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Im a heel looking for jobbers for safe and sane matches
Into erotic wrestling in underwear or speedos
Love to watch too and can take photos for you
Love providing massage with or without baby oil
Can travel only



  1. United Kingdom, Heathrow
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I am willing to travel 30 miles


Age: 50-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Briefs, Lycra Trunks , Speedos, Shorts

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jayboy0204 is recommended by Funlad89

Had a really fun roll around with this handsome heel today. A nice mix of punishment and pleasure. Easy to make arrangements with and felt very at ease. Really hope I get another session with him to see what else he might do with me.



Funlad89 is recommended by jayboy0204

So easy to arrange this meet with Mark. Wish they were always that straight forward. Nice guy and perfect jobber. Hope to meet up soon for Round 2



jayboy0204 is recommended by tallwrestle

First met this pro heel 10 years ago so it was great to hit the mats again all these years later. As strong as I remembered him to be, but also as sane and safe in his approach to a more inexperienced grappler too. Mean on the mat, but a gent off them. Likes his gear, which was fun to indulge! Thanks for a great session and hope we don't leave it quite so long until the next time 👍



tallwrestle is recommended by jayboy0204

After many years we finally got a rematch and I wasn't disappointed. Rick played the perfect jobber as I put him in many sub holds. Kept it safe and sane as always. Enjoyable match and hopefully won't be so long before we wrestle again



jayboy0204 is recommended by New2this

Had a really great match with Jay. He definitely knows his stuff and showed off a lot of really great moves, all expertly applied including some piledrivers which was a 1st for me and not easy with my height. We had a good workout and I felt very safe throughout the match. Would definitely recommend.



New2this is recommended by jayboy0204

Very easy match to arrange and boy was I glad to wrestle this young man. He is very easy going and erm good looking guy. He looked great in his singlet and was just the perfect jobber and he took alot of punishment before submitting. If you get the chance to wrestle him take it. Look forward to Round 2



jayboy0204 is recommended by wrestlingstar

I met jayboy for a world of sport bout.he was what i expected.looked good in and safe.he really knows alot of the wrestling holds and i enjoyed the challenge of getting out of them.his headscissors are put on strong.i think jay was clearly the winner.nice freindly guy too.look forward to another bout in the new year .thanks jayboy



wrestlingstar is recommended by jayboy0204

Met Scott on 20th November. The meet was very easy to arrange and just how I like it. No messing around. He likes his WOS scenarios including the gear. Nice guy all round. He is a strong guy and put up a fight and enjoyed putting him in my arsenal of holds including the Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, Arm bar and Full Nelson..Kept it safe and sane and released all holds on tapout. Great gut to wrestle and I highly recommend him. Look forward to a rematch



jayboy0204 is recommended by wrestle73

Well I was put through the ringer with this guy. He had me in all types of holds and had me submitting alot! He's very strong and likes to take control and be the heel, I was well and truly the jobber in this match. Nice guy off the mats though.



wrestle73 is recommended by jayboy0204

Met up with Stuart after a brief chat. He looked hot in his purple trunks. He tried to be a jobber with attitude but he soon submitted to many holds incl Camel , Boston , Armbar , Over the knee backbreaker , Sharpshooter and Sleeper. . Nice guy



jayboy0204 is recommended by Essex

Second meet with this heel at Stockwell Matroom and had me tied up in knots yet, sane, reliable and one of the easiest meets to arrange.

Had a great meet with Jay today.
Played the Jobber role with him being the Heel.
This guys certainly knows his moves and how to work over a jobber caught in his scissors, Bostons, camels, armbars to name but a few.
I lost count the amount of moves he put me in and time went far too quickly.
If your looking for a safe and sane heel to work you over, this is your man.
Pleasant guy off the mats as well.
I will ache in the morning, but it was definitely worth it.
Highly recommended and I will definitely be up for another match with him.



Essex is recommended by jayboy0204

Met Mark at Stockwell matroom. Was very easy to arrange too. He played the jobber role perfectly. Armbar Camel Boston Piledriver Bearhug he took the lot and didnt give up easily. Also applied a Sleeper on him to Zzz land. Nearly forgot Marks got a great body and looks awesome in his speedos. Looking forward to Round 2



royboy is recommended by jayboy0204

Was the easiest and most straight forward meet to arrange. Steve is a really nice guy. Had to tone it down due to age difference but for a guy in his 60's he is still in real good shape. Thanks for the opportunity Steve



jayboy0204 is recommended by Londonlatino

Jay is a really nice guy off the mats but a real heel on them. He is really into his pro moves. He is a lot bigger than me but dominated me safely. Highly recommended if you're into jobber/heel matches.

Met up for round 2 on 15th March. He continues to be a hard heel who knows his moves but is safe and will tone down if you ask him to. I highly recommend him if you're looking for a good heel.



