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Hi there!

Looking mostly for competitive submission wrestling.

I am friendly, without ego and give my best to win, and i'm looking for similar approach.



  1. Israel, tel aviv
    Place of residence
  2. Netherlands, Amsterdam
    (I'm here between 4/09/2019 and 4/11/2019)
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Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Hebrew, Italian

Gear: shorts

Submission Submission
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israeli 28 is recommended by Ginler

Israeli 28 is a strong and chilled guy. I’m glad to have met him!

I had a lot of fun rolling on his mats. Tough match with hard holds.
Watch out for his leg work!

Nice guy, great fighter - don’t miss him if he is around!



Ginler is recommended by israeli 28

I had a fantastic match with Ginler!
He is very energetic and way stronger then he looks.
A tough guy here on the mats and a lovely person

Looking forward to our next match!

Highly recommended!



israeli 28 is recommended by Some1

I honestly Can only repeat what's been said here below by israeli_28's other opponent's - This guy was a fantastic opponent! israeli_28 is a strong and friendly and fighter - aggressive enough to make any match enjoyable and fun, while always keeping the whole thing reasonable and sain as one could. We had a fun and sweaty match, where he proved to be a highly skilled wrestler full of Stamina and endurance.
Off the mats he is a great host: smart, intelligent, reliable and a good Conversationalist with a nice set up at his apt. Bottom line? as far as this website goes - you really can’t ask for more (-: Highly recommended .



Some1 is recommended by israeli 28

After a long time i finally met with someone and it was worth the long wait.

This guy is strong and resilient on the met, fun and nice after the match.

Highly recommended!



israeli 28 is recommended by newkite

Israeli_28 is the full package! Excellent fighter with a lot of skills! I had a blast rolling with him ! Before and after the roll super friendly and perfect host ! Hope we have a rematch when I am back in Tel Aviv!



newkite is recommended by israeli 28

I met newkite in tel aviv. He is a super nice guy, very skilled on the ground and very kind after.

Looking forward for our next fight!



israeli 28 is recommended by Cet03

The guy is a solid and powerful rock, has impressive stability on his marble legs by which he can control the fight easily, calmly and relentlessly for hours as we had the chance to. This guy brought me to exhaustion and tough I made him sweat a lot, I could never force him to tap.

His presence is intense and irresistible on and out of the mats. I enjoyed our time together really a lot and can’t wait to meet him again. 200% recommended.



Cet03 is recommended by israeli 28

This guy just got it all. Perfect body, great spirit, amazing power and a lovely smile.
We wrestled for hours and we couldn't stop!

He is also charming in and out of wrestling, so never miss a chance to meet him!



israeli 28 is recommended by m2434

Met Israeli 28 a week ago and had sweaty powerful match.
defiantly the strongest guy I met so far here.
good looking guy knows his moves ,practices gi,very comparative
strong legs that can lock u down .
off the mattresses very nice guy to talk too, hope we meet again
highly recommended by me ,don't miss him.



israeli 28 is recommended by muscleluv

I had a great time meeting Israeli 28 in Tel Aviv for a competetive match. This guy is the real deal - strong, fast, skilled, and when he wraps his legs around you, you’d better tap quickly. He was nice enough to let me try a few moves on him at some point, but despite being given the upper hand I just couldn’t make this guy tap.

Really easy to arrange a match with, really hospitable and genuinely a fantastic guy! Definitely dominant on the mats, and a great guy off the mats also. Don’t miss the opportunity to wrestle him.

Looking forward to round 2!



muscleluv is recommended by israeli 28

I met this guy in tel aviv and we had grear combination of fighting and having fun.

I pulled out all my moves on him and he just came back for more without getting tired.

Out of the mats he is very cute and smart. Dont miss him if he is around!



israeli 28 is recommended by Antton64

Tel Aviv is know for the hunks there and you won't be disappoined by this one! he is a stud, manly and handsome and with muscle body (won't talk about his huge legs).
On the mat, he is a bull, strong (try his scissors if you dare), skilled and resistant: a real fighter.
As agressive as hot, our match was the perfect mix of competitive and fun.
Can't wait to wrestle again now that he had began to train mma!
A must meet in Tel Aviv!



Antton64 is recommended by israeli 28

This guy is definitely a special one!

Not only he is one of the best fighters i've met here, he is also one of the most charming :)

The fight was intense, sweaty and perfect mix of competitive and fun. I used all my power trying to destroy him but he was indestructible.

Great guy, great fighter - dont miss him if he is around



israeli 28 is recommended by Eitanr

After long time, i had the opportunity to meet this great guy!
israeli_28 is well trained, strong, creative, and have a lot of experience in wrestling.
apart to be a strong and exprienced wrestler, israeli_28 is also an amazing person.
nice, gentle and a great guy to have a conversation with.
its was a pleasure to meet him, i hope that this fight will be the first of a many fights that we have in the future.
Highly recommended!



Eitanr is recommended by israeli 28

Dont let the size of this young man confuse you. He is very strong, very quick and if let your guards off he will take over and aubmit you.

