Member since 3.1 years
Age 62
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 174 lbs (79 kg)
Gender Male
Languages spoken English, French
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Last update 8/31/2020



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  1. France, Toulouse


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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Tag team / group fights, Online chatting, Like cyber wrestling, Not interested in real meetings

Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling

Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting

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Amateur cyber combats de catch classique, entre h....entre f.... mixte. Adore notamment scenario catch à 4 mixte couple contre couple. . Plus porté sur l'ancienne oposition "tricheur" contre catcheur "réglo " (mais pas forcément perdant) que sur l'opposition modene heel/jobber.
Lutte en réel impossible pour des raisons médicales.

French veteran. Love cyber pro wrestling matchs. Old school englih stye is the best for me but open to others tyles. Like m vs m as well as females or intergender wrestling. Love mix tag team : cpl vs cpl. More focused on the old opposition cheat against a regular wrestler (but not necessarily a loser) than on the modern heel / jobber opposition.
Can't wrestle for real due to healph problems


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