hotmex rassler


Member since 12.9 years
Age 50
Height 5'9" (176 cm)
Weight 207 lbs (94 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear singlets, thongs
Languages spoken English, Spanish
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Last update 7/05/2021



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  1. Mexico, Jardines del Toreo

I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)

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Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Tag team / group fights, Outdoors fights

Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Relationship, I'm a jobber, Stakes

Fetishes: Don't want sex, Spandex, Leather, Wrestling gear, Nipple play, Foot fetish

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well, i'm looking for action at all, keep in touch, i'm single, hot man, really wanna know guys arround the world, for friendship, matches, all...
greetings from Mexico


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hotmex rassler is recommended by Godolucha

Es una luchador muy fuerte desde que lo vi tuve ganas de enfeentarme con él, fue una reunión de cuatro peleadores quise enfeentarlo promero poque se veía en extremo fuerte y técnico y queríalmos enfrentarnos cuerpo a cuerpo desde el principio, fue una lucha de hombres y espero que me de la revancha esta vez lo hare sufrir grrrrr



Godolucha is recommended by hotmex rassler

Desde el principio me llamo la atencion su fisico.. Luce fuerte y su actitud retadora.. Enciende desde el. principio.. Ya que le entra a luchar con la intencion de ganar.. Es fuerte y con buena tecnica.. Una gran experiencia haber luchado con el y clsro ojala haya mas oportunidades para enfrentarlo..



hotmex rassler is recommended by alpinisto

I was able to wrestle this hot guy for the few hours he had in Copenhagen, and lacking the place and space to wrestle in my apartment we wrestled in a local park, even though this eliminated the possibility of making an erotic ending of the match. But it was nice to wrestle him, he knew a few tricks which I was not prepared for, and I inevitably had to submit in the end. Now I can only look forward to the revenge match!



alpinisto is recommended by hotmex rassler

Really nice experience to wrestle outdoors place. In a park...