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  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Lambeth
  2. Spain, Barcelona
    (I'm here between 3/20/2020 and 3/22/2020)
    Visiting BCN for weekend

I am willing to travel 50 kilometers


42-year-old Male / 6'2" (188 cm) / 213 lbs (97 kg)

Gear: Singlets, Jockstrap



I dip in and out of this website so don’t always respond to messages.

Looking for training bouts in London.

Well built lad here, discretion assured. Open minded.



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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Looking for coach

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g24lsa is recommended by Solidman

Tall. Heavy. Great stamina. Great body. Good banter. Willing to learn more. Fights back And looks great in gear.

Had an awesome very very sweaty subs only fight with this chap. Struggled to restrain my fists and knees though (most of the time). Look forward to round 2.



Solidman is recommended by g24lsa

A cocky and stocky absolute BRUT of a guy, enjoyed a subs match (even if I was on the receiving end of a bit of an onslaught). He is very imposing, kept patient with my pain-levels, just don't bring a plate if you meet this guy if you don't want your ass handed to you on it!

That said, we had a great workout and I gave him, at least, a challenge on stamina. Looking forward to a second meeting.



g24lsa is recommended by DARE68

Was really looking forward to meeting g24lsa as on paper we seemed a fairly equal match. I wasn't disappointed in the slightest as this guy came to the mat with determination and an attitude to clearly take me down - Brilliant! We fought long and hard with me predominantly getting the sub, However, this bruiser, with his 6ft 2in solid frame and huge muscular legs, wasn't going to let me have it all my own way, managing to counter my offence and create a number of hazardous situations for me to battle my way out of. A very exciting and well fought bout. I most certainly recommend this wrestler to anyone who has the honour of meeting him on the mats. A little more experience and I'm certainly going to be subbing to him! I certainly hope I get the opportunity to put that theory to the test as I'm already anticipating a rematch. Lovely lad off the mats too. Never short of conversation, gentlemanly & charming.



DARE68 is recommended by g24lsa

Have been chatting to this guy for a while and am thrilled to have finally met him this evening for a bout I was really looking forward to.

DARE68 looks amazing. Super-imposing in a singlet, incredible upper body, strong frame... and a nice guy who's really good fun!

I immediately felt he was would be the more experienced and boy, he doesn't hold back! I was immediately on the defensive and yet again, relying on the kindness of opponents to talk me through some attack moves. (I will get there!).

That said I did hold my own here and there, was able to use strength and agility, but when his frame is bearing down on your chest, with strong (and quick) arms squeezing your neck... it is hard to respond!

Really looking forward to a rematch with this strong sexy guy!



g24lsa is recommended by The Arrow

Met up with the G-Man tonight after less effort to fix up than it took me to reset my online banking password. And what a gent! He even organised the venue and all and is great company ( ;)

He cuts a strapping figure, at odds with his laid back Irish charm, and fills out his singlet very nicely. In particular with his legs. Oh man, his legs. I told him before we left he’d get the first one-word rec from me and that it would just be legs, legs, legs, ad nauseam. Tempting as though that would be, it’d do the big guy a disservice.

He’s steadily picking up technique and I hope to have helped there. That said he has a fair clue about what he wants to do to you - with a bit more focused and precise aggression I genuinely believe he’d take down most guys on here. His scissors got me closer to tapping, (but) without success, than anybody else’s before. Just a whisker more and he’d have nailed it. When he clamps on a sleeper whilst immobilising your arm too, there is only one way out, unless you fancy a nap.

Strong, good stamina and uses his weight to good effect. I hope to meet him again and hope he keeps at it. I can see him blasting through most comers if he’s prepared to dial up the pressure a bit. Very much recommended. All of him, but especially his legs.



The Arrow is recommended by g24lsa

Was thrilled to meet up with The Arrow after an out-of-the-blue challenge from him. I had not seen his profile before and was wondering how I could have missed it given the physique and passion on display in his profile. I was a bit intimidated by him (wasn’t going to tell him that though!) Went straight in to arrange a meet sooner rather than later.

In person he is easy going, friendly, interesting, articulate, and man, this guy is BUILT! Such a strong masculine shape, easy to see the effort he has put into it, with a strong upper body, muscular chest, powerful legs, yet managing to retain a lithe quality to his movement. Impressive stuff.

Had a great wrestle and a physically demanding time on the mats. I had a height and weight advantage (all those potatoes growing up!) which I simply could not translate into submissions, because the guy has an arsenal of holds, quick to position himself, working arms effectively, and just when I think I’m getting my arm back, in he goes against my face.. and I'm left tapping as The Arrow hits another target.

I did manage to get a couple of scissor holds on him, but the stubborn powerhouse would not submit. Next time, I will push it as hard as I can and try and fathom the extra bit needed to get that tap. Also landed a sleeper hold here and there.

