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Inexperience willing fighter here, looking to be more...

i had tasted the men sport, like it. enjoy it. the sweat, the heat, the excitement. it is very erotic to me. from cloth strip down to skin, fight naked...

i m more into the sex part than the fight now. i would like to win a match, also a body for me to enjoy.



  1. Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
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Age: 34-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 161 lbs (73 kg)

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Well, well, do i start on Steve. A looker with a nice bod. And he claimed that he is inexperienced but i guess that statement is quite an understatement. He may not have amazing skills but he certainly has the strength. Pretty shy when we first started but that was just for the first 5 minutes....

He is indeed a nice wrestler to roll with. Competitive, strong and sexy!! ;-) Yup, what a combo! making it hard to focus on the fight but him sometimes....hahaha.... We rolled for more than an hour and we really had a great time. He is a genuine person and it was a real pleasure talking to him too.

I am looking fwd to our rematch, perhaps rematches. There's a deal that i gave him that I guess he would be looking forward to as well.....;-)



YangGanas is recommended by inexm

thank you for the experience and skill transfer, he show me some of his technique. much appreciate. he have advantage on his upper body, but a gentleman. he is open minded too. would like to rematch more often with him.