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  1. USA - Connecticut, Middlebury
    (I'm here until 6/01/2022)
    Vernon ,Ct

I am willing to travel 50 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


66-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: anything


Hey guys, I'm into gut punching, give and take, this is a very sexual sport for me and I'm for real. I'm not just a talker or a poser. I like it hard and like I said, sexual, however, sex does not need to be a part of this scene, I just love the erotic aspect of it, however, if the chemistry is there, it would be great fun to take it to the sheets. Hard or soft, I'm also very loud and vocal when somebody is laying into me. I am not into wrestling, however I have been with guys who are wrestlers and I do love being thrown around and having holds put on me. I have met many men on this site and have had a great time with them,I just never have bothered to post them as "past opponents".
Also, don't waste my time by challenging me , especially if you live across the country or in another part of the world I mean come on, that's just ridiculous ,however apparently a lot of the guys that read this profile can't read because they continue to challenge me. I will respond however , it will not be kindly .If you're truly interested in hooking up, then send a message and please make it alittle more inviting then " what's up".



Boxing Boxing

Fetishes: Want sex, Gut punching, Nipple play, Rip and strip

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Last modified: 3/28/2021

Past Opponents

Cterosub Dav8 doublearn jjlnyc Wrestlerct


gut punch heeljobber is recommended by Wrestlerct

I had an awesome time wrestling and gut punching with this muscular opponent yesterday! He has the physique and strength that regular gym workouts provide and plenty of enthusiasm and stamina for a nice long match. Definitely recommend! I’m already looking forward to our next match!



Wrestlerct is recommended by gut punch heeljobber

After a few conversations with Tom he and I met at my home.when he walked in the first thing I said was that he needed to have new pics taken because the two he has posted do not do his face or his body Justice. This man is all fur and muscle and is also freakishly strong. For 2 hours he had me pretty much twisted into a pretzel while he pounded the daylights out of me. If you have the opportunity and the privilege to meet this man, DO will not be disappointed but you will be sore.



gut punch heeljobber is recommended by doublearn

Had a great gutpunching match with this great guy and glad we were finally able to make it happen. I don't do as much punching as I used to be he was able to take what I gave him and had a great time. He can also throw a lot of punches! Hopefully we'll get a chance to do it again!



doublearn is recommended by gut punch heeljobber

It took us awhile to finally meet do to my scheduling mishap. But we did finally meet and it was one of the hottest I've ever had. His pictures do not do this mans face, body or devils smile Justice and he could throw a punch like no one's business. He is also alot of fun and a great guy,hopefully we will be able to connect again it was just too good to only happen once.



gut punch heeljobber is recommended by Cterosub

Have to let everyone on meetfighters know not to underestimate this man. He has the strength of most men half his age, and was able to withstand anything I could give out. Glad I was able to re connect with him after 8 or 9 years. Was well worth the wait. Thanks again F



Cterosub is recommended by gut punch heeljobber

Cterosub and I had met about 10 yrs ago on another similar site and all I was able to remember was how terrific it was. We recently reconnected on MF.
Like I said, I remember our first meeting as being great, but this reconnection made me truly remember how much so.
This is one incredable package. His body is tight, compact,beautifully defined and if you thought that size matters as far as strength, well then this freakishly strong man has something to teach you.
I have 50 lbs on him but he not only took every punch I threw, but then threw a few at me which sent me against the wall.
He then tossed me around like I was a piece of tissue paper.
I only hope that we can continue to meet, because he is too good to only have once.



gut punch heeljobber is recommended by Dav8

Gut Punch Heel Jobber. The name says it all. He is fun and handsome and knows how to work another guy's abs and pecs. I would recommend him highly and look forward to another match.



Dav8 is recommended by gut punch heeljobber

Dave was definitely a lot of fun he's a dominant man with a very very solid build. He loves nip play and is a master at it. He knows how to work a set of abs and pecs and enjoys it as much as I enjoyed him working me over. I would truly enjoy another meeting with him.



gut punch heeljobber is recommended by jjlnyc

Was hesitant at first as this was new for me.

It was, as promised, a turn on; gut punching, pec play, all erotic but also real with intensity gradually building. Heeljobber is well built and a good opponent/sport.

Would do it again.



jjlnyc is recommended by gut punch heeljobber

I met with jjlnyc earlier this afternoon and had a great time.
There was some very erotic gut and peck punching while we restrained each other.
This ended up with some action between the sheets which was very pleasent.
Hopefully we'll have the chance to hook up again.