up for more, no matter how much punishment he’s been put through before. Looking forward to our future matches!



azknockout is recommended by freshwrestler

Had an amazing time with azknockout, even after vastly underestimating his skill. He's a killer on the mats, and really easygoing and personable off of them. Would 100% recommend–definitely seek him out if you're looking for a fun challenge!



freshwrestler is recommended by benwoulds

Freshwrestler is amazing. Handsome, built, tough, sweet, scrappy, competitive, submissive, the ultimate jobber, and an all around great guy. Highest recommendation!



benwoulds is recommended by freshwrestler

benwoulds is a great guy, a perfect host, and so fun to wrestle (of course!). He was communicative about his wants and extremely receptive to mine, making for two truly satisfying matches so far. He knows how to work you just right: so your abs, ass, and balls are perfectly sore, but without there ever being risk of injury. Huge recommendation for anyone looking for a gentleman at the door but a nasty heel in the ring. Special shout out for his nipple torture and atomic wedgies–they're deadly in the best way.



freshwrestler is recommended by Jersey2020

Had a great meetup with freshwrestler!

Great with communication and scheduling. We had similar stats, so had a good back and forth between us for 2 hours. He has a lot of strength and will be a challenge to anyone who meets up with him! Was super nice to chat with as well.



Jersey2020 is recommended by freshwrestler

Had a lot of fun with Jersey2020–he was super friendly and accommodating, and went out his way to teach me some new moves. (And he looks great in his gear.) Would recommend to anyone looking for a fun, easy-going person off the mats and a hot, challenging, and satisfyingly cruel opponent on them. Looking forward to a round 2!



Blueswimmer99 is recommended by freshwrestler

Couldn't recommend Blueswimmer more. Friendly before and after our submission match, a true menace during it, and a total stud from start to finish. Really happy he was my first match (even though completely destroyed me). I got a few dirty tricks in on him, but he always came back harder and ultimately wrecked me until I was his jobber. Excited to keep training so one day I'll make him tap.