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  1. China, Beijing
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38-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: Chinese, English

Gear: shorts


I m pro gutpuncher and gutpunchee. If you think you can give or take heavy punch , let's try.



Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Workout partner
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Gut punching, Trampling, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 4/02/2020



gutpunch is recommended by Toughcookie

Met in October 2019,Strong, hard puncher, genuinely nice guy. Easy to organise a match with, realised that gut punching wasn't for me, but would certainly recommend him as an opponent.



gutpunch is recommended by gutpunch82

Gutpunch is a punching expert. His punches were solid and he really pushed my limits. Highly recommend if your abs need a workover. Nice guy to talk to as well :)



gutpunch82 is recommended by gutpunch

Gutpunch82 is a nice guy. We play gutpunching for a long time. Sometimes i punch him with blinding his eyes. He also can take some heavy punch. Have a rest and go on. I play a good time with him. Thanks for gutpunch82. If you are a puncher you can contact him to play.



gutpunch is recommended by Alan2005sg

Jan 2019
Another fun fight & this time because I changed my role as a "Punchee". He was so kind to adjust his level, while testing my limit & not to injure my abs. He is a good puncher & punchee that you should not miss.

Jan 2018
Gutpunch is another recent guy that I lost to him in gutpunching. Yes, there is a 10kg weight difference between us but this is not an excuse.
Since he has an operation in his left arm, we can only use our right arm to strike against each other. He can really took my punches no matter how hard I tried & he dished out all my punches easily, I could easily be beaten down after taking 5 to 8 powerful punches from him. I am nowhere closing to him.
This guy is super strong. I have a lot of room to improve on my GP.
He is definitely one of my highly recommended gutpuncher in Beijing. Don't miss him when you visit Beijing or when he visits your city!



Alan2005sg is recommended by gutpunch

We meet again in Singapore. Alan is as strong as past. We play more wrestling this time. He teach me and play some wrestling fight. He show me how to lock my neck, leg and how to escape from lock. Finally, we play a little gutpunching. Thanks for Alan to play with me. If you come to Singapore do not miss him.

Alan is a great partner. He is kind, handsome, strong and full of energy. We play many rounds. His chest is very strong. I could punch it very hard. His arm is also very strong, he win me in all the arm wrestling. It is exciting to play with him. Hope to meet again.



muscldfighter is recommended by gutpunch

I chat with him for some years. Because of distance we have no chance to meet. When i told i will come to Singapore he arrange time to meet and fight. It is so nice. Joe is strong and musclar. He's arm full of power and can give many long time punch. And his abs looks like rock. I give him many hard punch and he still can stand on. Yeah, we take turn punching abs and play many rounds. Thanks for Joe to give me a great game. Don't miss him.



gutpunch is recommended by builtnycguy

Ethan was nice enough to meet me during my stay in Beijing. We did gut punching for a long time with him as the receiver. Even though I hit him for a long time, I could not break his abs. His stomach muscles were stronger than my punches.



builtnycguy is recommended by gutpunch

builtnycguy is very nice. His fist is big and strong. We play gutpunching nearly two hours. He know how to punch hard and keep safe. A good gutpuncher. High recommendation.



gutpunch is recommended by metuck12

Great guy. Very mild mannered and appears shy (though that may be just his nervousness at speaking English - I had no trouble communicating)
His abs were very solid and I thought he may be able to resist my punches as he had so many others but I eventually gave him the shots he wanted that broke through his last defences.
Had a great dinner with him after. He was very gracious and extremely helpful. Highly recommend for heavy hitters.



metuck12 is recommended by gutpunch

metuck12 is a good gutpuncher. Although he is injury, his punching is still powerfull. His fist is solid and pretty strong and he can punching for a long time.Hope we will have a gutpunching again.



gutpunch is recommended by NJWoodbridge

10/4/2016: I had the pleasure of meeting up with this tourist from China and I am very glad I did. He is new to wrestling so I got to show him a few things. He is a pro at gut punching and let me tell you he was awesome! I thought my gut was pretty decent, but he's got me beat by a mile. He took it by fist, forearm, elbow, and knee while standing free, up against the wall, down on the mat, and a few times when I had him in an over the knee back breaker. Moreover, he is a super nice fellow. I recommend him very highly!



NJWoodbridge is recommended by gutpunch

NJWoodbridge is very kind,and strong. We play many gutpunches. His punchings is powerfull and can punch for a long time. And he teach me some wrestling skills. It's a very nice man. Hope we can fight again.



pandaboy0815 is recommended by gutpunch

pandaboy0815 is a strong and nice guy. He can give many punches.


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