Londonlatino is recommended by jayboy0204

Tony is a nice guy on and off the mats and a great host. We had a Heel vs Jobber match and wrestled for almost an hour.I managed to dominate him throughout applying my favourite holds including Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, Pile Driver and Sleeper although I didnt go all the way on the last one. Highly recommend Tony and look forward to wrestling him again

Met up for round 2 on 15th March with London Latino. He is a great jobber and I certainly put him through his paces again with an arsenal of moves incl Back Breaker , Boston Crab , Camel Clutch , Arm Bar, and Sleeper. If you get a chance to wrestle him take it



jayboy0204 is recommended by Tyger

Had short hard lock up with jayboy. He heeled me all over, but I made sure he left with smile on his face! Want to meet him again for longer session.



Tyger is recommended by jayboy0204

Met Tyger last night for a wrestle. Great host and a great jobber. A longer bout next time



jayboy0204 is recommended by daniellibra1986

A very nice strong lad, feel very safe despite the size different and strength and also good manner of the mats. Nice lad that should try to meet when whoever in London



daniellibra1986 is recommended by jayboy0204

Was a pleasure meeting Daniel. Great strength and body and played the jobber role perfectly



jayboy0204 is recommended by readyforit

Met Jay again on 7th Dec 14 after a two year gap. I can only recommend him again as a expert and safe heel who knows his moves and holds and is always aware of delivering the goods safely. If you want to be manhandled by a strong, pwerful heel, Jay is it.

Jay was the first wrestler I met after joining the meetfighters site, many months ago and my recommendation to him, went astray. So here goes. Had the time of my life with this strong, skilled wrestler who used all his arsenal of brilliant pro wrestling moves on me dominating the bout completely as he lifted me up in the air, slammed me (safely) into the mats and used me the way he wanted in a series of pro holds till I couldn't take any more. Importantly, especially with this type of wrestling, I felt completely safe as Jay is not only an exciting dominant wrestler but also dependable, trustworthy and always mindful of his opponent's safety, limits and well being. If you need someone to take you in hand, Jay's the man.



readyforit is recommended by jayboy0204

I had a great bout with this guy which lasted about 90 minutes. A great jobber who liked to be put in many holds and eventually submitted. We agreed the rules at the start and kept to them throughout the match. A nice guy and would like to wrestle him again.
Met Yves again at the Stockwell Mat room on 7/12/14. Had a fantastic heel vs jobber match with me as the dominate heel of course. Yves took some punishment as I put him in many holds incl single and full boston Sleeper Camel Clutch Piledriver over the knee back breaker and cross shoulder back breakee. Great match and look forward to the next



jayboy0204 is recommended by hugefan

Jay was a nice easy match to arrange, nice guy, no messing about. He is a through and through heel so when we realised give and take wasn't really going to work, seeing as he had come a fair distance i thought it was only polite to let him have his heel fun. He certainly knows his holds and although being a jobber isn't really my cup of tea it wasn't a bad experience being done over. Jay is careful and stops when you ask, so if you like being on the receiving end of a multi-hold heel this is your man.

I should also mention I had my first experience of wrestling with a mask on, which Jay promised wasn't because he didn't want to look at my face and it did add a new dimension to things especially when it slipped and I could see nothing at all. Now i know how spiderman feels.



hugefan is recommended by jayboy0204

Stephen who prefers being a heel played the jobber role and alliwed me to dominate him and apply my favourite holds. Very friendly guy who I would recommend



jayboy0204 is recommended by boston kid

Just met Jay - poor guy got stuck in traffic coming here so our 1 or 2 hour session was cut down to 25 intense fun minutes. Had a great time. He is a safe skilled wrestler and I enjoyed his boston crab and scissors for some time... and he released immediately I needed him to... great. Next time a longer session definitely! Thanks Jay



boston kid is recommended by jayboy0204

Met Mike for hopefully the 1st of many matches.He is a very hospitable host and I was put at ease straight away. He was the perfect jobber and I enjoyed applying my favourite holds on him. He looks hot in his pants too. I look forward to another session with him



jayboy0204 is recommended by Oilman

If you need a decent heel then look no further.......Jayboy is your man, and he has all the holds to prove it. Respectful of limits.........but makes sure he tests them once on the mats! Loves gear and is quite specific about what he likes so worth chatting about first. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this guy; knows how to wrestle hard, likes to be in control but still keeps it safe.



Oilman is recommended by jayboy0204

Had a great Heel vs Jobber match with Oilman. Managed to make him tap several times with a single and full boston crab, bearhug, camel clutch and sleeper. A great host, nice guy and the perfect Jobber. Look forward to wrestling him again



JobberVHeel is recommended by jayboy0204

Finally got to meet Tony due to our busy schedules. He is a friendly guy and a great host. Enjoyed giving him a massage before we wrestled. He is a good Jobber and allowed me to apply my favourite holds including Boston Crab , Camel Clutch and Sleeper. We agreed the rules before hand and kept to them. Looking forward to a rematch with him very soon



Wrestlefun is recommended by jayboy0204

Recently wrestled this guy.He is a strong wrestler and an all round nice bloke to meet. We agreed rules and kept to them.