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I am looking for a man to test my power and to have competetive wrestling match.

I am generally looking for an opponent around my size (178cm height and 74kg weight). However, you can send me a message even if your size is very diferent. I am okey if you think that we will have a compatible match.

Also, please send me a message if you are taller and weaker than me, or shorter and heavier than me. In this case, one of us will have height advantage, and other will have weight advantage. I think it will be a good match.

Finally, you can have any sexual interest, it doesn't metter me, but I don't want to have any sexual attraction, so please don't send me sex messages or nude pictures. I just want to play wrestling.

Thanks for reading. Please send me a message if you think that we will have a good wrestling match.



  1. Turkey, İstanbul
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I am willing to travel 20 kilometers


Age: 25-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 163 lbs (74 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Turkish

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gurescigenc is recommended by matthias

Fun and safe wrestler. I was visiting his city and we decided to meet. Finding a time was a bit tricky but I’m glad it eventually worked out: gurescigenc is a fun and passionate wrestler. He’s safe, plays fair, and obviously enjoys the game. I had a great time wrestling him and I hope we can meet again sometime!



matthias is recommended by gurescigenc

Matias is a realy good wrestler. He is long and strong, and good at technics. During our match, he dominated me a lot, but I learned many technics from him. I recommend everyone to meet and wrestle with him.



gurescigenc is recommended by alphawrestler

We had our first match after talking for a couple of months here. First of all, I have to say gurescigenc is a really good opponent. His holds are tight and when he locks his opponent, you don’t have much chance to escape. I had one of my best matches with him. He is strong, energetic and he has a good stamina. Before, the match he was thinking I would easily dominate him, but I told him that I don’t think so. Our matches lasted around 2 hours and there was a lot of sweat and good holds. Even though he is shorter and lighter than me, he dominated me during the match. I should give his credit, however I was really tired on that day too. We will have a second round soon and I will update this recommendation. Over all, he is a really good fighter and friendly person. I definitely recommend him.



alphawrestler is recommended by gurescigenc

After a long conversation, we finally met and wrestled in his room. This is one of the best wrestling match I've ever had. He is a very friendly person and a very strong opponent. Even if he is in a difficult situation, he does not give up and fights to the end. Before the meeting, I was afraid that he could easily beat me because there was a difference in height and weight. Fortunately, it didn't. It was a very good wrestling that took almost two hours, and I managed to dominate him. We had to finish wrestling because I had to go, but I'm sure we would have continued for another 1-2 hours if I hadn't. I really want to meet and wrestle with him again, I hope we can meet soon. And I would recommend everyone to wrestling with him if you comes along with he.



marcusbey is recommended by gurescigenc

We wrestled with Marcusbey many times. I can say that he is a great wrestler. He is shorter than me, and there is a weight difference. Even though these difference, our fights were very competetive. He has very strong muscles and he is very skilled on wrestling. I hope to meet and fight with him again, and I recommend everone to wrestle with him.



gurescigenc is recommended by pazzzoo

I’ve wrestled and rolled for a couple of times for now. He’s strong and improving on the locks. Deffinetly a good wrestling partner.



pazzzoo is recommended by gurescigenc

I wrestled with Pazzzoo two times. In first one, we wrestled in an otel room and in second one, we wrestled in his home. He is very friendly guy, and strong wrestler.

I will not talk about our first match, because we didn't agree about result. In our second meeting, I usually dominated him (these rounds were dingdong). But in one round, he made very good attackes and manage to dominate me.

I hope to meet and wrestle with him again. Or do mma competetion.

If you have a chance to meet pazzzoo, I recommend you to meet without any doubt.



gurescigenc is recommended by sphinx-the-wrestler

He is a cool guy with a nice body and dedication. He is talented and strong, very safe at the same time. It was really fun to wrestle him, off the mats he is a nice guy too. I strongly recommend him and will wrestle him again, and this time I will win :D



sphinx-the-wrestler is recommended by gurescigenc

Hi is very friendly and good guy. We had a wrestling match in my home. Even though I won at the end, it was a competable match. I recommend others to wrestle with him



gurescigenc is recommended by Ozgun

Gurescigenc might have beaten me absolutely wonderful but i enjoyed amazing wrestling with him i'd love to brawl with him again i think everyone should wrestle with him



Ozgun is recommended by gurescigenc

Özgün is a great wrestler and very friendly person. He is thin, but very long. He has very long arms that cover up you, however he doesn't have weight advantage. It was very fun and amazing to fight against him, finally I was the winner, but it was very difficult to wrestle against him. I recommend wrestling against Ozgun to every meetfighter user, and I would like to fight again.