I can feel myself getting close and he graciously gave me some useful tips. Will be thinking of that need to dial up the pressure next time at gym. I hope to put The Arrow into a quiver some day (and hopefully not because of an accidental kick… sorry about that!). Looking forward to Round Two. A great meet from beginning to end.



g24lsa is recommended by Christian Rage

So after a false start (my fault forgot to book the ring!) we finally met up. First things first this guy is imposing when you first meet him which is a real bonus. He carries himself well and clearly works out and as he climbed through the ropes I realised he was going to be more than a handful for me.

He is very strong and would say he was a match for me strength to strength. We started off doing some pro moves but we ended up doing submission and for a big guy he can move exceptionally quickly. He did get a few holds onto me however I didn't let him keep them on for long!

A great personality and a lovely guy it made the 2 hours we had fly by so quickly!

With a little more knowledge this guy will be a formidable opponent to anyone and I would definitely recommend him.

Let's see if he has remembered what I taught for Match 2!



Christian Rage is recommended by g24lsa

I suspected this guy would be a quality meet, and I was blown away! Pro in every sense - a passionate, skilled, strong, aggressive, safe (and very sexy wrestler).

We practiced some moves (was my first time trying Pro), after a few years on this site am getting a bit embarrassed at always having to be of lower skill than my opponents! But this guy has inspired me to learn more and to get better. Patient, strong, went at my pace, even threw some submission into the mix so I could at least get some holds on him (notwithstanding the fact there was no doubt who King of the Ring was!)

A wicked sense of humour, he's like Jeckyll and Hyde inside and outside the ring. Polite outside the ring (like butter wouldn't melt), then switch - a powerful (and devious!) wrestler inside. I hope to get my revenge.

Really hope to meet this strong muscular fit guy again and to become a better Pro challenge for him. His photos do not do him justice, one of the best I've met, in every sense.



g24lsa is recommended by wrknprogress

Charming, beefy, modest and definitely knows how to rock a singlet. He was kind enough to handle booking the matroom and definitely knows his way around the mats. We had a great sweaty time, tapping and laughing. He is very strong, safe and sane and is much more modest about his abilities than he needs to be. Easy to chat with and was kind enough to share a meal and show me a bit of the city. Highly recommended if you are looking for a fun, hard struggle.



wrknprogress is recommended by g24lsa

Had a fantastic grapple with this beefy wonderful guy, who is not only built like a tank, but very capable with it - had me tapping a few times, dangerous whether choking you with arms or legs!

Looks (and is) very imposing, the kind of body singlets were made for.

A pleasure to hang out with off the mats, really good company and a good laugh.

Very happy to recommend and hope to wrestle again sometime, one of the best I've wrestled.



g24lsa is recommended by jgrappler

Enjoyed meeting this good, big, strong fella, who wears his singlet well. Has great natural power, and is keen to learn more. Flexible for a big guy, so can take more than he thinks. Now just needs practice to perfect the holds (and maybe build in some aggression). He'll give you a good tussle. Great guy off the mats too. Well worth meeting!



jgrappler is recommended by g24lsa

Really enjoyed meeting this strong and experienced wrestler. Showed me loads of moves including levers, leg holds, strategies... just hope I can remember them all! Had a good grapple, hope to meet again. This guy is the real deal.



g24lsa is recommended by hardfitsub

Big strong fit and friendly guy. Despite the difference in size we had a good session as he was careful not to just squash me! Keen to learn and practise submission technique, happy to recommend.



hardfitsub is recommended by g24lsa

Had a good bout with this guy. His skill level was more than a match for my weight advantage, happy to recommend.



g24lsa is recommended by london sub

Had a great meet with this gent. Strong, good stamina & great attitude... a few more regular matches and he'll be even more of a force to be reckoned with than he already is. Definitely worth meeting!



london sub is recommended by g24lsa

Was great to finally meet LondonSub.
He's a very strong muscular guy and a very experienced wrestler.
I really appreciated how accommodating he was of my lack of skill, and hope to improve so I can challenge him more. Happy to recommend and hope to wrestle him again. Great company.



g24lsa is recommended by Perseus

Big and strong it was a pleasure to roll with this guy. Very fit he gave me a good workout and we practiced loads of wrestling techniques. Looks very imposing in his singlet too. Can see a hunger and and determination which will make him a real force in the future when he gets a few bouts under his belt . One to watch for the future and I will definitely wrestle him again. Highly recommended and easy to sort a match out with him.



Perseus is recommended by g24lsa

Really cool guy. Went at my pace and appreciated my experience level. Showed me some new technique which I was really appreciative of, he's strong, knowledgable and skilled. Highly recommended.



g24lsa is recommended by southlondonwrestler

Had a good bout, big strong guy keen to learn more. Happily recommend



southlondonwrestler is recommended by g24lsa

Lovely guy, no hesitation recommending. Big and strong, had a great grapple.



g24lsa is recommended by groznij

Had some great time with this big strong guy. Still quite novice wrestler but I'm sure he'll pick up things quickly and will become more "dangerous" opponent pretty soon. A great fun off mats as well. Definitely recommended.



groznij is recommended by g24lsa

Lovely guy - had great wrestle fun. He's experienced and was kind enough to show me some basic moves, lessons in balance/momentum. No hesitating recommending, he's strong, a good wrestler and great company.