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love pro/submsn .. im a jobber n like to be workedover in holds...long agonising holds,grunts n groans n verbal bouts.Looking out for heels who love to work over jobber, put them in long holds..take their own time, make them beg.Enjoy being made to submit n keep workin on the same hold again n again



  1. New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand
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Age: 33-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: shorts,singlet,speedos,trunks..

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Judo Judo

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jobber boy is recommended by sydneyheel

He is one of the best jobbers I have encountered. It was such a joy to beat crap out of this ultimate jobber who knows how to suffer. He is so flexible that his body bends like a shrimp when pun in Boston crab and camel clutch!



sydneyheel is recommended by jobber boy

He is a mean heel and enjoys dishing out punishment to a jobber. Had a great time wrestling with him and getting completely dominated. He made me suffer in scissors, boston crabs, camel clutch, f4leglock, sleeper and got me to submit multiple times. It was a good one sided heel-jobber squash match.



jobber boy is recommended by ossydave

Great jobber, loves to be punished and good looking guy too.



ossydave is recommended by jobber boy

Great heel, knows a lot of different holds and completely enjoys punishing a jobber.
Highly recommended.



jobber boy is recommended by squeezerian

I had the pleasure of meeting jobber_boy in Auckland for some hot heel v jobber wrestling action. He knows the craft of jobbing and suffers well in all the holds that I used to work him over. Highly recommended to all those wrestlers who live in or are visiting Auckland.



squeezerian is recommended by jobber boy

Had a great time wrestling squeezerian and getting worked over in different submission holds. He is an experienced heel and we had a good jobber-heel wrestling session. It was very easy to communicate and he also took some amazing action pics. Highly recommended!



jobber boy is recommended by Wrestlertoo

After some confusion over dates this excellent young jobber arrived very promptly for our rearranged match.
Others have noted how tough he is and how well he plays the jobber role...He and I had a very full hour together and he took everything I could give. I think I was the more tired at the end!
We also had a very pleasant chat and I unhesitatingly reccommend that you meet him.......possible the best jobbing session I have experienced. Thanks Sam.



Wrestlertoo is recommended by jobber boy

Had a great time meeting and wrestling with Jon. We started by taking some pics initially and then wrestled for more than one hr.

Has good knowledge of wrestling holds and worked me over well in different type of holds. Very well travelled guy and had some great stories to share. Highly recommended !



jobber boy is recommended by AsianHeelLA

jobber boy is the BEST jobber I have wrestled. He worked with me to ensure the best possible heel-jobber match & wrestling experience. He is also reliable & dependable, always showing up for matches. Contacting him and keeping in touch, whether online or by phone, was never a problem. My two heel-jobber matches with jobber boy were the BEST wrestling experiences. jobber boy is an experienced jobber, who enjoys punishing submission holds and heel-jobber domination. He actively seeks to expand his limits by being taken right up to his limits and perhaps a bit beyond but in a safe & sane fashion. He is also much hotter than this profile pictures would suggest. jobber boy is the BEST jobber I have wrestled.



AsianHeelLA is recommended by jobber boy

He is a very experienced heel and exactly knows how to treat a jobber. He has a good knowledge of wrestling holds and is very skilled on the mats. I had an excellent time jobbing for him and it was a safe,sane and fun wrestling session. He worked me over for long in some agonising painful holds and took me to the limit and even beyond at times. He truly enjoys working over a jobber sadistically. He is a very reliable and genuine guy and i had the best time jobbing for him. I am eagerly awaiting our next heel-jobber wrestling meets when he visits here next



jobber boy is recommended by Scissornz

Nice guy, communicated very well. Signalled exactly the type of jobber match he was after.
A mighty 2-hour battle where he showed he might be a jobber, but was flexible and strong enough to pull some very effective counters. Look forward to the next match up.



Scissornz is recommended by jobber boy

Just had another match with him today. A very nice guy and a great host. We wrestled for about 2hrs and he put me into some strong scissor holds. Very safe and sane, reliable guy. Highly recommended.



jobber boy is recommended by WrestleBob

New Year's Day match, a great start to the year. Lot's of fun, likes his pro and does it well. Not as innocent as he might seem, also enjoys slowly cranking up the pressure to submission level then doing the hold again. We went back and forth for quire a while. Nice guy, highly recommended.