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  1. USA - Virginia, Alexandria
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46-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 278 lbs (126 kg)


Powerhouse into basic bonding through wrestling. I'm into feats of strength and power. Lifting and pressing other men. If you want more into what gets me pumped up, then do a browser search of these terms: cratolagnia and sthenolagnia.



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FLBigDude Natsnut raslnbb

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gorillamuscle is recommended by raslnbb

I broke one of my Cardinal rules of wrestling to meet Gorilla – never travel just to meet a wrestler I've never met before, but I wasn't disappointed. He showed up as promised, and is 110% what he describes. Crushing bear hugs and scissors. Definitely one of the strongest men I have ever wrestled. I personally measured his arms at over 19" and his thighs at over 29". He took control and enjoyed it. 😈Crushing and flexing. Only wish we had longer to lock up. Off the matts he is a very nice guy too. Highly recommended.



raslnbb is recommended by gorillamuscle

Had fun lifting/pinning/mauling raslnbb. He went out of his way to visit the area and I'd definitely recommend a meet up. He's a compact muscle tank which made for fun lifting and crushing. He's cordial and respectful... a very nice guy.



gorillamuscle is recommended by FLBigDude

This man is serious muscle and power - he easily dominates in a match with a mean bear hug and lift and carry power moves. His bear hugs can squeeze all of the air out - long held bear hugs while he did squats while locked up - amazing muscle worship and posing session as well! Of the mat he is the most down to earth and friendly guy - very impressive meet up!



FLBigDude is recommended by gorillamuscle

Had a great time constricting around FLBigDude. I'm not sure he expected me to lift him and squeeze the oxygen from his ribs/lungs, but he seemed to enjoy it. Glad he enjoyed my flexing and showing off. This meet up was definitely fun and easy going, no agenda and low key hanging out afterward.



gorillamuscle is recommended by Natsnut

King Kong is alive and well and wrestling on MF! Seriously, Gorillamuscle is pure power and a blast to roll with. His bearhug is unbreakable, and he is in control of his massive size and strength at all times. GM is friendly, witty, and an all around great guy. We will definitely be wrestling again soon!



Natsnut is recommended by gorillamuscle

Was a blast tossing Natsnut around and using him like my personal barbell.
Very nice guy and good sport especially when I was lifting him up and down with ease.
Looking forward to my next workout with my new barbell/buddy.