Eitan is a really talented fighter, with great spirit and wonderfull personality.
Oh, and he is also very handsome :)



israeli 28 is recommended by schabernacken

Awesome that he found a moment to wrestle before his beloved football team's game the day after. ;)
Easy on the eye, strong arms and legs, eager to win and you can tell that he had some training in the past. Uncomplicated and sociable off the mats, so definitely a 100% recommendation for this lad from Israel.



schabernacken is recommended by israeli 28

I met this guy in barcelona and it was great!
He is a strong guy that loves wrestling a lot. We had lots of rounds and he didnt get tired at all.
Not many people can suffer my body scissors for long but this guy was durable for them :)

Lovely host and a charming personality. Dont miss him :)



Yes2014 is recommended by israeli 28

Well, what can i say about this handsome guy :)

We met during his visit in tel aviv. Meeting him was quick and easy to schedule.

He has a fine technique and great body. We had a tight and most fun match. Dont miss that guy if you around him!!



israeli 28 is recommended by nycfight

I was very fortunate to meet Israel 28 on his recent trip to New York. We had a number of very competitive and aggressive matches. He is a fantastic opponentt: very strong, skilled, and explosive power . He is also a fantastic person, very warm and friendly. You just have to over look the trash talking he throws in during the match (which makes it a lot of fun) :-) I highly recommend meeting up with this stud if you have a chance



nycfight is recommended by israeli 28

I met nycfight twice while in nyc because one time surely wasnt enough!
He is very skilled and hard to dominate. He is sweet and a very good gentlemen.
I really recommend to meet him for a good fight!



israeli 28 is recommended by Wrestling Angel

Met Israeli28 last night and had a great roll with him. He is skilled, super strong and loves the sport and physical interaction. Watch his soccer legs and his CrossFit strength! He is a really passionate man and a great contact. I am looking forward to our next match.



Wrestling Angel is recommended by israeli 28

Met this stud this week and well... He is simply an amazing fighter!
He is very strong, quick and has an excellent technique. If you meet him be ready to fight will all your heart and muscles otherwise you will tap quickly.
He is also super intelligent and his body is a masterpiece :)



israeli 28 is recommended by toro

We had a fantastic match. This guy is as sweet and handsome in person as he is tough and challenging on the mats. He is extremely strong and very technical, so wrestling him was like a chess match with a contest of brute strength. He's got great technique and can put you in some very difficult holds. His legs are killer–tree trunks that are pure muscle. Overall, he is a great opponent and an awesome guy. My highest recommendation.



toro is recommended by israeli 28

Well, this guy ia an excellent wrestler.
He knows exactly what he is doing and he is really hard to dominate. When he gets on top he is deadly. He has great upper body and when it comes to power it was impossible for me to compete.

He is also an amazing guy with great space and great mats. Will visit him again for sure :)



israeli 28 is recommended by Aspen

Israeli 28 is strong, skilled and has great stamina. He is very passionate about wrestling though always play safe and sane. Off the mats he is friendly and easy going. We spent an enjoyable afternoon having a sweaty fight, I'm waiting for the next round.



Aspen is recommended by israeli 28

Aspen is a real fighter. He is aggressive, competetive but always safe and fun.
We had a great match and i am sure the first of many to come!



israeli 28 is recommended by axxo007

Now that was a really fun, long, tough and sweaty match. I had a great time and definitely recommend this nice, handsome and very strong guy.



axxo007 is recommended by israeli 28

What a match!
Axxo007 and i had a long, sweaty and very equal fight.
He is very strong, handsome, and full of fighting spirit. Its a tough mission to make him tap!
We had similar style of wrestling so it was very interesting.
I definitely recommend him!



israeli 28 is recommended by newstravel

My new friend Israelien inside this world of wrestling. Israeli 28 is someone to be watching close because that given his very few experiences, he is simply amazing. Strong, powerful and most important Smart so be careful when wrestling with him. His pics doesn't make him justice because nowdays he is much more stronger than he seems. Totally recommended if visiting Tel Aviv but make sure to be ready otherwise you will have nothing to do against him.



newstravel is recommended by israeli 28

Now i have a friend in spain!!
I didnt had a chance against this amazing wrestler. Newstravel is so stable with his legs its impossible to get over him. Yet, i had fun because he is funny, charming and smart.



israeli 28 is recommended by orenbon

an exalent wrestler and a great preson. reliable and has some realy good technics. highly recommended.



orenbon is recommended by israeli 28

Oren is a great guy and he is very enthusiastic about submission wrestling and learn very fast. beware of his monstrous scissors!



martinj is recommended by israeli 28

Best wrestler I played with! Highly recommended!



israeli 28 is recommended by Muckis-Berlin

reliable...very nice guy and gently, was a sweaty match and his legs are strong...enjoy the next fight with him... ^^



Muckis-Berlin is recommended by israeli 28

Though very strong and powerfull, this guy is an elegent wrestler and a real gentleman.
He gave me a good hospitality and even better fight.
do not miss him in Berlin!



israeli 28 is recommended by WrstL1980

Israeli 28 and I have been meeting for over a year now. He's a great partner with allot of endurance and stamina. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who's looking for long fights with hard long holds !
*Watch out for his leg work; especially triangle chokes ;)



WrstL1980 is recommended by israeli 28

Wrstl1980 is the best wrestling partner i have.
He is strong, sane and safe. don't miss him!



israeli 28 is recommended by matthias

Great guy. Strong and fun. Highly recommended.



matthias is recommended by israeli 28

Strong, good techniqe and a gentleman!